Māhealani - Moonlit Glow Balm

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Paraben Free, Silicon Free, And Sulfate Free Face Mask Skin Care

Māhealani is the perfect addition to your winter skincare collection, but will keep your skin glowing all year. While most of Honua's products soak in almost immediately to work on balancing skin's moisture at a deeper level, this one satisfies the craving for a more dewy veil of surface hydration. It layers beautifully over the light and silky Aloha Youth Serum or the healing 'Olena Beauty Oil.

Māhealani draws inspiration from the full moon, specifically the third night of the full moon. Among ancient Hawaiians, this special night was dedicated to sacred rituals. The ancestors used the moonlit glow of Māhealani to plant to ensure an abundant harvest, caring for their families. We created Māhealani to nourish your skin and highlight your natural glow. Like beautiful moonlight, a little goes a long way.

You can use Māhealani at any time of day, but we love her best at night, following The Honua Ritual, as her seductive scent and luxurious texture envelop skin and soul before you drift off to sleep.

Directions: Use nightly and wake up to glowing skin or as a daytime natural highlighter and moisturizer for drier skin. Use a pearl-sized amount initially and warm in hands before massaging gently onto cleansed skin and décolleté or wherever skin needs a little extra attention and love, including areas of dryness or burns.

Herbal Solutions For Radiant Skin

Introducing Māhealani - Moonlit Glow Balm, the Best under makeup moisturizer designed to set a pristine canvas for your makeup. With a blend that ensures seamless makeup application, it's the Best under makeup moisturizer that doesn't compromise on quality or performance. Dive into nature's essence with the Best natural face moisturizer components infused into this balm. Your skin will breathe easier and feel velvety soft, offering you a radiant glow without the greasy residue.

Discover the transformative magic of Māhealani - Moonlit Glow Balm, a true embodiment of herbal solutions. Harnessing the power of herbal solutions, this balm not only nourishes the skin but also reconnects you with nature's most potent ingredients. When it comes to product purity, it proudly stands as paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free, ensuring that every application is a step towards healthier skin. With the promise of being paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free, users can be confident about the natural goodness they feed their skin with each use.

Venturing into the realm of face mask skin care? Māhealani doubles up as an exquisite face mask skin care treatment, targeting concerns specific to face mask oily skin, revitalizing and balancing the skin's natural oils. For individuals battling face mask oily skin, this balm offers a respite, ensuring a matte yet hydrated finish. Beyond its masking benefits, it's revered as the best under makeup moisturizer, creating a smooth canvas for makeup application. But the marvels don't end there. It also earns its title as the best natural face moisturizer, delivering hydration and glow without any synthetic additives. Experience the luminous touch of Māhealani and let your skin bask in moonlit radiance.

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