Statement necklaces: Transforming whispers into roars of style

Step into the limelight with our captivating statement necklaces, a parade of magnificence waiting to adorn your neckline. These are more than just accessories; they are bold declarations of your unique style, whispers of creativity transformed into tangible form. Each of our statement necklaces is an artisan's masterpiece, crafted to captivate and inspire. When you wear them, they don't just embellish your outfit; they echo your personality, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your ensemble. So why wait? Delve into the world of statement necklaces and allow these awe-inspiring pieces to transform your style narrative.

Sustainable necklace

Drop earrings: The power of purchasing bling and beyond

Illuminate your aura with these mesmerizing drop earrings, each a cascade of shimmering beauty that sways with your every move, painting a radiant symphony in the air. Vi Bella collection of statement earrings and drop earrings offers a unique blend of style with purpose. Every purchase is a spark that ignites change, empowering communities and contributing towards the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Drop Earrings 

Dangle earrings: Sustainable pieces for your jewelry box

Dance with elegance as our dangle earrings sway rhythmically to your every move, each twinkling gem a reflection of your vivacious spirit. A pair of dangle earrings or a handcrafted beaded bracelet from Vi Bella adds more than just aesthetic value to your jewelry box. It adds a narrative of responsible consumption, eco-consciousness, and an awakened spirit. With each piece, you join the revolution towards more ethical and sustainable choices.

Dangle earrings

Small hoop earrings: Treasures that make a statement

Adorn your ears with the delicate allure of our small hoop earrings, where understated elegance meets effortless style, creating a captivating and versatile accessory that adds a touch of sparkle to any ensemble. Indulge in the timeless beauty of our small hoop earrings, designed for the modern and free-spirited individual who seeks a touch of glamour in everyday moments, elevating your look with a dash of playfulness and elegance.

Hoop Earrings

Stud earrings for women: Embrace the art of glamour

Adorn your ears with the captivating charm of our stud earrings, where each delicate piece becomes a symbol of confidence and grace, effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty with a touch of sparkle and sophistication. Indulge in the understated glamour of our stud earrings, as they adorn your earlobes with a touch of brilliance, accentuating your unique sense of fashion and adding a hint of allure to any ensemble.

Beaded bracelets: Handcrafted with love

Embrace the joy of vivid hues with our beaded bracelet, each tiny orb a universe of color strung together to weave a vibrant tapestry around your wrist. Every piece, be it the beaded bracelets for women or the hoop earrings, is handcrafted with 100 percent pure love. Vi Bella's artisans infuse thoughtful details and fashion-forward designs into each product, resulting in unique, sustainable pieces for your jewelry box.

Beaded bracelets

Beach bags for women: Where functionality meets fashion

Embrace the sea's soothing vibes with our vibrant beach bags for women, your perfect companion for sun-soaked adventures. These bags are more than just a carry-all; they are a statement of your love for the ocean's rhythm and the sand's warmth. Carry your sunblock, books, and sunglasses in style with our beautifully crafted beach bags for women, which marry functionality with fashion effortlessly. So, as the waves call your name and the sea breeze whispers in your ear, our beach bags will stand by your side, holding all you need for a perfect day at the beach.

Home goods decor: Breathe life into your living spaces

Transform your living spaces with our stunning range of home goods decor, pieces that bring life and personality to every corner of your home. With these lovingly crafted pieces, make your home an extension of your unique aesthetic, telling your story through color, pattern, and design. Explore our home goods decor, from dessert charcuterie board and metal wall art to wooden bowls and woven baskets; all create a living canvas that inspires, relaxes, and invigorates, making every moment at home a celebration. Remember, it's not just about decorating a house but curating a home that truly reflects who you are.

The Vi Bella story: ethical jewelry brands and women empowerment

In the heart of Vi Bella, which means 'Beautiful Life,' is a tale of women empowerment. Each piece of sustainable jewelry, be it beaded bracelets or dangle earrings, is handcrafted by hardworking artisans in Haiti and Mexico. These artisans are not just workers; they are partners, transforming their lives through meaningful, sustainable work.

A life of celebration: sustainable earrings, necklaces, and homewares

Imagine the joy of adorning sustainable earrings or a paperclip chain necklace—a piece that is a style statement and a celebration of life. Each piece from Vi Bella is an embodiment of ethical sourcing, an homage to the environment, and a testament to caring communities.
Necklace and Earrings

The Vi Bella promise: sustainable necklaces and the joy of giving

Every sustainable necklace from Vi Bella represents a promise, a commitment to improving the world. It is a gift for a nature lover, an emblem of eco resources, and a tool for inspiring wellness. This is not just jewelry; it is a celebration of life.


Clear Givings Market: your go-to destination for ethical products and gifts

At Clear Givings Market, we offer more than just products; we offer a lifestyle. Our selection of casual jewelry, dress jewelry, and vegan jewelry gifts is carefully curated to align with our commitment to sustainability, ethics, and community empowerment.

Cleargivings Market

When you choose to purchase from us, you become part of a community of conscious individuals who value quality, ethics, and sustainability over mass-produced, disposable consumerism. You are not just buying jewelry; you are investing in a beautiful life*. With every jewelry gift you purchase, you become part of a movement that values ethics, sustainability, and empowerment. You're investing in recognizable, long-lasting products that carry a vibrant story.

A celebration of ethical products: Vi Bella's sustainable pieces for your jewelry box

Our collection from Vi Bella is a celebration of life, a testament to the power of hard workers, and an embodiment of style with a purpose. The bling necklace you wear is a symbol of empowerment, while the 'You are my sunshine' necklace you gift is a beacon of hope and resilience.

Eco friendly jewelry/ethical sourcing

By choosing eco friendly jewelry and supporting ethical sourcing, you’re joining a revolution. A revolution of conscious individuals who value not just the product, but the process, the people, and the planet involved in its creation.

Eco-friendly Jewelry

Gifts to encourage and inspire: sustainable homewares and more

Whether you're looking for a gift for a nature lover or a treat for yourself, our collection of sustainable homewares and jewelry from Vi Bella offers something for everyone. These are not just gifts; they are gifts to inspire.

Clear Givings Market: for the future we want

We, at Clear Givings Market, believe that each purchase has the power to create ripples of change. From casual jewelry to beach bags for women, we invite you to explore our collection and be part of this change

Cleargivings Market

Your purchase, your power

Every jewelry gift you purchase from us is a powerful vote for the world you want. It's a celebration of ethical products, an affirmation of eco-consciousness, and a commitment to empowering communities.

Cleargivings Market

You are the change: embrace sustainable living

As you explore the world of Clear Givings Market, you become an agent of change. You’re embodying an awakened spirit and embracing sustainable living by choosing sustainable necklaces or ethical homewares.

Cleargivings Market

Join us: Clear Givings Market 

We invite you to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and equitable world. With every piece of casual jewelry, dress jewelry, or vegan jewelry you purchase, you are not just acquiring a product; you are becoming part of a story, a movement, a beautiful life.

Cleargivings Market

A world of difference: your purchase, their empowerment

Your purchase empowers the hard-working artisans at Vi Bella, allowing them to transform their lives. It’s a testament to the fact that every ethical product purchased makes a world of difference.

Cleargivings Market

Purchase with a purpose

Our purpose at Clear Givings Market is to provide you with the best-in-class ethical products while making a difference in the world. We invite you to purchase with a purpose: choose products that align with your values and inspire change.

Cleargivings Market

Your invitation to make a difference

It's time for you to make a difference. The power is in your hands. Every piece of casual, dress, or vegan jewelry you choose from Clear Givings Market is a step towards a sustainable and ethical world. It's a statement of your personal style and your commitment to ethics, sustainability, and empowerment.

Cleargivings Market

We invite you to browse Vi Bella collections and discover each piece's unique stories. Treat yourself or a significant other. You're not just purchasing jewelry but investing in a beautiful life.

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market

You are the inspiration behind Clear Givings Market. Your choices drive us to continue our journey toward a more sustainable and ethical world. Let's celebrate together the power of conscious consumption.

Every purchase matters. Every choice counts. You should treat yourself now, not just to beautiful jewelry, but to the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to a greater cause. With every purchase, you are not just a customer but a change-maker, an influencer, a beacon of hope for a more sustainable and equitable world.

Join the movement.  

Join us in our mission. Let's change the world together, one beautiful piece at time.

Engage with us, and let's create a world where every purchase counts, every product matters, and every customer is conscious. Welcome to Clear Givings Market. Your journey towards a more sustainable and beautiful life begins here.

Thank you for your purchase.