Small duffle bag: Light, resilient, tech-friendly storage

A sustainable travel mate, explore the freedom of travel with the small duffle bag, a versatile marvel that effortlessly transforms to fit your every need. With XactLife's innovative design, the switchable small duffle bag/backpack offers eco-friendly, tech-friendly storage solutions for the conscious traveler.

Small duffle bag

Black backpack: Journey-ready and lightweight

Packed with smart tech. Experience the black backpack, a featherlight companion packed with innovative technology to simplify your journeys. XactLife's black backpack, a blend of functionality and sustainability, is your reliable partner for every adventure, every day.

Black Backpack

Travel backpack for women: Tech-enhanced, featherlight durability

Navigate every journey with style and ease with your travel backpack for women. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function with Xact Life's ethically crafted, tech-enhanced travel backpack for women.

Soup thermos: Advanced tech, hot meals anytime

Discover the unmatched convenience of a soup thermos, a marvel of advanced thermal technology that ensures your meals remain steamy hot. With XactLife's soup thermos, experience the fusion of sustainability and innovation, reshaping everyday life while caring for our planet.

Soup Thermos

Mini thermos: Ethical creation, hot/cold on the go

Experience the power of the mini thermos, a tiny titan of thermal technology keeping your drinks piping hot or icy cold. With XactLife's mini thermos, delight in the compact convenience while contributing to a greener future.

Small flask: Thermal tech in palm-size, hot/cold sips anytime

Savor the warmth or coolness from a small flask, the epitome of portable thermal technology delivering your hot/cold beverages on demand. XactLife's small flask is not just a product; it's a symbol of sustainable living and a step towards a more conscious future.

Small flask

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market 

Step into the world of Clear Givings Market, where every purchase supports a purpose and sustainability is the norm. Unleash your journey with Xact Life's ethically crafted travel gear, empowering your adventures while caring for our planet. But don't stop there - explore our diverse range of brands, each committed to quality, ethical sourcing, and giving back. 

Cleargivings Market

Purchase with a purpose

Make your purchases matter, embrace the power of conscious shopping, and join us at Clear Givings Market – because when you buy, you give back to the planet.

Purcahse at Cleargivings Market

Join the movement.

XactLife offers the most advanced premium storage solutions that integrate thermal technology, such as their mini thermal storage collections, the NUGG, CHUB, and CHUGG, designed with a commitment to customer satisfaction and product durability​​. Their products are crafted through ethical manufacturing practices that respect the environment, being made from recycled and sustainable materials, underlining their commitment to sustainability​​. XactLife stands by its products, offering a lifetime warranty, reflecting its confidence in product quality and its dedication to its customers​​. Beyond their products, XactLife is deeply committed to creating a positive impact, as evidenced by their award-winning initiative of providing clean water to a disadvantaged school in Cambodia, showcasing their dedication to global welfare​​.

Cleargivings Market

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