Slow feeder dog bowl: A simple solution to fast eaters

Introducing Paw5's Woolly Snuffle Mat, a revolutionary take on the traditional slow feeder dog bowl. Expertly designed to engage your pet's keen sense of smell, this innovative product turns mealtime into an exciting game. Instead of a simple dish, it offers a complex puzzle that encourages slower eating, much like a slow feeder dog bowl, but with an added touch of enrichment. Dogs are naturally foragers, and the Woolly Snuffle Mat taps into this instinct, hiding kibble or treats within its deep, lush fibers. So why settle for an ordinary slow feeder dog bowl, when Paw5's Woolly Snuffle Mat offers so much more?

Snuffle mat for dogs: Sustainability meets creativity, handcrafted just for your pet

Snuffle Mat

Ignite your pet's curiosity with the snuffle mat for dogs, transforming their mealtime into a lively scavenger hunt. Your pet will love snuffling through the mat, seeking out every last morsel. Not only does this ensure they eat at a healthier pace, but it also provides mental stimulation, transforming dinner time into an interactive experience. Revolutionize your dog's feeding experience with Paw5 snuffle mat for dogs, where every bite becomes a delightful reward. The snuffle mat for dogs not only enriches your dog's eating routine but also channels their natural sniffing instincts, making each meal a thrilling adventure. Machine washable. Made from cotton fiber. 100% pet safe.

Mental stimulation for dogs: Harnessing instincts for happier pets

Mental stimulation for dogs

Unleash a world of discovery with the Paw5 snuffle mat for dogs, a tool that offers unparalleled mental stimulation for dogs. With every sniff and snuffle, your pet embarks on an exciting journey of exploration and problem-solving, making the snuffle mat an essential for mental stimulation for dogs. Tailor-made to tap into their innate instincts, this mat turns every meal into a dynamic game, embodying the epitome of mental stimulation for dogs. Machine washable. Made from cotton fiber. 100% pet safe.

Food dispensing dog toy: Serving fun with every bite

If your furry friend has food dispensing dog toy that they love, the Paw5 snuffle mat for dogs will turn every treat into a thrilling discovery. This is more than just a feeding tool; it's just like a food dispensing dog toy that engages their natural instincts, making mealtime a rewarding game. With each sniff, search, and nibble, your dog will find joy in the simplest of things, proving that a food dispensing dog toy is a gateway to endless fun and satisfaction. Machine washable. Made from cotton fiber. 100% pet safe.

Puzzle dog feeder: the fun-filled solution for fast eaters

Transform your pet's mealtime into an intriguing game with a puzzle dog feeder, engaging their minds while satisfying their appetites. The Paw5 snuffle mat for dogs serves as a remarkable puzzle dog feeder, harnessing your pet's natural foraging instincts for a stimulating dining experience. With each bite hidden as a reward for their problem-solving, a puzzle dog feeder makes every meal an exciting adventure, nourishing both their bodies and minds. Machine washable. Made from cotton fiber. 100% pet safe.

Puzzle dog feeder


Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market

Imagine providing your furry friend with a mealtime experience that's as enriching as it is exciting, all while contributing to a noble cause. When you choose to shop with Clear Givings Market and Paw5, you're not just investing in high-quality, innovative pet products like the Paw5 snuffle mat, you're also supporting vulnerable communities across the globe. 

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Purchase with purpose

PAW5, driven by their passion for pets, is on a transformative mission to revolutionize the way dogs eat. Their range of sustainably sourced products are ingeniously designed to stimulate your dog's mind and promote environmental enrichment, ensuring a happy and healthy pet​​.

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Empowering lives through sustainable jobs 

Every product from PAW5 is an embodiment of a noble cause. Handmade by their global community partners in Ghana, they empower vulnerable women by providing them with life skills, confidence, and quality employment. So, every purchase you make contributes to a greater good​​.

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Join the movement

One of their notable products, the Wooly Snuffle Mat, offers dogs an entirely unique experience. It engages their powerful sense of smell, turning dinner or treat time into an exciting, stimulating adventure. This novel approach to feeding provides a fun challenge for your pet, making every mealtime an engaging, enriching experience​.

So, why not transform your pet's feeding time into a fun-filled adventure and make a difference in the world? Your pet will thank you, and so will the many lives you'll impact along the way.

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