Amethyst Allium Textured Bikini Set

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Size Medium
Bottom Size XXX-Large

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Dive In Style With Cute Bikinis

Amethyst Allium is a sophisticated high waist bottom or bikini cut. In a brilliant textured light blue terry-like fabric.

Bandeau top with bamboo ring ties  two ways giving every size different support options

Soft, textured fabric 
Self Tie
No-cinch bottoms
100% Amni Soul Eco® 

Retro Glamour Meets High Cut Bikini Bottoms

Everyone deserves to feel fabulous in their swimwear. That's why these cute bikinis have been crafted to perfection. Beyond just a piece of clothing, cute bikinis represent a mood, an attitude, and a lifestyle. Embrace the essence of summer, and let the waves be your runway.

Dive into contemporary style infused with a touch of classic allure. High cut bikini bottoms promise an effortlessly chic appearance, flattering the silhouette and creating a timeless beach look. Add high cut bikini bottoms to your swim collection for a refreshing and confident style update. The allure of the open beach and glistening waters deserves a companion as charming as these bottoms.

Are you looking for a daring yet sophisticated beach look? Cheeky bikini bottoms are here to elevate your summer style. Designed for the adventurous spirit, they provide less coverage with maximum style. Every beach trip becomes a fashion statement when you have cheeky bikini bottoms in your wardrobe.

Embrace the retro vibes with high leg bikini bottoms. Offering a sultry silhouette, these bottoms are a nod to the iconic beach styles of yesteryears. Dive into a world where fashion meets nostalgia with high leg bikini bottoms, ensuring you always make a splash in style.

The Ultimate Bandeau Top Experience

Elevate your beachside style with the Bandeau top, offering a blend of comfort and modern aesthetics. Every detail of the Bandeau top has been designed keeping in mind the contemporary fashionista. This bikini top not only embraces the body's natural curves but also ensures a snug fit, making it a must-have for every swimwear collection. Dive in, make waves, and let the Bandeau top do the talking.

Whether it's poolside lounging or beach adventures, a 2 piece swimsuit is a must-have. Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort in a 2 piece swimsuit that’s designed for every sun lover.

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