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Just Sleep


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Discover The Floor Mattress Magic

A very sturdy, flat and supportive wooden base that has very nice black fabric that gives the perfect accent to your just sleep mattress. It comes in either a 4 or 8 inch height and can be placed onto an existing outer frame or simply on the floor. Comes preassembled and can only be picked up from our West Los Angeles store or delivered by truck in the LA area.

Discover Quality Rest on a Natural Latex Mattress

Elevate your sleep environment with the Natural Latex Mattress, where sustainable comfort meets unparalleled support. Transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and embrace the soothing embrace of nature's finest materials. Experience sleep the way it was meant to be with the exceptional comfort of a Natural Latex Mattress.

The floor mattress is not just another bedding solution. With its unique design and portability, a floor mattress easily adapts to any living situation, proving invaluable for guests or as a minimalist bedroom mainstay. There's something undeniably charming and functional about a floor mattress that makes it stand apart. On the quest for value without compromising on quality? Enter the best affordable mattress. A harmony of cost-efficiency and sleep technology, the best affordable mattress promises both savings and sound sleep. When it's about the perfect blend of space and snugness, the best full mattress delivers. It's neither too vast nor too confined, making the best full mattress ideal for those who like a generous sleeping area without overwhelming their room.

Transform Rest with a Hybrid Queen Mattress

The hybrid queen mattress perfectly combines the supportive structure of innersprings with the luxurious comfort of memory foam. This fusion ensures that the hybrid queen mattress offers a sleeping experience like no other. With the hybrid queen mattress, you get the best of both worlds, a responsive bounce from the springs and contouring support from the foam. This mattress balances the needs of side, back, and stomach sleepers, ensuring a restful night for all. The hybrid queen mattress is not just about comfort; it's about smart design that caters to modern sleep needs. Experience rejuvenating sleep night after night and say goodbye to those restless hours.

Double Mattress Delight: Twice the Comfort

The double mattress offers a spacious escape into the world of dreams, meticulously crafted to ensure every sleeper finds their sanctuary. As you lay down on this double mattress, you'll instantly notice the perfect blend of firm support and plush comfort. What's unique about the double mattress is its ability to provide the spaciousness needed for couples or individuals who love some extra space. When investing in a bed mattress, quality and comfort are paramount, and this double mattress ensures both. With a design that understands the diverse needs of sleepers, this double mattress guarantees a night of uninterrupted, serene rest. Delve into the ultimate relaxation each night and wake up refreshed every morning with the double mattress.

Twin Bunk Bed Mattress: Sleep Soundly, Sleep Safely

In search of the perfect mattress for a twin bunk bed? The twin bunk bed mattress is designed with precise measurements to ensure a snug fit. Not only does the twin bunk bed mattress offer superior comfort, but it also enhances the safety of the top bunk. A well-fitted mattress is crucial for preventing any slips or gaps. With the twin bunk bed mattress, restful sleep and peace of mind go hand in hand. Moreover, investing in a quality mattress like the twin bunk bed mattress means you're ensuring a good night's sleep for years to come. Whether you're furnishing a kid's room or optimizing space in a guest room, this mattress proves to be an exceptional choice.