Copper Saucepan 8.6 Qt with Standard Lid

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Simmer, Pour, and Serve with the Saucepan

Its shimmering copper exterior is combined with a double layer tin interior lining. Expertly applied by hand, this extra protective layer ensures food keeps its intended flavor profile all while protecting your copper cookware from wear and tear.

The unique handcrafted and romantic specialized copper gifts for specialized kitchens and chefs

Products are made under very strict quality standards that allows to obtain pieces of art made on designs that preserve characteristics of the first appearances in the luxurious villas of the Italian Renaissance, which was also called the king of the pans and today it’s recognized as an exclusive connoisseurs instrument, our products have been acquired by collectors and interior decorators taking into account the investment value they have in the future.

All the pieces are made of recycled copper, we maintain a huge commitment not only to sustainability, but our philosophy also goes deeper than the impact lines. Working with recycled materials minimizes the impact on the planet, allows us to be more creative, and develops better techniques and technologies to contribute to the knowledge acquired. Improving in this way even, the education and evolution of our collaborators, clients, and partners.

The Amoretti brothers made products for "Connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine" "Excellent gifts for gourmet lovers" "Specialized Chefs" "Home Decor" "Specialized Food Exhibitions" "Specialty Restaurants" And “Haute Cuisine” “Best Romantic Luxury Anniversary kitchen Gifts” “Professional cookware products” “Professional grade copper cookware” “Vintage Copper Cookware” “Real Copper Pans” 

Amoretti Brothers 8.6 Qt hand-hammered copper saucepan with Standard Lid. Cast-bronze handles. Tin Lined on the cooking surface.

Technical information

DIAMETER: 11" x 5.5"

COPPER: 2 mm 

TEXTURE: Hammered Copper- polished

HANDLES & LID: Cast Bronze 

INTERIOR: Double layer of tin for extra durability 

RIVETS: Copper

The Tinning  The tin lining is performed manually by using the traditional flame/blotter method. We guarantee a perfect lining, extremely durable, and lacking in impurities. Tin is 100% pure

The Handles They are produced in brass with the ancient method of mold melting and polished by hand one by one. The rivets are very thick and made in copper.


The hand-hammered copper pan is one of the most prestigious cuisine items; from its first appearances in the luxurious villas of the Italian Renaissance, it was called the king of the pans and today it’s recognized as an exclusive connoisseurs instrument, in fact, it’s preferred by countless chefs around the world for its effective heat distribution.

Ignite your passion for cooking with the Copper Chef Pan, as its superior heat conductivity and durability ensure a lifetime of exceptional culinary adventures.

Imagine the sizzle of a homemade lasagna, its cheese bubbling to perfection, in our deep dish copper pan. With its exceptional heat conductivity and non-stick surface, this pan transforms your culinary skills into unforgettable meals, encouraging loved ones to gather round your table time and time again.

The Copper saucepan with lid is your gateway to culinary excellence, its superior heat control allowing you to master any recipe. This indispensable kitchen ally locks in flavor and keeps your dishes perfectly cooked, bringing restaurant-quality meals to your home dining table.

Saucepans are a great way to impress your guests. The saucepan's rounded bottom and sloping sides make it ideal for stirring and tossing food, while the lid helps to prevent splattering. This means that you can easily create restaurant-quality meals at home, without having to worry about making a mess.

A copper saucepan with lid is a great way to impress your guests. The copper's unique and eye-catching look will make your kitchen look more sophisticated, and the evenly cooked food will make your guests feel like they're dining in a fine restaurant. The lid helps to keep in the moisture, so your food will stay moist and flavorful. So if you're looking for a way to cook like a professional chef and impress your guests, then a copper saucepan with lid is the perfect choice for you.

Saucepan: Mushroom’s Culinary Best Friend

A hammered copper saucepan is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. The hammered copper's beautiful, warm glow will make your kitchen feel more inviting, and the saucepan's excellent heat conductivity will ensure that your food cooks evenly and without burning. The saucepan's hammered copper construction also makes it durable and long-lasting. So if you're looking for a pan that is both beautiful and functional, then a hammered copper saucepan is the perfect choice for you.

A large saucepan is a great way to cook like a professional chef. The large saucepan's heavy bottom ensures that heat is evenly distributed, so your food cooks evenly and without burning. Plus, the large saucepan's durable construction means that it will last for years to come. So if you're looking for a versatile and stylish piece of cookware that will make your cooking easier and more enjoyable, then a large saucepan is the perfect choice for you.

Seamless Cooking Experience: The Saucepan is the unsung hero behind many culinary masterpieces. Its even heating ensures that every ingredient melds beautifully, enhancing flavors and textures.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail: Every Saucepan is a blend of design and functionality. Its ergonomic handle and smooth pour make it a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike.

Copper Pots for Different Cooking Styles

In culinary circles, it's widely acknowledged that mushrooms can be tricky. Yet, with a saucepan in hand, those concerns vanish. The saucepan is specially designed to meet the unique needs of mushrooms, allowing them to cook slowly and evenly. As the mushrooms simmer in the saucepan, their flavors deepen and enrich, ensuring a mouthwatering result. If the question is how to bring out the best in mushrooms, the answer unequivocally lies in the trusty saucepan.

Culinary Wonders Await With Copper Saucepan

The quest for perfection in mushroom dishes often leads to one essential tool: the copper saucepan. Recognized for its superior heat conduction, the copper saucepan ensures that mushrooms are cooked to their full potential. By embracing the unique properties of a copper saucepan, the innate flavors of mushrooms are amplified, making every dish a culinary delight. Resolving the puzzle of achieving that gourmet touch with mushrooms, the copper saucepan stands out as the ideal companion.

Experience Gourmet Cooking: Copper Saucepan With Lid Excellence

Every mushroom dish tells a story, and with the copper saucepan with lid, it’s always a tale of culinary brilliance. The copper saucepan with lid, with its exceptional heat conduction, paints a canvas where mushrooms flourish. The lid ensures a controlled simmer, allowing mushrooms to release their flavors optimally. For those navigating the complexities of mushroom cooking, this product emerges as a beacon, promising an experience that captures the heart and palate.

Hammered Copper Saucepan: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Mushrooms, revered for their depth and versatility, meet their match in the hammered copper saucepan. This hammered copper saucepan, crafted with attention to detail, ensures that the mushrooms' flavor profile is enhanced with every simmer. The design ensures a steady and even cook, which is paramount for mushrooms to retain their earthy essence. Those concerned about mastering the art of mushroom cuisine can rely on the hammered copper saucepan, making every dish a testament to culinary prowess.

Elevate Your Cooking With Hammered Copper Pans

Hammered copper pans are the epitome of artisanal craftsmanship meeting culinary excellence. Their distinctive appearance is matched by their unparalleled performance. Cooking mushrooms or any dish becomes a joy, given their ability to evenly distribute heat. Worried about food sticking? The textured surface of hammered copper ensures minimal adherence. And for those concerned about durability, these pans, with their robust construction, are built to last. Elevate every meal with a touch of elegance and efficiency.

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