What are sustainable, organic cotton blankets?

Organic throw blankets are decorative, cozy blankets that add warmth and style to any living space. Eco-friendly customers love them because these blanket soft are often made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, and bamboo, which are renewable and sustainable. Additionally, many brands now offer organic knit throw blankets without chemical treatments, dyes, or synthetic fibers. This makes them safe for the environment and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Throw blankets are versatile and can be used for bedding decoration, couches, chairs, and other furniture. They also make excellent gifts, as they come in various colors, styles, and sizes. Not only are they great for adding a touch of coziness to any room, but they are also a great way to support environmentally-friendly businesses.

How can throw blankets be sustainable?

Select natural materials for your knit throw blankets, such as organic cotton or wool. Look for certifications such as GOTS, U.S.D.A. Organic, and Oeko-Tek, to ensure they are sustainably sourced. Shop from ethical and sustainable brands that invest in the people who make their products and the environment. Look for second-hand or vintage blankets to reduce the number of new materials used. Avoid synthetic fabrics, such as acrylic and polyester, as they are processed with toxic chemicals. Choose natural dyes instead of chemical dyes to help reduce water and air pollution. Look for organic, biodegradable materials to help reduce waste. Ensure your Oeko Tex certified blankets are machine washable to preserve their quality. Regularly air out your soft blanket throw to minimize their exposure to dust and other allergens.

Can I get sustainable throw blankets?

Yes, you can get sustainable throw blankets. Many companies make sustainable throw blankets out of recycled materials. You can also find organic and fair trade certified throws made with natural fibers.

Where can I get sustainable throw blankets?

There are many places to get sustainable throw blankets. Try looking for brands that use recycled materials, natural fibers, or low-impact dyes. You can also look for Fair Trade certifications or brands that support sustainable initiatives. One of the best options to purchase an organic, super soft blanket and pets blanket is with Clear Givings Market / Thread Talk.

Hi friends! Today we're talking all things throw blankets - specifically, eco-friendly and sustainable options. We know it can be tough to find good quality, sustainable products that don't break the bank, so we've researched for you. Check out our top picks below!

Welcome to Thread Talk, a series where we chat with the makers behind our eco-friendly and sustainable home goods. Our first stop is Clear Givings Market, an online destination for beautiful handmade throws made from recycled materials. Next, we met with founder and creative director Sarah Krasner to learn more about her unique business model and what inspires her designs.

About Us, Thread Talk = Sustainably Made= Eco-Friendly Practices

Chances are, domestic violence has happened to you or someone you love. We know firsthand because it happened to Thread Talk founder, Hannah Kay Herdlinger. She created Thread Talk to sell high-quality, and cozy blankets that fund shelters for other survivors. To us, buying comforting, organic blankets means giving back to those who need them most. The National Intimate Partner, Sexual Violence Survey, says that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men in thU.S.S. have experienced contact with sexual violence, physical violence, and stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. In addition, physical assault by an intimate partner impacts 1.3 million women annually. Shelters across the country provide these survivors protection, support, and empowerment. But it takes a lot to do their work, and they need help. Thread Talk™ exists to support the support network- to ensure shelters have what they need to save lives.

"It’s the confidence that I strive to instill in domestic violence survivors that will change their lives, and I want to use my story to show how something meant to harm can birth something so good."

— Hannah Kay Herdlinger, Thread Talk Founder

Hannah Kay, Founder of Thread Talk


Hannah Kay is a domestic violence survivor — one of the 1.3 million women annually impacted by domestic abuse. Her experience set her on a journey from a small town in Georgia to a job with one of the most powerful women in the world and then to start her own company that supports domestic violence shelters across the U.S. Along the way, she discovered humor, transformation, and, most importantly, the power of connection. The result is an inspirational story she shares at conferences, companies, and organizations to eliminate the stigma surrounding domestic violence and to empower women and men to change the world.

What We Do At Thread Talk


We donate 10% of each purchase to domesticshelters.org. We fund critical wish list items for 2600+ shelters nationwide by selling sustainably made fluffy soft blanket that wraps you in ConfidenceSerenityLoveHope, and Wonder.

Our Mission At Thread Talk


We don’t just do it for the smile on your face when your shipment arrives. Our mission is to empower women and support victims of domestic violence across the country.

Where We Are At Thread Talk

blanket with dogs

We’re in all 50 U.S. states, including U.S. Hawaii and Alaska- that’s why we partnered with domesticshelters.org- to be available wherever domestic violence victims are in need. Unfortunately, that's everywhere. If you’re aware of a domestic violence program or shelter that is not in the Domestic Shelters database, send an email with the program's name and location, and we'll look into adding it.

Our Impact At Thread Talk

happy girl with the comfy blanket,

We fund life-saving spaces for domestic violence survivors. 100,000+ critical wish-list items donated. Survivors of domestic violence often flee abuse and violence with nothing but clothes on their backs. Seeking refuge and protection, they turn to domestic violence shelters which operate nationwide and provide survivors with everything they need to start over, for free. The proceeds from our purchases help keep these essential spaces running. And with the significant rise in domestic violence cases due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these shelters need our support now more than ever.

Rather than solely donating blankets, 10% of each purchase funds specific wish-list items that these shelters need, from toiletries and laundry pods to vacuums, cribs, & strollers.

Shelters Thread Talk has donated to

Kelly's Rainbow, Albertville, AL Theresa’s Fund, Phoenix, AZ Angels of Grace, Helena, AR Peace at Home, Springdale, AR, N.W.A. Women’s Shelter, Rogers AR, Building Futures, N.W.A.n Leandro, CA, Harrington House, Crescent City, CA, The Family Tree, Denver, CO, Renew, Cortez, CO, A.V.D.A., Delray Beach, FL, Betty Griffin CenterA.V.D.A. Augustine, FL , G.C.C.C., Brunswick, GA , S.A.F.E. Services, G.C.C.C.nnah, GA, CrossroaS.A.F.E.or, Rupert, ID, WINGS Program, Palatine, IL, Crisis Connection Inc, Jasper, IN, C.S.A.D.V., Sioux City, IA , Caring PlacC.S.A.D.V.banon, KY Safe Harbor, Mandeville, LANew Hope for Women, Rockland, ME Abby’s House, Worcester, MASafeCenter, St. Johns, M Alexandra House, Blaine, MNHope House, Lee’s Summit, MOMercy House, Great Falls, M.T.A.E.D.V., Carson City, NVWomen M.T.A.E.D.V. New Brunswick, NJEnlace Comunitario, Albuquerque, NMGrammy’s House, Artesia, N.M.N.M.I.C., NY, N.Y.C.V.A.NN.M.N.M.I.C.cord, N.Y.C.V.A.N.ul Hemayah, Inc, Charlotte, NCSafe Alliance, Charlotte, NCCathy Mabry Cloninger Center, Gastonia, NCTurning Point, Monroe, N.C.C.V.I.C. - GrN.C.C.V.I.C.rks, NDWomen Helping Women, Cincinnati, OHNew Beginnings, Lawton, OKProject Dove, Ontario, ORWomen’s Center of Beaver County, Beaver, PADomestic Violence Program, Murfreesboro, T.N.Y.W.C.AT.N.Y.W.C.A.ashville,Nashville, TNFamily Place, Dallas, T.X.NT.X.N.A.M., Houston, TXTime to Fly Foundation, Reston, VANew Beginnings, Seattle, W.A.C.A.S.D.A.A.S.D.A., Superior, WISafe Project, Laramie, WY

Nothing elevates a room like a soft, warm, and comfy blanket. It’s the perfect touch to every chilly evening, impromptu couch nap, or movie night. The throws and quilts from Clear Givings Market / Thread Talk are the kinds you look forward to curling up in all day. But, of course, it’s also the perfect holiday gift for a friend, family member, or yourself. 

Before you get cozy, consider our recommendations for finding ethical and sustainable blankets. 

Organic Materials:

Look for a soft, fluffy blanket made from safe and sustainable materials that are good for you and the environment. Thread Talk use organic (and sometimes traceable) cotton, merino wool quiltsalpaca wool throw, plant linen, or Tencel. Not only will these be more breathable and better for your body, but you won’t have to worry about shedding microplastics into your home or when it’s time to wash them.

Artisan Made:

Thread Talk works directly with artisans who handmade gorgeous and snuggling blankets. Consider supporting craftspeople and artisan collectives when you shop for your next blanket. Not only will you have a closer connection to the piece when you know who crafted it, but you’ll also know it was made in ethical conditions.

Third-Party Certifications: 

Third-party certifications are essential for both labor transparency and safe materials. These prove the brand is acting responsibly, sourcing and processing its textiles healthily and sustainably. To be sure your new blanket for dogs was made ethically, with fair wages and labor practices, look for certifications such as Fair Trade and WRAP. For proof that its materials are organic and free of harmful chemicals and dyes, look for certifications from GOTS, Oeko-Tex. Finally, look for safe and sustainably grown cotton labels from BCI and U.S.DA


We all know throw blankets for couches do you some good, but what about Oeko-Tex blankets that do good for people and the planet, too? Our couch throw blankets do just that—they’re made using fair labor, eco-friendly practices, and safe, non-toxic materials. So cuddle up and make a difference at the same time! Here’s why we think you’ll love our collection of sustainable throw blankets:


Throw them on the couch, take them to bed, cuddle up outside on a chilly night, and even use them as a beach blanket! You can use your Clear Givings Market-approved throw blanket for everything!


From organic cotton and wool to amazingly sustainable blankets made from recycled materials—From knits and waffle weaves to cozy handmade -woven wool—we’ve got a blanket for whatever your preference is!

Comfy cozy: 

We’re going to say it anyway! These are the softest, coziest, most beautiful blankets you’ll ever find! They’re made with love, and you can feel all that warmth stitched up in the blanket! 


These Moms-approved blankets are made with safe and natural fabrics like organic wool and Oeko Tex-certified cotton. They’re free of toxins, artificial dyes, and all that other stuff you don’t want to be cuddling up with!

Great for people and the planet: 

Most importantly, your blanket is doing good for the world! All Clear Givings Market products are made with eco-friendly and sweatshop-free practices!

Check out our top picks below!


Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Blankets

Discover sustainably made handmade throw blankets for every season and style in our exceptionally made blankets and throws collection. Find eco-friendly and sustainable options such as organic soft warm blankets, comfy luxe blanket, blanket for dogs, and cozy calming cat blanket. This collection also features organic cotton baby blanket, a Cross throw blanket, and Hope blanket. You will find exceptionally made blankets for your home to suit every style and season.


sustainable throw blankets

It takes courage to be strong and speak up, which sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone. The beautiful Courage oversized throw blanket is the perfect gift for you or your loved ones who could use extra comfort and encouragement.


blanket soft

Know someone in need of a confidence boost? We’ve got you covered — literally — with these stunning blue throw blankets. It’s like sending your friends, family, and loved ones warm, cozy reminders that they are amazing, just as they are.


cozy blanket

Made from 100% organic cotton, Happiness is... a cozy blanket! This colorful and ultra-comfy, pink blanket is sure to add a pop of delight to any room. Made with 100% organic cotton, it's machine-washable and won't pill or fuzz, so you can keep it looking as fresh as the day you got it. 

Not only is it fashionable and comfortable, but this blanket is also incredibly versatile. Drape it over a chair or sofa for a touch of style, or use it as an impromptu picnic blanket during your next outdoor adventure.


sweet moments

Sometimes, we need a warm, cozy reminder that the world is full of possibilities. Enter the Hope blanket — your soft, sweet go-to gift for all. Consider it the gift that keeps hope alive and well.

BABY BLANKET - WOOL- WONDER BLANKETblanket plant linen home textiles chunky blanket sofa newsletter

baby blanket

Remember when you were a kid, and everything was excellent, and anything was possible? The world was a nonstop adventure, and your partner in crime was a wide-eyed sense of wonder. It’s the feeling you wish you could bottle. Well, this is the next best thing. The sweet-faced Wonder blanket is everything you love about childhood and much more. So help your little one take on the world with the most adorable companion ever created. And if you need to borrow it now and again, we promise not to tell.


snuggling blanket

This blue baby blanket is beyond cozy—it's like being hugged by a cloud. Made from 100% organic cotton, it's machine-washable and gets softer with each wash. Plus, it's the ideal size for strolling, napping, and snuggling. 

And you'll love that it's made from sustainable materials, so you can be sure it's safe for your baby or as a pets blanket. Lightweight and sized perfect for travel, this blanket is ready wherever you go!

Confidence comes from love, support, and snuggles. So, we’ve got you covered with the nurturing confidence blanket for that last one. 


love blanket

Nurturing love, a soft, snuggly blanket sized just right for all the love bugs in your life. It’s simple, sweet, and, well, lovely. Our favorite comfy cozy blanket.


couch blanket for dogs

Ready to cozy up with your beloved pet and a good book? Or maybe you're in the market for something to snuggle up with on movie nights. Either way, this striped throw blanket is designed to keep you cozy wherever you are!


comfy cozy blanket

There’s perhaps nothing more serene than being curled up, eyes closed, "day dreaming and I'm thinking of you". So the Nurturing Serenity blanket was made to encourage more sweet moments like that.

What are sustainable throw blankets made of from Thread Talk

Blanket materials: Oeko-Tex® Certified

All blankets are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard100, which ensures that they contain no substances harmful to humans

Thread Talk empowers others to use their voices

Thread Talk inspires people from all over the country to share their experiences to help break the egregious cycle and let others know they are not alone!

Thread Talk was made on October 15th, Domestic Violence Survivors' Day, in Charlotte, NC.

Thread Talk worked with County Commissioners to proclaim a powerful day that honors DV survivors across the country.


Support those in need with natural blankets, organic cotton throws.

When you buy a love blanket from us, you aren’t just investing in your comfort – you’re investing in artisan made blankets that give back. Because our primary goal isn’t just to sell blankets with dogs, but to spread comfort to those who need it most. We donate 10% of each purchase to domestic violence shelters.


Thread Talk offers sustainable throw blankets in 2 sizes:

  1. 60X80 blankets
  2. 30X40 blankets

Own organic throws blankets for any season with the best blanket brand, Thread Talk.

Whether you need a heavy blanket to keep you warm during the winter or a breathable, lightweight blanket during the summer, we make our pink soft blankets with the highest quality fabrics so you can stay comfy no matter the temperature.

The best fairtrade, vegan blankets to ease your anxiety

Our heavy, oversized throw blankets give you a sense of comfort and security that can help reduce stress and relax your body. With throw blankets 5 feet wide and over 6.5 feet long, you’ll be warm and snug from head to toe … and then some.

Keep a cozy cat blanket that lasts.

Wash it once. Wash it twice. Wash it 100 times. Our cozy cats blanket are machine washable and stand the test of time and defend against bacteria buildup due to the high-quality materials they’re made with.

We are a proud Certified B Corporation.

Thread Talk is proud to be a Certified B Corporation. To balance profit and purpose, we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We are committed to using our cozy throw blankets to inspire hope and change, and we’re excited to join this community of companies worldwide leading the way. Sustainability certifications


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Sustainability certifications

What are environmental certification programs available for eco-friendly green wool blankets? [Expanded List] Applicable environmental certifications for these materials include GOTS, U.S.D.A. Organic, and Oeko-Tex. Additionally, there are Eco-Friendly (51), Empowers Workers (51), Vegan (29), and Women-Owned.


Thread Talk is an excellent option for an eco-friendly, sustainable throw blanket. Both options are made with sustainable materials, making them a perfect choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly blanket. In addition, the packaging used by Thread Talk is sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical for the environment, making it free from harm.


Sustainability is vital when it comes to products meant to provide comfort. Thread Talk focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable production practices for all of its products. From blankets to throws, every item made by Thread Talk helps put a stop to violence against women and children. With your support, we can help more survivors find refuge and safety. Thank you for choosing Thread Talk!

There's no need to sacrifice comfort to be environmentally friendly. You can support shelters for domestic violence survivors with eco blankets while staying warm and cozy. Clear Givings Market is a company that sells high-quality eco blankets, and many other sustainable products, making it shopping easy and convenient. So whether you're looking for a car blanket for dogs or want to help out a good cause, eco blankets are a perfect choice.* Give comfort to domestic abuse survivors with Thread Talk- If you or someone you know is a survivor of domestic violence, don't let the cold nights keep you from seeking shelter. With Thread Talk, you can get a warm cozy blanket and artisan made products that help fund shelters for other survivors.

Sustainable knit throw blankets made by Thread Talk: a force for domestic abuse survivors. Finding comfort can be invaluable when dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence. That’s why Thread Talk exists—to help provide high-quality blankets that help survivors heal. With unique designs and sustainable practices at the core of everything we do, our mission is to give back to those who need it most. Thanks for supporting us as we work to create lasting change in the lives of those affected by domestic violence.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!