Eye Of The Cyclops

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Hydration Meets Revitalization With Eye Gel

REJUVENATE YOUR EYES AS IF YOU ONLY HAD ONE. The fast recovery and energy booster for the eye area to help minimize the look of crow’s feet, undereye bags and dark circles.

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES | 15ml - 0.5 fl.oz



EYE OF THE CYCLOPS helps stimulate skin recovery in the delicate eye area without irritation and minimize the look of crow’s feet, undereye bags and dark circles. Formulated with our own Exercise Mimic Youth™ Complex –combined with Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, potent Mediterranean botanical antioxidants, and natural Eyeliss™ known to decrease undereye bags, to smooth and awaken the eye area with an after-exercise glow. The eye contour appears rested, healthy and youthful… as if you got a long night’s sleep.


After the first application*: Skin in the eye area is moisturized, re-energized and smoother. Skin around the eyes looks more rested with an after-exercise glow. Yesterday’s fatigue signs in the eye area are minimized.

In just 2 weeks*: Skin around the eye is smoother (87%). Crow’s feet are less visible, dark circles are minimized and skin looks rested and rejuvenated as if after a long night of sleep (85%).

Over time*: Skin around the eyes is firmed (97%) with a more elastic feel (96%). Aging signs around the eyes are reduced (90%) and undereye bags are minimized (87%). Skin is renewed (93%) and replenished (97%).

*Based on an independent consumer study conducted on 36 women and men who used the product for 8 weeks.



Based upon a deep understanding of exercise science and made of ingredients proven by in vivo testing, our proprietary complex is a ground-breaking combination of actives known to reproduce the anti-aging effects of exercise on skin:

Asparagus extract: Organic certified natural ingredient clinically proven and known to help stimulate skin’s own autophagy capabilities and improve collagen density.

MacroAlgae: The world’s first macroalgae cell culture technology - provides an immediate and long-term antioxidant benefit to protect the epidermis from environmental damage, while helping to energize and smooth skin’s surface. Believed to help maintain mitochondrial health.

Mini Hyaluronic Acid: Organic humectant that significantly enhances skin’s moisture levels by attracting and holding water in the skin. Clinically proven and known to help increase skin elasticity and minimize wrinkles.

Astaxanthin: A micro-algae with powerful antioxidant properties, clinically proven and known to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten.



Mango Butter

Coconut Oil

Mediterranean Botanicals: Yarrow, Wild Sunflower, Arnica, Mallow


Our topical formulas are clean and free of:

  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • sulfates
  • mineral oil
  • formaldehydes
  • synthetic dyes
  • fillers


Dispense a pea size quantity on fingertips and apply AM and PM on clean skin around the eye area in a light tapping motion.

Men Eye Cream: Tailored For Him

When it comes to refreshing and revitalizing your eyes, the eye gel stands out in its efficacy. The formula of the eye gel is tailored to hydrate and reduce puffiness, ensuring a brighter look with every use. For the modern man who understands the essence of skincare, the men eye cream is a must-have. Specifically designed to address the unique challenges of men's skin, the men eye cream delivers exceptional results. For those who prefer a slight variation, the mens eye cream has been formulated to balance and hydrate. Trust in the mens eye cream to provide that much-needed lift and vitality to tired eyes.

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