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Susan Posnick Cosmetics

DD Lip Gloss & Blush Tint

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Peachy Blush And Blush Pink Color: Radiant Hues For Every Occasion

This vegan hydrating (Double Duty!) lip gloss & natural blush tint for cheeks delivers... big! These three (3) universally flattering and versatile colors were designed to be worn alone on lips or cheeks, or, can be layered over our COLORESSENTIAL or COLORME for limitless options and effects. In one quick sweep, this unique formula created with multi-dimensional pearls, becomes a dazzling luminizer that lasts. Perfectly pigmented, every shade of skin is enhanced!

  • Vegan, Cruelty free, Gluten Free, Paraben & Silicone free                                       
  • Provides luscious color AND moisturizing and hydrating through plant-derived squalene, olive and jojoba oils

  • Non-sticky formulation, in fact, feels like your favorite balm for lips, or cheeks

Indulge in the essence of conscious beauty with DD Lip Gloss & Blush Tint, a harmonious blend that aligns with the values of paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free skincare and makeup. Each product promises not only to be paraben free, silicon free, and sulfate free, but also to deliver unmatched quality and performance. Achieve a natural glam makeup look that speaks volumes about your style and grace. With the natural glam makeup touch, let your face subtly shine and stand out in any crowd.

Lipstick That Stays On: Long-Lasting Elegance Meets Gloss Lipstick Shine

Experience the delicate hues of blush pink and blush pink color, designed to enhance the natural beauty of every complexion. Peachy blush adds a touch of sun-kissed vibrancy, perfect for those who adore a fresh, youthful glow. The magic doesn’t stop there; delve into the world of long-lasting lip elegance with lipstick that stays on, ensuring you look impeccable throughout the day. Opt for the classic allure of gloss lipstick or explore the sheer beauty of sheer lipstick for a more understated charm. For those who adore a glossy finish, choices abound from the timeless elegance of pink lip gloss, the understated sophistication of nude lip gloss, to the bold statement of red lip gloss. Every shade, every hue is a testament to beauty, elegance, and quality. Dive into a world of luscious lips and rosy cheeks with DD Lip Gloss & Blush Tint.

Natural Glam Makeup: Elevate Your Everyday Look

Elevate your beauty routine with the sophisticated charm of blush pink color. The DD Lip Gloss & Blush Tint incorporates the elegance of blush pink color, effortlessly enhancing every complexion with a warm and radiant glow. Complementing this is the sun-kissed allure of peachy blush. The shade of peachy blush promises a fresh, vibrant hue that seamlessly integrates into any makeup palette, offering a burst of youthful radiance with every application.

From Sheer Lipstick to Bold Red Lip Gloss: Explore Every Shade of Allure

When it comes to lips, embrace the confidence of lipstick that stays on. With DD Lip Gloss & Blush Tint, you're not just wearing any lipstick, but lipstick that stays on, ensuring lasting beauty throughout your day. For lovers of luminous finishes, the gloss lipstick introduces a tantalizing shine paired with rich pigmentation, guaranteeing lips that are both attention-grabbing and alluring. In the spectrum of gloss lipstick shades, the pink lip gloss stands out, capturing the essence of playful romance. But if subtlety speaks to your style, the nude lip gloss offers a muted elegance, while the bold allure of red lip gloss remains timeless and classic. And for those moments when you desire just a hint of color, the sheer lipstick provides a delicate tint that feels both natural and captivating. Dive into a world where every shade of DD Lip Gloss & Blush Tint becomes a narrative of beauty and expression.