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What is sustainable haircare?

Sustainable haircare refers to eco-friendly, clean luxurious hair products that minimize the use of synthetic materials and harmful chemicals.

Traditional hair moisturizers, styling creams, shampoos and hair serums are loaded with chemicals that run right from your shower into the ecosystem via streams and rivers. As you can imagine, these chemicals are harmful to the environment. "According to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetic database, 86% of the 2,388 shampoo products assessed contained ingredients the organization deemed moderately to highly hazardous." By Katherine Martinko,

What makes haircare sustainable?

The use of beauty packaging reduces plastic waste, as well as formulas that focus on water preservation. Brands are approaching this challenge in different ways, such as by providing solid shampoo and conditioner options or targeting specific hair types for their products. For example, MASAMI is a hair company that pioneers the clean haircare movement with its conscious beauty Mekabu formulas. Ultimately, Clear Givings Market / MASAMI's goal is to help you reduce your environmental impact by finding high-quality sustainable, vegan hair products from brands you can trust.


MASAMI - Who are they?

MASAMI is a premium, natural hair care brand that believes everyone deserves healthy, exquisite hair. Their mission is to provide toxin-free, vegan hair products for all hair types derived from the hydrating ocean botanical ingredients, Mekabu. MASAMI's story is one of love, love for natural beauty products, for luxurious hair, their customers, and their team. While Masami is a luxury shampoo brand founded in New York City, their inspiration started in the deep ocean waters of Japan. 

What is Mekabu?

Mekabu is an ocean botanical that grows in the ocean's depths off the northeast coast of Japan. It is a nutrient-rich superfood full of minerals, algae, and vitamins that, in addition to being edible, provides incredible hydration to reawaken your hair. Ancient Japanese cultures have been using it for centuries, and now we are bringing this unique and special botanical beauty ingredient to you.

MASAMI's values:

Replenish what is taken, Collaborate generously, and Embrace differences.

Clean beauty - What does it mean to be a clean beauty brand?

Being a clean beauty brand means taking the best of nature and eliminating bad ingredients. MASAMI believes that when they use a natural resource, they need to replenish it. MASAMI's formulas are naturally derived, and they source our Mekabu in powder form directly from Japan, where it is harvested seasonally. They also adhere to EU clean beauty standards in all formulations.


Mekabu Health Benefits

Over 50 different minerals are found in the seawater where Mekabu grows. Thus it absorbs many of them, making it super packed with nutrients. Its primary nutrients are fucoidan and algin acid, and according to this Japanese products blog, the health benefits are as follows:

  1. Fucoidan activates cells and helps boost the immune system to fight against common cold and influenza germs. In addition, since fucoidan activates hair matrix cells as well, it has the effect of making the hair healthy and beautiful.
  2. Algin acid is effective in improving the conditions of the stomach and intestines.
  3. The potassium in the algin acid absorbs salts in the body and helps lower blood pressure and control the rise of blood glucose levels.
  4. Iodine activates the metabolism and helps promote growth in humans.
  5. Mekabu is rich in calcium, which helps prevent osteoporosis.
  6. Mekabu is also an excellent source of vitamins A, C, E, and especially K, which assists the body in its blood-clotting mechanism.

The start of sustainable, eco-friendly hair products.

MASAMI's story is a love story. East meets West. James met Masa. Clean beauty met with the ultimate performance in the best clean hair care products.

James and Lynn have a passion for haircare that is unmatched -- an unwavering commitment to formulate out-of-this-world clean haircare products, such as styling creams, best hair serums, cruelty-free shampoo that hydrate like nothing else for the past decade (which is how long it took to create MASAMI's clean formulation). They wanted people to feel great about their hair everyday -- not just because they looked amazing, but because their hair was genuinely healthy, hydrated, and manageable.  

Botanically hydrating Mekabu beneath the Wakame leaf is filled with ocean vitamins and minerals to leave your hair healthy, shiny, and gorgeous. All of MASAMI's high end hair serums are infused with Mekabu powder, fresh from Japan, where they source it from a family-owned seaweed company.  

Treat yourself to MASAMI 100 pure shampoo, as it gently cleanses and nourishes for the ultimate in botanically hydrated hair. MASAMI Conditioner leaves hair healthy, soft, and silky. MASAMI Styling Creams provides a light hold but keeps hair flawlessly in place while adding botanical hydration, protection, and shine. And MASAMI Shine Serum is a luscious hair moisturizers that brings hair to life, providing weightless shine, reflection, and Mekabu hydration. Enjoy luxury shampoo everyday!

Giving you the ultimate in hydrated hair because Hydration Is Life.

Mekabu, Natural beauty botanical ingredients


MASAMI believes that all businesses should be responsible for replenishing what they take from the environment -- and to especially not leave a negative impact. Therefore, they are committed to improving their sustainability practices and finding ways to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.

These include:

  1. Ensuring formulas are as environmentally friendly as possible.
  2. Looking for sustainable packaging solutions for bottles and shipping packaging.
  3. Choosing high-quality raw materials and ingredients without depleting them. 
  4. Ensure that biodegradable and naturally derived ingredients come from a plant or water-based natural source. Harmful shampoo ingredients are avoided.
  5. Recycling as much waste material as possible.
  6. Eliminating excess paper by emailing invoices and packing slips when possible. 
  7. Reusing packing materials where possible.
  8. Recycling equipment, such as computers and printers, that their company no longer needs.
  9. Purchasing products made with recycled paper. For example, paper towels and printer paper. 
  10. Using low-impact transport for business travel. For example, using public transportation whenever possible.
  11. Avoid unnecessary travel by using instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone, and email.
  12. Working with partners who share our sustainability perspective

You may have noticed MASAMI's Reduced Plastic & Reduced Carbon Impact seals on our refill pouches. They are a proud member of IMPACT COLLECTIVE, a group of forward-thinking brands committed to taking immediate and positive action to neutralize their plastic footprint. Together they are empowered to be responsible stewards of our planet while providing customers with the same high-quality products. By participating in certified plastic and carbon projects, MASAMI has taken another step in their commitment to sustainability. 

They are also Green Business Bureau platinum certified. Green Business Bureau helps companies look at their sustainability efforts holistically and consistently make incremental changes to improve.

Our favorite MASAMI products for shiny hair at Clear Givings Market:

Oil free hair products: MEKABU HYDRATING CONDITIONER 32 OZ

colored hair conditioner

This is a large size (back bar) 32 oz of our MASAMI Mekabu Hydrating Conditioner. It comes with a pump for easy dispensing. This is the best hair conditioner, fortified by the hydrating qualities of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu and enhanced with Laminaria Japonica (Kombu) seaweed, aloe vera, blueberry extract, Vitamin B, and other powerful antioxidants. This deep yet lightweight conditioner nourishes to restore softness, shine, and manageability while soothing the scalp. It's fantastic as a conditioner for coloured hair.

A safe alternative for hair spray and gel: MEKABU HYDRATING STYLING CREMES 4 OZ

sustainable haircare styling cream

Impressively versatile, impossibly lightweight, Masami styling cream provides a gentle hold that keeps hair flawlessly in place. Mekabu and aloe vera add hydration, protection, and shine. At the same time, vitamin e, grapeseed, and sweet almond oils help nourish the hair from root to tip, eliminating frizz for a natural, soft, silky look. This curl-defining formula is non-greasy and non-sticky and boasts the benefits of a wax, paste, and cream for a flexible, good looking all-day hold, that can be messy, sleek, or anything in between. Use on wet or dry hair for exquisite style.



luxury shampoo

Enriched with the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical mekabu, this womens and mens luxury shampoo is low foaming, adding shine and hydration for all hair types. Masami mekabu hydrating shampoo's nutrient-rich formulation fortifies and reawakens hair. Apricot oil, coconut oil, and laminaria japonica (kombu) provide the nutrients and vitamins essential for healthy hair. Masami shampoo is the ultimate in hydration for hair and nourishment for the scalp. It has raving reviews as the best product for shiny hair!

Luxurious hair bundle - FREE BATH BOMB

best shampoo and conditioner for growing hair

Add MEKABU HYDRATING SHINE HAIR SERUM 2 OZ to routine hair care.

hair serum

MASAMI Shine Serum, enriched with the Japanese ocean botanical ingredients Mekabu, gives even unruly, dull, lifeless, over-processed hair a hydrated, smoothed, and nourished look. Shine Serum is a decadent hair moisturizers that enhances shine while leaving hair soft and silky. This multi-tasking, lightweight, oil-free, water-free, and frizz-free hair serum protects your hair from heat styling. In addition, it adds vibrancy to hair color while providing the nutrients necessary for long-term nourishment and care. It's simply one of the best hair serum for frizzy hair!


MASAMI has been recognized by the industry for its high-performing, clean formulations.

Since they launched, they've won several awards, including:

The Beauty Shortlist Editor's Choice Award:

Hair awards

CertClean's 2021 Clean Beauty Awards:

Hair wash

The Beauty Innovation Awards 2021:

shiny hair cream

FGI Rising Star Finalist 2020:

GlossWire Virtual Global Pitch Finalist 2021:



MASAMI believes everyone deserves healthy hair, and their mission is to provide toxin-free solutions: parabens, sulfates, and phthalates free, the best sustainable shampoo for all hair types. Their products are derived from the hydrating ocean botanical, Mekabu, and they are committed to sustainable hair care practices. Thanks for learning more about MASAMI – we hope you'll join this journey to healthy, beautiful hair!

Choose Masami at Clear Givings Market for sustainable, luxurious hair products and moisturizers for hair.

Sustainability practices are our forte. When you purchase MASAMI, you're not only getting eco-friendly and sustainable ultra clean products, but you're also supporting ethical employment connections. MASAMI offers great gifts to inspire you and your significant other. You should treat yourself now, check out MASAMI at Clear Givings Market! We love MASAMI because they are a sustainable, luxury shampoo brand making a difference in our hair and throughout the world!

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!