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Vi Bella

Arely Bracelet

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Unleash Your Creativity With Our Bracelet Beads

How fun are these?  Our Arely Bracelet comes in four bright colors that look great alone or layered!  We think you'll love the colorful glass crystal beads and the row of freshwater pearls flanked with gold beads for added detail.  Try layering these bracelets with the Beatriz Bracelet Set and Arely Necklace and Rings.  Talk about the perfect summer vibes!

About the Artisan

Arely is a member of our Mexico artisan team, based in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon.  She brings the fun daily, which is why it's only fitting that we name this piece after her!  We are so grateful for the excitement she brings to our workshop every day!


  • 6" with 2" gold plated extender
  • glass crystal beads
  • freshwater pearls 

Craft Your Story With Our Beautiful Bracelet Beads

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