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Verve Culture

Homemade Pizza Bundle

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Experience the Ease of the Beechwood Pizza Slicer


Can't decide on dinner? This Homemade Pizza Gift Bundle is sure to satisfy everyone at the table. Create an authentic, gourmet pizza with all these essentials imported from the land of pizza -  Italy. 

Features our easy-to-make Italian Pizza "00" Flour, a Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza Sauce, and a Beechwood Pizza Peel and Slicer.


    • Italian Beechwood Pizza Peel (RRP $20) - Sturdy, durable, and lightweight, the beechwood peel is known for being the Italian chef's choice for moving and serving pizza as the wooden surface is porous and smooth, so it absorbs moisture from the dough and prevents it from sticking.
    • Italian Beechwood Pizza Slicer (RRP $20) - An essential tool for Italian pizza lovers, this durable, sharp-edged stainless-steel rotary bladecuts through all crusts and toppings with reliable precision. 
    • Italian "00" Pizza Flour (RRP $9) -  The Italian Chef's choice when it comes to flour, this 00 flour is fluffy and baby-powder soft, resulting in that perfect crispy-on-the-outside yet chewy on the inside pizza crust. Just add water, activated yeast, and a bit of oil.
    • Italian Pizza Sauce (RRP $9) - Made with 100% Italian tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, this slightly creamy red sauce is ideal for spreading atop your homemade dough to make the perfect pizza pie. 
    • ($58 value!) 

    Italian Beechwood Pizza Slicer: Perfect Cuts Every Time

    Real authentic Italian cuisine is all about high quality, simple ingredients. Pizza is a great example of bold flavors with just a few ingredients. This bundle will help you create the perfect base for your family pizza. Add choice of cheese and toppings to your heart's (and stomach's) desire!

    Embrace the joy of a perfect pizza night with a high-quality pizza slicer, the ultimate companion to your cheesy delight. Its sharp, efficient blade ensures a smooth slice through any topping, promising an effortless cut and bite-sized enjoyment every time.

    Crafting perfect homemade pizza is a breeze with the Homemade Pizza Bundle, a set that includes a must-have tool for every pizza lover, a pizza slicer. Designed for efficiency and comfort, this pizza slicer glides through your pizza, creating perfect slices without disturbing the topping arrangement.

    Let the pizza slicer in this bundle be the hero of your next pizza party or family dinner. Not only does it ensure evenly sliced pieces, but it also helps in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your homemade pizza. The pizza slicer is ergonomically designed and easy to clean, making it a kitchen staple you won't want to cook without. Become a home pizza-making pro and experience the satisfaction of slicing your pizza creation with precision using your new pizza slicer.