COLOREYEDEFINE Eyeliner, Eye Shadow, Brow Pencil

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This natural eye makeup 4-in-1 wonder wand is dual ended, and versatile, to perform as eyeliner, liner as shadow, eye shadow, and brow pen. No worry of shadows flaking and cleanup under your eyes. The smooth and precise dual-ended wand lets you create a soft natural eye-enhancing look, a bold layered look, a quick smokey eye or just get the highlight you desire, effortlessly.

True to SPC's mission to make clean multi-purpose portable beauty products, these wands are perfect for travel, as they take up no space and are designed to be layered in different colors easily on top of one another, to create completely new and different shades and dimensional looks.

  • Gluten free, Paraben free, Silicone free, and Cruelty free
  • Long lasting, high pigment color, smudge-proof
  • Intensify your eyes with our unique angled liner, made to be used as defining eyeliner (tightline or easy cat eye, depending on how you hold it), yet also is soft enough to blend as a creme eyeshadow! The liner is pure and safe enough to be used right on the waterline too.
  • Complimenting your eye color with a self-dispensing eye shadow is easy, as it is right in the cap! 
  • CUSTOMIZE – With 9 inspiring and practical color combinations, the possibilities are endless!



    Tourmaline liner /Aquamarine shadow    Sapphire liner /Ametrine shadow
    Jet liner /Moonstone shadow                    Jasper liner /Sandstone shadow
    Amethyst liner /Opal shadow                     Smokey Quartz liner /Rose Quartz shadow
    Turquoise liner /Topaz Shadow                 Platinum liner /Gold shadow


    Bronze liner / Copper shadow

    Dive Into Natural Glam Makeup Elegance

    Introducing COLOREYEDEFINE, a symphony of eyeliner, eye shadow, and brow pencil meticulously crafted for the modern woman. For those who believe in conscious beauty, this collection is a testament to refined aesthetics that harmonize with nature. Conscious beauty isn't just a trend; it's a lifestyle, and every stroke of this product promises purity, sustainability, and allure. Diving deeper into the offering, the makeup set for women encompasses shades and tools that every beauty enthusiast dreams of. The makeup set for women seamlessly blends the edginess of high fashion with the subtleness of everyday wear.

    Perfect The Look: Natural Looking Eye Makeup

    Venturing into the realm of eyes, natural glam makeup gets redefined with this set. Whether it's an everyday office look or an evening out, natural glam makeup ensures you shine without overpowering your inherent beauty. The natural looking eye makeup and natural eye makeup shades in this collection give one the freedom to choose from muted mattes to shimmering satins. Furthermore, with brow pens becoming an essential tool in every makeup kit, COLOREYEDEFINE doesn't hold back. From the precision of brow pen to the versatility of eyebrow pens, your brows are set for perfection. But why stop at brows? The eyeshadow pen is a revelation, offering intense color payoff with the ease of application. For those who love drama, the smokey eyeliner is your weapon of choice, turning every glance into a story waiting to be told. Let COLOREYEDEFINE be your trusted companion in every beauty journey, because every woman deserves to shine.

    Unveil The Secret: Smokey Eyeliner Drama

    Discover COLOREYEDEFINE, where eyeliner meets eye shadow and brow pencil, tailor-made for the discerning woman. Echoing the principles of conscious beauty, this ensemble showcases a commitment to natural ingredients without compromising on sophistication. Embracing conscious beauty goes beyond the surface; it speaks of intention, authenticity, and style, all of which are echoed in this iconic trio. Within this makeup set for women lies the promise of transformative looks that range from daytime subtlety to evening glamour, making it the ideal makeup set for women who revel in versatility.

    Makeup Set For Women: Crafting Natural Eye Makeup Excellence

    Delve into the allure of natural glam makeup, which effortlessly elevates one's features. It's an invitation to explore the spectrum of looks, from the soft allure of natural looking eye makeup to the more defined statements made with natural eye makeup shades. Now, shaping and defining brows becomes an art with the precision offered by brow pens. Whether you're sketching with a classic brow pen or opting for the finesse of eyebrow pens, every arch, curve, and fill is catered for. Beyond the brows, the eyeshadow pen promises a swipe of color, blending with ease for a lasting impact. And for moments that call for added intensity, the smokey eyeliner captures the essence of mystery and allure. Dive into a world where beauty meets intention with COLOREYEDEFINE, and let your eyes narrate tales of elegance.

    The COLOREYEDEFINE lineup brings out the best in eye makeup, promising lasting impressions with every stroke. From defining eyes to filling brows, this collection is a celebration of all things beautiful. The gift set for women includes products tailored to emphasize the eyes' natural allure, ensuring every look is nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether it's a day at work or a night out, this is the go-to gift set for women who want to leave a mark.

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