Amoretti Brothers

Large Serving Pan 20.8" x 16.7"

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Large copper serving pan, roasting pan, handmade with solid recycled copper and tin-lined on the cooking surface. Great to serve a turkey or a large lasagna for multiple people.

20.8" x 16.7"

COPPER: 2 mm 

TEXTURE: Hammered - polished

HANDLES & LID: Cast Bronze 

INTERIOR: Double layer of tin for extra durability 

RIVETS: Copper

The Copper  : Hand-hammered recycled copper worked by our best coppersmiths.

The TinningFor perfect use, the thickness of our products can vary between 1.5 for frying pan up to 2-3mm for a large casserole or special pieces. The tin lining is performed manually by using the traditional flame/blotter method. We guarantee a perfect lining, extremely durable, and lacking in impurities. Tin is 100% pure

The HandlesThey are produced in brass with the ancient method of mold melting and polished by hand one by one. The rivets are very thick and made in copper.