Stainless Steel 3 Compartment Bento LEAK PROOF

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Heavy Duty Lunch Box: Built To Last

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & BPA FREE: This product is designed as an eco-friendly alternative to Plastic Bento lunch boxes. The materials used include high quality food grade 201 Stainless Steel that is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Leaching Free, and Lower Carbon Footprint than Plastic. Comes in recycled packaging that can be completely reused (Zero Waste packaging).
  • DIMENSIONS: All together when boxed up, the bento measures 5 inches wide, 7 inches long and 2 inches deep and fits about 4.5 cups of food or 35 oz.
  • LEAK PROOF & DISHWASHER SAFE: The product is completely leak proof and dishwasher safe. However, for the lid we advise to wash with soap under cold water. Alternatively, if you place the lid in the dishwasher, the silicone seal may come off due to expansion caused by the hot water, in which case please wait for 2 mins for it to cool down before placing the seal back. The latches might be tight for kids younger than 12 years of age to open.
  • REDESIGNED SILICONE SEAL & PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: The redesigned silicone seal would help with the industry best leak proof performance and longevity of the product. No glue is used with the redesigned silicone seal. This is completely a plastic-free product that comes in 100% recyclable packaging for a zero-waste experience.

The Ultimate Mens Lunch Box Experience

When it comes to heavy duty lunch box options, you can't find a more durable and lasting solution. The rugged design ensures it can withstand daily wear and tear, making the heavy duty lunch box ideal for those with demanding lifestyles. For those in search of a mens lunch box that exudes both style and functionality, look no further. With designs specifically tailored to suit the needs and tastes of men, this mens lunch box is both practical and trendy. Moving over to the traditional Japanese style, a metal bento box offers a blend of aesthetics and durability. The metallic finish of the metal bento box not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures longevity. But if you're searching for the creme de la creme, the best bento box out there combines style, function, and superior craftsmanship. Each compartment in the best bento box is carefully designed to store your meals separately, keeping flavors distinct. Lastly, for those concerned about spills, the leak proof containers for lunch are a game-changer. These containers guarantee no unwanted messes or seepage, ensuring your meals stay in place. With leak proof containers for lunch, say goodbye to the worries of food spilling in your bag.

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