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This collection of universally flattering shades of berry, pink, red, nude and coral has a unique plant and vitamin based formula that delivers on every level. It perfectly combines the finest natural ingredients with cutting edge technology for a lasting color tone and texture, with the feel of your favorite and best lip balm.

True to SPC form this lipstick is portable luxury as a full sized lipstick, in a compact case. A magnetic cap ensures no accidental lipstick marks in your purse when traveling with you around the corner, or around the world. Each rich, moisturizing lip color adapts to your own lip tint making every shade uniquely yours.


  • Gluten free, Paraben free, Silicone free, and Cruelty free
  • Natural Ingredients – lipstick that continually moisturizes lips with olive oil, almond oil, and vitamin E, and features an under-utilized ingredient, Paracress, which may naturally plump lips and is antibacterial
  • Shades layer together brilliantly to create even more color options
  • Long-lasting and will not bleed or feather



    Dubai - Glamorous and exotic, this blushed nude shade complements a host of skin colors and tones.

    Marrakech - A lush bronze-tinged neutral, reminiscent of the city's twilight sky.

    Santa Fe - Rich and coppery with golden undertones, like the sun kissing the rocks at day's end.


      Boca - Always perfect with a tan and slightly retro, this pale, light coral shade will keep you shimmering into the night.

      Miami - Reflecting the vibrant lifestyle of Miami, this bright coral sizzles.


      South Beach - A tribute to the 'heat', sun and diversity of this tropical paradise.


        Dallas - Like its reserved yet sophisticated namesake, a subtle pink shade that doesn't scream color but adds instant allure.

        LA - takes you back to the 'flower power' age of the 60's and the Hollywood hippie- a pale, flirty pink with an endless silver and gold shimmer.

        Shanghai - Pink like the perfect peony flower from a Chinese garden, Shanghai reflects the bright, fresh new color of the city, blossoming in a brand new way.


          Milan - A rich red, mirroring the classic sophistication of Italy's fashion capital.

          Paris - The classic red; reminiscent to true Parisian 1940's glamour and fashion.

          Tokyo - A subtle red for the woman who keeps her thoughts and emotions close to her heart, but can't help but be noticed.


            London - The quintessential bronzed berry, wonderfully classic and very wearable.  

            NYC - A neutral berry- perfectly and simply chic, for the woman who is always pulled together but never "made up".

            Rio - A rich, vibrant berry shade inspired by the exuberance of carnival.

            Unleash the magic of COLORESSENTIAL with a range that spans every hue you've dreamed of. From the alluring allure of a natural lipstick to the captivating charm of a gloss lipstick, there's a shade and finish for every lip desire. When you're in the market for a lipstick that stays on throughout your bustling day, we've got you covered. Whether it's the subtle allure of pink lipsticks or the vivid pop of hot pink lipstick, the palette is vast and rich.

            Dive Deep: Berry Lipstick Color Spectrum Revealed

            Delve into the sophistication of berry lipsticks or indulge in the dark allure of a dark berry lipstick. Our light pink lipstick embodies softness, while the blue red lipstick is a dramatic statement in itself. If you fancy a touch of the tropics, our coral lipstick and pinkish coral lipstick will transport you to sun-kissed shores. Nude lipstick enthusiasts, rejoice! We have a broad spectrum from nude lipstick for brown skin to nude lipsticks for fair skin. And if you're seeking that perfect in-between, our pink nude lipstick strikes a harmonious balance. Every swipe offers more than just color; it's an experience of balm-like moisture and the subtle plump of a lip plumper, all in one. Dive into the COLORESSENTIAL journey and let your lips tell their most colorful story yet.

            Embrace Every Shade: From Pink Lipsticks to Dark Berry Hues

            Discover the transformative power of COLORESSENTIAL, a symphony of shades from the understated elegance of natural lipstick to the high-shine splendor of gloss lipstick. For those seeking a lipstick that stays on even through life's busiest moments, our collection promises long-lasting vibrancy. Delight in the array of pink lipsticks, whether you're drawn to the boldness of hot pink lipstick or the subtleness of light pink lipstick, there's something to cater to every whim.

            Celebrate Color: Coral, Peach, and Pinkish Coral Delights

            The peach lipstick shade is not just a color; it's an experience, capturing the warmth and vibrancy of summer afternoons. Every swipe of this peach lipstick feels like a fresh slice of a sun-kissed peach, imparting a natural flush and a radiant glow to your lips. On the other hand, for those seeking a deeper and more mysterious allure, our berry lipstick color is the ideal choice. This shade is reminiscent of the richest berries, a tantalizing blend of passion and elegance. The berry lipstick color is more than just a hue; it tells a story, a narrative of nights under starlit skies and the depth of nature's palette.

            Shine Bright: The Ultimate Gloss Lipstick Collection

            These luxurious shades not only offer stunning pigmentation but are also formulated to nourish and hydrate, ensuring that your lips stay plush and moisturized all day. Whether you're chasing the sun with the peach lipstick or romancing the night with the berry lipstick color, COLORESSENTIAL ensures that your lips narrate stories of beauty, vibrance, and elegance. Dive into this exquisite range and let your lips do the talking.

            Perfect Tones: Nude Lipstick for Every Skin Shade

            Venture into the deep and mysterious realm with berry lipsticks or add a hint of drama with a dark berry lipstick. Elevate your classic look with our iconic blue red lipstick, or bring the warmth of a beach sunset to your lips with coral lipstick and pinkish coral lipstick. The nude lipstick spectrum is diverse and inclusive, featuring shades perfect as a nude lipstick for brown skin or the delicate tones ideal as nude lipsticks for fair skin. Our pink nude lipstick bridges the gap between vibrant and muted, ensuring a fit for every occasion. With the nurturing comfort of a balm and the gentle plumping action of a lip plumper, COLORESSENTIAL is more than just a lipstick; it's a celebration of every lip's unique story.

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