Cruiser Cooler 6L Handlebar Bag

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Title Handlebar Bag

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Premium Handlebar Bag For The Avid Rider

The Cruiser Cooler handlebar bag is the missing glove compartment for your cruiser or commuter bicycle. It is the right size for the essentials that make your ride more enjoyable. Toss in an extra lightweight shell for a chilly ride, sunglasses, and sunscreen for a hot spin to the beach, or keep beverages cold for a warm evening cruise. Discover new uses for this unique, insulated bag that will keep everything cold or hot for whatever adventure you choose.

Built-in Colorado - Made in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Hook & Loop closure allows simple compartment access
  • Universal handlebar mounting hook & loop straps
  • Insulated to keep things cool or hot
  • Reinforced haul handle
  • Can be used off-bike as a lunchbox or cooler
  • Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes
  • 10oz Vinyl Waterproof Tarp
  • Nylon Fabrics and Hook & Loop


7 H x 10 W x 5 D in.

177.8 x 254 x 127 mm


320 cu in.

5 L


8 oz

227 g

    Trustworthy Handlebar Bag Bicycle Designs

    Navigating the streets on two wheels requires more than just balance and pedal power; it's about having the right accessories too. The Handlebar bag is the perfect companion for those quick rides around the city or long-distance tours. Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, the Handlebar bag ensures that essentials are within arm's reach without compromising on the bike's maneuverability.

    On the other hand, for those specifically using bicycles, the handlebar bag bicycle is a game-changer. Tailored to fit seamlessly onto your bike, this handlebar bag bicycle variant guarantees no unnecessary swaying or imbalance issues. Not only is it incredibly practical, ensuring all your valuables are safe and sound, but its sleek design also enhances the overall look of your beloved bicycle. Investing in a quality bag like this ensures that you're ready for any adventure, be it in the urban jungle or on the winding trails.

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