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Amoretti Brothers

Copper Stockpot 10 Qt with Flower Lid

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Beauty, quality, and sustainability meet with the 10 qt. Stock Pot, featuring an exquisite flower lid design.  Made with hand-hammered, recycled 2mm copper, this stockpot is crafted by expert coppersmiths.

The gleaming copper exterior of this spacious stockpot is complimented by a tin-lined interior. Hand-applied by skilled artisans, the double-layer tin lining protects your  stockpot from scratches and damage that come from regular use.

Cast brass handles have been riveted onto the body of the pot, guaranteeing you a strong grip that can handle even the largest batches of food. Whether it stays on the stove or is presented on your dining table, this gorgeously wrought  stockpot is sure to be a visual focal point of your meals.