Copper Saucepan 2.8 qt with Standard Lid

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The Saucepan: Crafting Culinary Delights

Create a fine dining and cooking experience with this saucepan from the Amoretti Brothers signature “Standard” line.

Hand-hammered by our skilled coppersmiths, the 2.8 quarts saucepan gives you an unparalleled mix of beauty and strength. Its shimmering copper exterior is combined with a double layer tin interior lining. Expertly applied by hand, this extra protective layer ensures food keeps its intended flavor profile all while protecting your copper cookware from wear and tear.

A finely wrought bronze handle is situated at the center of the lid, blending the saucepan an artistic touch. Cast bronze handles are placed conveniently at both sides of this copper cookware piece, providing you with a convenient way to transfer meals from stove to table.


COPPER: 2 mm 

TEXTURE: Hammered - polished

HANDLES & LID: Cast Bronze 

INTERIOR: Double layer of tin for extra durability 

RIVETS: Copper

The Tinning For perfect use, the thickness of our products can vary between 1.5 for frying pan up to 2-3mm for a large casserole or special pieces. The tin lining is performed manually by using the traditional flame/blotter method. We guarantee a perfect lining, extremely durable, and lacking in impurities. Tin is 100% pure

The Handles They are produced in brass with the ancient method of mold melting and polished by hand one by one. The rivets are very thick and made in copper.


The hand-hammered copper pan is one of the most prestigious cuisine items; from its first appearances in the luxurious villas of the Italian Renaissance, it was called the king of the pans and today it’s recognized as an exclusive connoisseurs instrument, in fact, it’s preferred by countless chefs around the world for its effective heat distribution.

Unleash your culinary imagination with the copper chef pan, as its exceptional non-stick surface and effortless clean-up redefine the cooking experience.

The beauty of our copper saucepan with lid lies not just in its aesthetic appeal, but also in its exceptional performance, turning every meal into a culinary masterpiece. Its unmatched heat distribution allows for even cooking, while the lid seals in moisture, preserving the taste and aroma of your dishes.

Saucepans are a great way to cook like a professional chef. The saucepan's ability to conduct heat evenly means that your food cooks evenly and without burning, making saucepans a great addition to any commercial kitchen. Saucepans are also a wise investment for any cook, as they are durable and will last for years to come.

If you're looking for a high-quality and versatile saucepan with lid, then a copper saucepan with lid is the perfect choice for you. The copper's excellent heat conductivity ensures that your food cooks evenly and without burning, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen. Plus, the copper's stunning finish will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The lid helps to keep in the moisture, so your food will stay moist and flavorful. So what are you waiting for? Order your copper saucepan with lid today!

Essential Kitchen Elegance: Saucepan

A 2 quart saucepan with lid is a great way to add versatility to your kitchen. The saucepan's small size makes it perfect for cooking small batches of food, but it's also large enough to cook larger dishes like risottos or pasta. The saucepan's heavy bottom ensures that heat is evenly distributed, so your food cooks evenly and without burning. Plus, the saucepan's durable construction means that it will last for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Add a 2 quart saucepan to your kitchen today!

If you're looking for a saucepan that is both beautiful and functional, then a hammered copper saucepan is the perfect choice for you. The hammered copper's unique finish adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen, and the saucepan's excellent heat conductivity ensures that your food cooks evenly and without burning. The saucepan's hammered copper construction also makes it durable and long-lasting. So what are you waiting for? Order your hammered copper saucepan today!

Unleash Your Inner Chef: Dive into the world of gastronomy with the right Saucepan by your side. Recognized for its stellar heat conduction, the Saucepan promises smooth, lump-free sauces every single time.

More Than Just Sauces: The versatility of a Saucepan extends beyond sauces. From heating milk to making custards, its utility in a kitchen is unmatched, making every meal a celebration.

Elevate Mushroom Magic With Saucepan

Mushrooms, with their subtle flavors and textures, demand a careful cooking approach. The saucepan is an essential kitchen companion in this endeavor. Offering a controlled environment, the saucepan ensures that mushrooms simmer gently, drawing out their deep, earthy flavors. Every chef knows that the key to unlocking a mushroom's potential lies in the saucepan. Ensuring the perfect balance of moisture and heat, this tool turns concerns of overcooking or drying out mushrooms into a thing of the past.

Copper Saucepan Excellence: Where Flavors Shine

A culinary journey with mushrooms requires precision, and that's where the copper saucepan steps in. Celebrated for its heat retention and even cooking, the copper saucepan transforms mushrooms into gastronomic delights. The subtle, earthy flavors of mushrooms are enhanced beautifully in the cocoon of a copper saucepan. For those seeking answers to achieving that restaurant-quality mushroom dish at home, the key lies in choosing the right copper saucepan.

Unlock Culinary Wonders: Copper Saucepan With Lid

 Mushrooms, celebrated for their versatility, require care and the right equipment. The copper saucepan with lid stands out as a key player in this arena. Through the controlled environment provided by the copper saucepan with lid, mushrooms come to life, revealing flavors that are both deep and nuanced. With challenges like uneven cooking or moisture retention, this kitchen essential provides a hassle-free solution, promising dishes that are both delightful and delectable.

Elevate Your Kitchen Artistry: Hammered Copper Saucepan

The world of mushrooms is intricate, and to navigate its nuances, a reliable tool like the hammered copper saucepan is essential. Embodying craftsmanship and functionality, the hammered copper saucepan stands out as a culinary masterpiece. Its design ensures that mushrooms simmer to perfection, unveiling their intricate flavors. And for those who are puzzled by the art of mushroom cooking, this saucepan offers a seamless solution, ensuring every dish is nothing short of exceptional.

The Ultimate Cooking Companion: 2 Qt Saucepan With Lid

The world of mushrooms is rich and diverse, demanding the finesse that a 2 qt saucepan with lid can provide. Each curve and contour of the 2 qt saucepan with lid is meticulously crafted to harness the earthy tones and delicate textures of mushrooms. Whether it's sautéing, braising, or slow-cooking, the lid ensures that the flavors are sealed in, providing answers to those seeking the secret to perfect mushroom dishes. With this saucepan, every mushroom dish transitions from being just a meal to an experience, promising satisfaction and a burst of flavors with every bite.

Experience Culinary Mastery With Hammered Copper Pans

Enhance the essence of every dish with the distinctive touch of hammered copper pans. The intricacies of their design promise not just a visual appeal but also top-notch functionality. Have you ever felt the frustration of unevenly cooked mushrooms? With hammered copper pans, that’s a concern of the past. Their superior heat distribution ensures consistent cooking. Plus, the resilience of hammered copper means these pans will be your kitchen companions for years to come. Embrace a cooking experience that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient.

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