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Stone Citrine

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Step Out Of The Ordinary: Unique Rings Collection


For her Signature collection, Natalie Schayes has designed a ring set with its recognizable pear shaped stone.

As the perfect minimalist jewel, the designer imagined a ring to be worn everyday.

The ring falls gently and accentuated the finger with the stone at the end.

This minimal ring can be perfect as a modern engagement ring. 


Crafted in 9k yellow gold. 

Set with a White Topaz (0.85 ct), Aquamarine (0,82ct), Citrine 0,78ct, Peridot 0,57ct, Purple Amethyst (0,87ct) or Rhodolite (0,63ct) stone.

Contact us for any other stone or gold jewellery personalization. 

This ring can also be made on demand in 18K gold with a dazzling diamond.


From 49 to 56.

Other size on order.

If you are a US customer, please select a size and we will contact you in order to get your exact US ring size.


This item will be handmade especially for you. 

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