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Are wooden watches good?

Yes, wooden watches are excellent. They are lightweight, eco-friendly, and affordable compared to luxury mens watches on the market. Watches wooden add a little nature to your everyday life with their unique design. Additionally, wooden grains watches are easier to wear for long periods without feeling weighed down by large mens watches or heavy pieces of jewelry on your wrist. Furthermore, they can be waterproof depending on the type of wood used in making them. You can wear these men's wooden watches for any weather without worrying about ruining them or having them stop working properly due to moisture damage. With all these benefits combined, it's easy to see why these unique mens watches are such great additions to any wardrobe!

Yes, wooden watches for women can be high-quality and fashionable. They are often made with care and attention to detail. Many wooden watches women's are also designed to be stylish and to last for a long time.

Which wooden watches are the best?

Woodstone is one of the best brands in the market. These unique mens watches are sustainably made, eco-friendly, durable, old fashionable, and reliable. Woodstone offers a range of stylish watches made from high-quality materials such as walnut wood or cherry wood. Woodstone womens wooden watches come with unique designs suitable for daily enjoyment. Woodstone has received many positive reviews for its quality craftsmanship and comfortable wearability.

How to adjust the strap size of a wood watch?

You will need a few tools to remove any extra links from the strap and adjust the length of your watch strap. These tools can be found in your delivery package or purchased from a jeweler, watchmaker, or hardware store. Follow the instructions below to adjust the strap size of your wood watch.

1. Remove the links from the strap: Use the tools included with your watch to remove any extra links from the strap.

2. Adjust the length of the strap: Once you have removed any extra links, adjust the length of your watch strap until it fits comfortably on your wrist.

3. Test out the watch's movement in the new size: Once you have adjusted both ends of the strap to fit around your wrist properly, test out how well it moves around in this new size and adjust as needed if necessary.

Where can I get wooden watches and mens bracelet?

There are many places you can get wooden watches and mens bracelet. You can find them online at Clear Givings Market / Woodstone.


Two young watch enthusiasts founded Woodstone with a passion for world travel. Istanbul, Sydney, California, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are some places that fueled their inspiration as they met people whose respect for nature and the use of sustainable natural materials in their everyday lives shaped the creation of their watches wood and beloved jewelry. They fell in love with the idea that this warm and natural material, wood, can take almost any shape when treated with attention and passion. This exploration sparked the idea to develop accessories using only what nature abundantly provides us - wood. From day one, they wanted to create a brand with a unique personality that advocates originality, simplicity, old fashionable, and an outdoor, active lifestyle. Their primary goal was to pair natural materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing and premium watch components to create good-looking, sustainable, and affordable wooden watches womens. They spent months researching, designing, and sourcing exotic woods to create their first collection of natural watches. The result was premium quality all wooden watches, mens bracelet, and women silver bracelet, all handcrafted using the most precious, beautiful woods worldwide.


Woodstone advocates for simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. The accessories we wear represent who we are, so they should be as unique as our personality, different from the rest, one of a kind. Woodstone products should remind the customer to relax, take a walk, and feel one with the beautiful world surrounding us. Woodstone also believes in sustainability and preserving the planet, planting trees for every purchase their customers make.


Woodstone's vision as a wooden watch company is to keep designing accessories that remind customers to spend their time well and to stay in touch with nature. They want to create a community of mindful people who loves nature and value their time and purposeful living. Woodstone hopes you join them in this movement.

They started with old fashionable, best wooden watches to pursue this vision and branched out to mens bracelet, rose gold bangle, gold bangle, and other jewelry. Woodstone wants to be the destination for stylish, timeless, high-quality, and sustainably made real wood watches that are the perfect addition to your outfits or thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Woodstone Florence Green sandalwood watch


Woodstone set out to craft the world's finest wooden, designer mens watches that will constantly remind you to keep in touch with nature and make the most of your time every day. Each of their watches cool is made from sustainably sourced wood with unique patterns, ensuring that each of their watches and bracelets will be one of a kind.

news wooden watch best wooden watches


Timeless, old fashionable watches that will look great with formal or casual attire. It adds an extra stylish touch to any outfit. Unique designs that will stand out. A true conversation piece. With its minimalist design, Woodstone watches will always look great and never go out of style.


watches with wooden faces

Woodstone plants a crop-yielding tree for every watch and bracelet their customers purchase. So far, with the help of their tree planting partner, Trees for the future, they have planted over 46,000 fruit trees in developing countries that provide sustainable food and income to farmers in Africa. Also, this tree planting project helps Woodstone to minimize their carbon footprint. They always strive to make unique and beautiful products while also doing good for the earth.


cool mens watches

Old Fashionable

Clean, minimalist, and eco-friendly designs. Woodstone wants to show that old fashionable, good design can be on point while making a difference in the world.

High-quality, yet affordable

Woodstone is affordable, but they don't sacrifice quality. So, for example, instead of going traditional retail model, they offer their watches directly to customers online, resulting in high-quality products at better prices.

Promote mindfulness and self-mastery

Woodstone believes that true happiness can only be achieved once we master our time. Therefore, they want to create wearable wood watches, mens bracelet, bangle bracelets, and other accessories that remind their customers to make the best use of their time and promote mindful living.

Eco consciousness

They want to design wooden watches in a way most considerate of humanity and the environment. Using only sustainable and renewable materials, Woodstone's goal is to have minimum effect on nature. They are determined to use only recyclable materials in their products and packaging.


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Woodstone Watches X Trees For the Future

They have partnered with a non-profit organization, Trees For The Future, to positively impact the world and help those less fortunate by providing them with a sustainable income. They pledge to plant a tree in their customers' names for every watch sold. So far, they've planted over 46,192 fruit trees with the support of customers. Planting fruit trees doesn't just help the environment but also provides sustainable income, food, and educational opportunities for thousands of people. As their company grows, so does their impact on the world. They are determined to help the environment further and impact people's lives.

 Trees for the future


Cleaning wood is not like cleaning cars. You need to be careful when cleaning the wood. You can't just use any cleaning materials for the wood. First, do not soak the wood, and don't forget, by cleaning your wood watch, you can save lots of money too. Woodstone watches are produced with natural and untreated wood. Therefore the mens everyday watches are hypoallergenic. Because wood is a natural material, it will soak up the moisture from your wrist, which will help the watch to maintain its look.

mens casual watches

To clean your wooden product, Woodstone recommends that you apply some olive oil and lemon juice mixture on your wooden watches regularly. Next, apply a little olive oil and lemon extract on a tissue and rub it on your wooden accessory; make sure you apply it thoroughly. After that, you can use another clean tissue to remove excess oil. You can wash your hands after oiling and cleaning your watch, but your wood watch should avoid direct contact with water. For example, don't swim or shower with your wooden watch. However, you can walk in the rain while wearing your watch. You can also apply beeswax, lip balm, walnut oil, or a little hand cream to maintain your wooden product's natural and beautiful look. 

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Before discussing the benefits of wooden watches, I would like to mention the importance of wood material. Wood is known not only for its beautiful appearance but for its natural and environmental friendliness. Wood is also durable and strong. It usually depends on the wood; for instance, oak wood is heavy and very strong, and maple wood is lighter than oak. 


Of course, wood watches are healthier than metal, aluminum, and another kind of watches. It also helps your body stay calm and away from stress. Scientists have proven that concrete materials such as steel, aluminum, or plastics change when heat affects them. The main subject is the wood watch is eco-friendly, natural, ecologic, and beautiful looking. These are just a few reasons to wear a wooden watch.

Here is they Troy green sandalwood model. Green Sandalwood is a highly aromatic tropical tree. Oil distilled from Green sandalwood is used extensively in perfumes. Today Green sandalwood is one of the essential perfume materials in the fine fragrance industry. As time pass, green sandalwood might change in color and become darker or lighter depending on the exposure to light. 

watch wood

Woodstone watches are produced with natural and untreated wood. Therefore their products are hypoallergenic. Because wood is a natural material, it will soak up the moisture from your wrist, which will help the watch to maintain its look. Wooden watches can also attract people's attention with their aesthetic appearance. Here is one of their Troy black sandalwood models. Black sandalwood is rich and dark in appearance. It's usually used for high-end furniture. Black sandalwood grows in Southern Australia, especially in the state of Tasmania. It's easy to work with durable wood that lasts many years.

Troy Black Sandalwood Canvas

Wood is one of the materials that grows naturally and is restorable. At Woodstone wooden watches, they use recycled wood for all products and plant ten trees for each purchase. At the moment, they are creating a Woodstone forest. Woodstone always tries to look forward and wants to leave a better world where our children can live comfortably.

Men's Wooden Watches At Woodstone


 Swiss Ronda movement wooden watch


-100% natural rosewood

-316 L stainless steel

-Sapphire-coated scratch-proof glass

-Stainless push button deployment clasp

-Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz movement with date function

Each Craftmaster model is masterfully crafted from premium sourced wood, stainless steel, and high-quality Swiss Ronda movement. It's an accessory that will elevate your style. Craftmaster was designed to be an eye-catcher. So pick one up, but beware: as soon as someone catches a glance at this watch, you will receive tons of compliments, comments, and questions. People will be so curious, and fascinated as to why you got a watch so unique!


green sandalwood watch wood

Florence is classy, sleek, and timeless. It's an everyday option that pairs perfectly with suits or casual wear. Beautiful combination of handcrafted wood, stainless steel, and genuine leather. It's a perfect accessory for any gentleman that wants to look classy and elegant without being pretentious.


maple wood, rose gold watch

Florence is classy, old fashionable, and timeless. It's an everyday option that pairs perfectly with suits or casual wear. Beautiful combination of handcrafted wood, stainless steel, and genuine leather. It's a perfect accessory for any gentleman that wants to look classy and elegant without being pretentious.


his and hers watch set

This eye-catching his and hers watch set consists of Florence and Serenity models in green sandalwood. Perfect matching watches for couples!

With his and hers watch set, you can treat your loved one and yourself to unique wooden watches. The perfect anniversary, valentines day, birthday, or a gift that will mark a special occasion. Alternatively, it's a great present idea for a couple.


mens bracelet

Mens bracelet, the Oasis model consists of handcrafted wooden flat beads and high-quality thread. Oasis is the first of its kind; there is no other wooden flat-bead, mens bracelet in the world yet. Pair it with your favorite wooden watch or wear this cool mens bracelet on its own; Oasis will add just the right amount of style to your look.


black sandalwood wooden watch

Troy canvas is stylish, timeless, and comfortable. Its handcrafted wooden frame and dial will stand out from regular watches. In addition, it's strengthened with steel lugs for extra security. The canvas strap provides perfect fit and comfort. Troy canvas will add that extra old fashionable, stylish touch to your outfits. An ideal addition to any men's watch collection.

Choose Clear Givings Market / The Woodstone for sustainable wooden watches

Sustainability practices are Clear Givings Market / The Woodstone forte. When you purchase Woodstone luxury wooden watches, you're not only getting eco-friendly and sustainable dress watches for men and women, but you're also supporting ethical employment connections. Clear Givings Market / The Woodstone offers great gifts to inspire you and your significant other, friends, and family. 

Treat yourself now, check out The Woodstone at Clear Givings Market! We love how The Woodstone is revolutionizing the wooden watches industry and making a powerful difference. Each purchase has a positive impact, providing life-changing employment in areas that lack resources.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!