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Amoretti Brothers

Copper French Daubiere 15.7"

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1. Daubière comes from the French word daube, which can be roughly translated into “stew”.

2. Its original design was different: made often with terracotta, daubières were small tall pots. Material changed in modern ages when thinning process left lead behind.

3. This pot is made to really soften the meat inside in often long cooking periods.

4. Ancient daubières were made to prepare a Provençal dish (daube) and it’s an important appliance in French cuisine history.

5. You probably guessed it by now, even in modern cooking, a daubière is a key piece in preparing different French dishes.

A copperdaubière will come really handy, not only for French cuisine but for any dish that requires a sealed environment to perform best. Adaubière often can replace oven use completely and make perfectly cooked dishes right on the stove. Amoretti Brother’s Copper Daubière seals perfectly, but a great tip to get that extra moisture is to place the baking paper inside, well-covering the lid’s edges.


Dimensions: 15.7" x 9.4" x 8.6" 

Material: 2mm hammered copper. Tin lined.

It can be custom-made.