Nayestones started in Antwerp, Belgium due to the area's ability to provide the best quality products. Nayestone's workshop meets the rigorous quality requirements in terms of sustainability, ethics, safety, transparency and service.

All of Nayestones' pieces are handcrafted by a small team of goldsmiths and artisans, from the highest quality materials in gold (9k or 18k) or silver and with natural gemstones.  


Nayestones is currently moving towards using 100% recycled gold in their jewelry. They are also continually working towards find more sustainable and ethical solutions in which gems they use. Diamond are sourced from Pliny Gems, which provides assurances beyond the Kimberley Process and only partner with carefully selected mines that guarantee exceptional standards, a fully transparent supply chain, and commitment to social and environmental responsibilities.


Nayestones presents original jewelry designs and shapes that you will find nowhere else.  The designer pares her creations down to leave only the essential, pure designs charged with meaning and symbolism.  In her jewelry, the stone is sublimated by its asymmetry and placed where you wouldn't expect it to be, giving the illusion of a stone that levitates. This illusion of imbalance gives the right proportions to the jewel.

Natalie Schayes selects her precious and semi-precious stones in an intuitive way. She particularly loves pear shapes and octogone shaped stones and redefines classic gem-setting by using an invisible setting and offers a new aestheticism: that of pure asymmetry.


Nayestones guarantees their jewellery against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. On top of that, Nayestones also provides after-care services like resizing, cleaning and polishing or repair on your purchased jewelry because a jewelry piece should last a lifetime or even more. 

*Any damage due to improper use, accident or normal wear and tear of the jewel can be repaired in the workshop but is excluded from this warranty.


Free shipping is for all orders.  All orders are shipped via DHL Worldwide. Expected Delivery 2-5 business days, after item is made to order. Please allow between 2-3 weeks from order date. 

Duties and import taxes, are all included in the free shipping.