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Verve Culture

Homemade Ravioli Gift Bundle

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Embrace Culinary Creativity with the Ravioli Mold

Whip up a Tuscan-style, homemade Ravioli dinner for friends and family with this DIY experience in less than 60 minutes. Making homemade ravioli is a labor of love—and worth every step. 

Roll up your sleeves and start your authentic ravioli masterpiece with the perfect pasta dough made from our Authentic italian "00" pasta flour. Then, make the delicious gourmet filling with our signature Genovese Pesto Sauce. Or for the culinary curious, try a simple ricotta filling to bring Tuscany's traditional flavors to life in a single bite. 

The best gifts are ones you can share, and this one is great for making memories in the kitchen and at the table.




    Bring the taste of Italy to your kitchen with our DIY Italian Ravioli Kit. Inspired by tradition, this collection of artisan-made pasta tools and ingredients is everything you need to elevate your next Pasta Night. 


    From linguine to lasagna, authentic Italian pasta starts with a dough that stands the test of time with our Italian “00” Pasta Flour. For the perfect sauce, try our signature flavor-packed pesto sauce — slow cooked in small craft batches off the coast of Naples.

    • The mold makes 12 two-inch raviolis 
    • Aluminum mold; beechwood rolling pin. 
    • Easy to use with consistency every time. 
    • Get creative with fillings and elevate pasta night.  
    • Made in Italy

    Bring Italian Cuisine Home: Ravioli Mold with Roller

    Transform your kitchen into an authentic Italian trattoria with a ravioli mold, an essential tool for making homemade ravioli with precision and ease. This tool allows you to explore an array of delicious fillings, making each dining experience a delightful adventure in the art of pasta making.

    Unleash your inner Italian chef with the Homemade Ravioli Gift Bundle. At the heart of this package is the ravioli mold, expertly designed to help you craft perfect parcels of pasta with ease. The ravioli mold ensures that each piece of ravioli is identical in size and shape, promising consistency in cooking and a professional presentation every time.

    But the ravioli mold isn't just about function - it's about unleashing culinary creativity too. Imagine the satisfaction of serving up a dish of homemade ravioli, each pocket bursting with your chosen fillings. There's something truly special about creating meals from scratch, and with the ravioli mold, it's simpler than ever. Alongside the ravioli mold, the Homemade Ravioli Gift Bundle includes other essential pasta-making tools, providing you with everything you need to start your delicious journey into homemade Italian cuisine. The gift of delectable, handcrafted food is just a ravioli mold away.