Grey Toiletry Bag- Triangles or Floral

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Unveil The Charm Of Cute Makeup Bags

These grey toiletry bags are spacious enough to carry everything from your cosmetics for a weekend trip to an everyday organizer. Toss it in a larger bag to keep all your essentials organized. These bags have a stabilizer in between the two layers of fabric to create a sturdy bag that can hold many items. A large, high quality zipper makes it easy to open and close this toiletry bag.

  • 9" L X 5" W X 5" H


  • 100% cotton
  • Hand block printed with organic dyes
  • Zero waste- made from leftover production fabrics
  • Fair trade
  • Our products are handmade so there may be a 5-10% shade variation between the grey toiletry bag pictures and what you receive


    • Designed in New Orleans
    • Handmade in India


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      Cute Makeup Bags: Elegance Meets Organization

      Turn heads and keep your beauty items neatly arranged with cute makeup bags. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, cute makeup bags offer a solution for those seeking a mix of style and utility. On the other hand, the toiletry bag is a testament to thoughtful design, perfect for individuals on the move. Every trip becomes a little more organized and a lot more stylish with a toiletry bag in tow. Together, the cute makeup bags and toiletry bag redefine what it means to travel in style.

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