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Size 54 / US 7
Material Yellow gold 18K
Diamond Natural

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The Charm of Craftsmanship: Pretty Rings

This brand new ring of the Double C collection is designed in 18ct gold with a dazzling white Marquise diamond elegantly interlaced between golden lines. The diamond is placed on the finger for a minimalist and chic aesthetic.

Perfect as a contemporary engagement ring,  this modern ring can be worn as much on a daily basis as for a special occasion as it elegantly wraps around the finger.

  • Crafted in 18 carats yellow or white gold. 
  • Set with a  dazzling and ethically sourced marquise-cut white diamond or Lab grown diamond  of 0.5ct, symbol of eternal love, honesty and commitment.
  • Band width : 0,9mm. 
  • Natural diamonds will come with GIA certification and cultivated diamonds will come with a IGI certification.

Unmatched Grace: Dive into Pretty Rings

Among the myriad of jewelry pieces, there stands a classic – pretty rings. There's an undeniable charm to pretty rings, a blend of artistry and elegance that resonates with many. The craftsmanship and design that go into making these rings are nothing short of exceptional. Every glance at your hand adorned with pretty rings will remind you of the beautiful moments and memories they represent. Whether you're marking an occasion or simply celebrating life, pretty rings are always the right choice.

The allure of Gold diamond rings for women is undeniable. Crafted with precision, they bring together the luster of gold and the sparkle of diamonds in a symphony of luxury. Gold diamond rings for women are more than just jewelry; they're an expression of love, commitment, and timeless beauty.

Dive into Distinction: Unique Diamond Rings

When it comes to capturing the magic of romance, nothing does it better than unique engagement rings for women. Tailored to mirror her essence, these rings are about more than just sparkling gems. They're reflections of her persona, her dreams, and the unique love story she's a part of. With unique engagement rings for women, every proposal becomes a cherished memory, every "yes" a testament to a bond that stands out.

Elevate your style with unique diamond rings that resonate with unmatched splendor. These rings are more than just jewelry; they are a testament to refined tastes and a penchant for the extraordinary. When it comes to making a statement, unique diamond rings effortlessly command attention, creating lasting impressions. Dive into the world of exceptional craftsmanship and discover the allure of rarity.

Embrace a jewelry collection that truly mirrors you with personalized women's rings. Crafted meticulously to resonate with your personal tale, each ring becomes an emblem of moments you hold dear. Personalized women's rings aren't just adornments; they're reflections of individual journeys and the stories that shape them.

When adorning one's finger with a stunning ring, ensuring the perfect fit makes all the difference. Women ring size 5 is a popular choice, representing a harmonious balance between design and comfort. This size ensures that every gesture and movement is accompanied by the sparkle of your ring without any hindrance. So, when considering a ring that's both captivating and comfortable, women ring size 5 is the ideal pick.

When it comes to making a statement with subtlety and grace, solitaire rings for women truly stand out. Their design, focused on highlighting a single stunning gem, makes solitaire rings for women a favored choice for many. Whether it's an engagement, an anniversary, or a special personal milestone, these rings are a testament to memorable moments. With their enduring charm, they effortlessly transition from everyday wear to special occasions.

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