Mini tote bag: Embodying style with purpose

Stand out with a mini tote bag, a symbol of style that also supports a crucial cause. The mini tote bag from World For Good is not only a practical, stylish accessory, but it's also a clear statement of your commitment to fighting against exploitation and poverty. Choose a mini tote bag: a small step towards a more ethical and fashionable world, one tote at a time.

Pack of 3 Drawstring Bags

The tote bag: The power-pack of the eco-consciousness

Step out with the tote bag from World For Good, and make a statement that transcends style. This isn't just about carrying your essentials, it's about carrying a cause. Choose the tote bag, and let every outing be an opportunity to stand up against exploitation and poverty.

Oval Handle Tote Bag

Bag with flap: carry your essentials with conviction

Carry a bag with flap from World For Good, and let your actions speak volumes. More than just a practical accessory, the bag with flap makes a stand against exploitation. Choose a bag with flap, and let every item you carry reflect your commitment to making a difference in the world.

Messenger Sling Bag with Flap

Cloth bag: Supporting human rights with style

Choose a cloth bag, and align your style with your values. A cloth bag from World For Good not only gives you a unique, practical accessory, but also lets you stand up for human rights and social causes. So, why not make your next fashion statement with a cloth bag: a symbol of your commitment to making the world a better place, one tote at a time.

Gardener's Pack

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market 

Make a difference with every purchase at Clear Givings Market. Support brands like World For Good that align fashion with purpose, offering not just beautiful products, but also a chance to change lives.

Eco shop Cleargivings Market

Purchase with a purpose

So why wait? Be a part of the change, support the underserved, and fill your cart with meaning. Your purchase today isn't just a transaction, it's a transformation for someone's life. Don't just shop, shop for a cause. Because at Clear Givings Market, every purchase is a pledge for a better world.

World for Good

Join the movement 

World For Good is a social enterprise aimed at mitigating the risk of exploitation by providing meaningful employment and supporting basic human rights, such as education and food. Their mission revolves around redefining the concept of a social enterprise, offering beautiful, unique products that support the underserved, and making a significant impact on society​​. 

Each tote bag purchased from them aids individuals who are at risk or survivors of sex trafficking, sex slavery, and poverty​​. They are also recognized for their efforts, being the recipient of the USASBE 2021 Excellence in Social Entrepreneurship Practice and Service Award​​.

Thank you for your purchase.