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What are sustainable eyeglasses?

Sustainable eyeglasses are eyeglasses that are made from recycled materials and are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Sustainable eyeglasses are made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. They often have a lower carbon footprint than traditional glasses, and they may last longer as well. Sustainable eyeglasses are a great choice for people who want to reduce their impact on the environment.

What are sustainable sunglasses?

Sustainable sunglasses are sunglasses made out of recycled material and other materials that would otherwise end up in our waterways. They are also made with minimal packaging and have reduced carbon emissions, water usage, and waste compared to conventional acrylic sunglasses. The frames of sustainable sunglasses are typically made from recycled plastics such as phone cases or ocean plastic that could otherwise pollute our waterways if it wasn't recycled. In addition, the lenses are usually made from polycarbonate, which is recyclable in most communities worldwide. Producers of sustainable sunglasses use less energy-intensive processes to reduce carbon emissions during production, such as reducing air conditioning during summer when temperatures rise above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). Additionally, they use fewer resources like water during production by recycling cooling water used in manufacturing processes into drinking water for employees to use throughout the day.

What does Sustainable Eyewear mean to you?

[The impact of sustainable sunglasses]: Wearing sustainable sunglasses is a great way to reduce environmental impact while enjoying your favorite pair of shades. Not only are you helping to reduce pollution and waste, but you're also supporting a company working to make a difference.

How can I recycle my old glasses in a sustainable way?

Proof Eyewear has a program that accepts donations of glasses in good condition and recycles or donates them to those in need. These programs help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and provide valuable resources to those who need them. Additionally, many local opticians will also accept donations of old glasses and donate them to partner organizations; it is essential to check with yours if you are interested in participating in such programs. Finally, donating non-prescription sunglasses that are still fashionable can also be another way of helping out those in need while keeping your old pair out of the landfill.

Where can I get Sustainable Eyewear?

There are many places to get sustainable eyewear. One brand that sells sustainable eyewear is called "Proof Eyewear" and you can buy it at Clear Givings Market.

Proof Eyewear - An Eyewear Brand

The Story of Eco Glasses

Proof Eyewear was founded in 2010 by three brothers; Tanner, Brooks, and Taylor Dame. Since then, the company has continued to grow and expand, going from garage to global in a few short years and becoming a pioneer in sustainable eyewear. They provide products handcrafted from sustainable materials, including sustainably-sourced wood, biodegradable cotton-based acetate, and recycled aluminum. Proof stands firm on the principles of Sustainability and Giving Back. Proof embraces the idea of being global citizens by doing well worldwide. The bird logo represents the belief “Everyone has wings to fly; some just need a little help.” Proof's efforts in helping others have affected people from Idaho to the other side of the world. In 2021, Proof refocused its give-back initiatives on planting five trees for every frame sold through the Eden Reforestation Project.

Today, Proof is headquartered in and operates out of Boise, Idaho, US, and their products can be found online at Clear Givings Market and in stores across the US and worldwide.

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Global citizens with a socially-conscious business model to give back. Look Good. Do Good.

Proof Eyewear is a small, independent eyewear brand founded in 2010. They have been pioneering wood and sustainable eyewear since then, and all of their products are created with this sustainability mindset.

All frames carry this sustainability feature, from sustainably harvested wood to eco-friendly and biodegradable acetate to recycled aluminum. Along with this, Proof Eyewear is also committed to positively impacting their local & global communities through their many Do Good initiatives. Since their start in 2010, they’ve helped provide tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, and reforestation in Haiti. In 2013, Proof embraced the idea of donating funds on a project-by-project basis. That year, they started by donating funds to build two eye clinics in India, which continue to provide sight–giving cataract surgeries to those in need. They have also traveled to many other areas around the globe where they have funded eye clinics and other community projects. These places include El Salvador, the Philippines, Uganda, Nepal, and Peru. Proof has also donated money to The Nature Conservancy to help fund conservation here in the US. But in 2021, they shifted their focus to reforestation efforts and have partnered with the Eden Reforestation project to achieve this. Now, five trees will be planted for every frame purchased in Africa.

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Health + Vision

Proof Eyewear makes Health & Vision initiatives a priority on all of their Do Good projects. This includes hosting health screening clinics in underprivileged countries, sponsoring cataract, club foot, and cleft lip surgeries, and providing glasses to those in need.



Products At Proof Eyewear - Brand of Glasses


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The Leroy is designed to stand out with a modern twist on the classic 60s-inspired style. Leroy pays tribute to the patriarch of the same family, who taught his sons to work hard and do good. The Leroy is handcrafted with fully biodegradable cotton-based acetate.


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The Sequoia is a new take on a trendy but classic round frame with a modern twist. This frame features vintage lines with an oversized shape. Designed for those who want a durable and sustainable construction frame that embodies a fashion-forward style.


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The Rainier is a bold oversized frame with a sleek minimalist design. If you wear a bigger frame or prefer an oversized look, this is the perfect frame for you: it has a medium to large fit and a good amount of face coverage.


We’re proud to offer sustainable, eco-friendly eyewear that doesn’t sacrifice style or quality. Our selection of men’s and women’s glasses are perfect for those who want to make a statement and do good for the planet. Plus, with every purchase, you’ll support our mission to plant trees and help preserve our planet for future generations. So go ahead and browse our selection of sustainable glasses— your new favorite pair is waiting for you.

Is Warby Parker sustainable?

No, it is not but Proof Eyewear is. Be careful with companies that advertise themselves as sustainable. Many companies will claim they are eco-friendly, but they do not use eco-friendly materials or processes.