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Verve Culture

Chiapas Embroidered Face Mask

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For each mask sold through our website, we will donate a mask to our artisan suppliers, workers, and their families.

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Most everyone is who is wearing a mask is searching to add some flare to their mask.   We introduce to you the Chiapas Embroidered Face Mask, perfect for the shoppers who are looking to add some extra beauty to their wardrobe.

Beautiful Mexico

The Southern part of Mexico is lush with colorful flowers, birds, and foliage. This vibrance is reflected in the beautiful embroideries that come from the Southern state of Chiapas. Textile embroidery is a common craft among women of this region that is often taught to girls at a young age, resulting in families and communities of highly skilled artisans.

The History is Woven in the Fibers

For centuries, the designs were woven on backstrap looms. More recently, sewing machines were introduced. Their designs can be found on everything from everyday wear to incredible celebratory costume's, as well as on pillows, bags, and more.

Right now, the families in Chiapas have shifted their skills to meet the moment by making these beautiful, one-of-a-kind face masks. Each mask is hand sewn on sewing machines and made of double layered poplin cotton, with elastic ear straps and silk/polyester thread.

The colors and patterns of each mask design will vary, but the base cotton color will be as ordered. Non-medical face mask. Machine washable, air dry.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review