Italian Mattarello Pasta Rolling Pin and Dough Scraper Set

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Traditional Italian Cuisine At Your Fingertips: Pasta Rolling Pin

Italian Tradition

The rolling pin capital is Emilia Romagna, Italy, where the razdore (a local term for the women who roll out pasta) have used extra-long mattarello rolling pins since they were girls in making homemade tagliatelle or tortellini. With ancestral skill, they pushed a rolling pin back and forth over the dough, making it so thin it was nearly transparent. Combined with a dough scraper, move flour around your counter, clean up after the dough, and scoop up noodles to transfer to a tray or pot of boiling water.

Quality to last a lifetime

Each mattarello is made of hand-selected hardwood to ensure it lasts for many years to come. When rolling a large pasta sheet, the possibilities are endless for the types of pasta you can make. This long Italian pasta rolling pin is oversized so it can easily roll even very large sheets of dough. The surface of the rolling pin glides surfaces smoothly without sticking to the surface, making it very easy to use.

  • Extra-long and handle-free, the design allows you to roll out large, thin sheets of pasta dough
  • Scrape it all away — Easily clear bits of dough and flour stuck to your worktop or pastry board with the added dough scraper. Cleans the board effectively and quickly to enable you to continue preparing your fresh pasta.
  • Food-safe and stain-resistant wood.
Rolling Pin - 31 x 3.5 inches

Hand-wash only.


Inspired by tradition, this collection of beechwood pasta tools features time-tested Italian pasta and pizza-making essentials– everything you need to elevate your next Pasta Night.

Bring the authenticity of traditional Italian pasta-making into your kitchen with a pasta rolling pin. Crafted for efficiency and ease, this tool empowers you to shape perfect pasta sheets, making every meal a testament to your culinary prowess.

Pasta Rolling Pin: Essential Tool For Italian Cooking Lovers

The Italian Mattarello Pasta Rolling Pin and Dough Scraper Set takes your pasta-making to a new level of excellence. With the pasta rolling pin, you can enjoy the traditional process of rolling out pasta dough, achieving the perfect thickness for your homemade creations. This pasta rolling pin, fashioned from solid wood, is designed for optimal balance and control, offering a smooth roll each time.

The set also includes a dough scraper, a multifunctional tool indispensable for any pasta maker. Besides easily cutting pasta dough into your desired shapes, it also assists in scraping off any remaining dough from the pasta rolling pin, ensuring no waste and easy cleaning. The Italian Mattarello Pasta Rolling Pin and Dough Scraper Set equips you with the essentials to craft authentic Italian pasta at home, inviting a delightful culinary experience into your kitchen.

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