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Copper high stockpot PRIMA MATERA with stainless steel lid

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Elevate Your Culinary Adventures with a Large Copper Pot

Stockpot with lid, ideal for making soups, pot au feu (beef stew) or other traditional dishes.
Prima Matera cookware is composed of 90% copper and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel:
- 90% copper on the outside: excellent thermal conductivity for perfect control of the cooking; perfect heating diffusion throughout the container for great tasting results.
- 10% stainless steel on the inside: perfectly food grade; easy care. The low proportion of stainless steel does not alter the properties of copper.
2 riveted handles in cast stainless steel: easy handling; small size; modern design.
Innovation: special induction base for a universal range.
Identification code engraved on the base.
Care of copper: use a polishing paste.
Care of stainless steel: wash by hand.
All cooktops including induction.

Unleash your culinary prowess with the versatile Stock Pot, a kitchen essential that takes your cooking to new heights. Stock Pot heat distribution and generous capacity make it perfect for simmering hearty soups, boiling pasta, and preparing large batches of flavorful stocks, ensuring you can effortlessly create delicious meals for family and friends.

Unlock Gourmet Excellence with Copper Pot with Lid

Acclaimed for their superior heat conductivity, Copper pots respond quickly to changes in temperature, giving you exceptional control over your cooking. They stand the test of time, offering an enduring presence in your kitchen with adequate care. By choosing Copper pots, you're not just cooking, you're crafting unforgettable culinary experiences with every stir and simmer.

There's something inherently stylish and efficient about a copper pot with lid. Its gleaming exterior isn’t just for show; it hints at the superb cooking performance that lies within. When you choose a copper pot with lid, you’re selecting a kitchen tool that understands the essence of perfect cooking – even heat distribution. Whether you're simmering, boiling, or sautéing, this pot ensures that everything is done evenly and to your desired perfection.

The essence of gourmet cooking lies in choosing the right tools, and a large copper pot stands testament to this. With its superior heat distribution properties, this pot ensures that every dish you prepare has the perfect texture and flavor. A large copper pot isn't just about quantity; it's about quality, offering unparalleled results every time you place it on the stove.