Hair serum: Healthy, shiny hair is just a drop away

Revel in the luxurious splendor of Masami sustainably-made hair serum, a product imbued with the power to transform your tresses into your most captivating accessory. Each application infuses your locks with vitality and gloss, crafting a radiance so enchanting that it effortlessly turns heads and invites admiration. Reapply the hair serum, and as the resplendent glow of your hair unfolds, let the world pause to marvel. Your hair isn't just a feature anymore, it's a statement – an irresistible symphony of health and beauty that leaves a trail of awe in its wake.

Hair Serum

High end: The gold standard of hair care

Masami shines as a beacon in the world of hair care, a brand that seamlessly merges nature's bounty with beauty. Deeply anchored in the ancient wisdom of Japanese botanicals, Masami weaves the hydrating magic of Mekabu into their products, crafting an ode to lustrous, vivacious hair. 

Hair Care

Steadfast in their commitment to clean beauty, their creations are a sanctuary from sulfates, phthalates, and parabens - pure, potent, and free from harm. Beyond merely providing products, Masami exudes a deep reverence for the Earth, championing sustainability through responsible sourcing and manufacturing. Truly, Masami isn't just a brand, it's a testament to clean beauty that cares - for you, and for the planet.

Best hydrating shampoo: Revive, restore, rejoice

Dive headfirst into a cascade of rejuvenation with Masami best hydrating shampoo, an oasis crafted sustainably for your parched locks. As you indulge in a second lathering of this hydrating shampoo, watch your hair bloom from barren to bountiful, its every strand singing a melodious symphony of vibrant life and lustrous beauty.

Hydrating Shampoo

Curly hair conditioner: Your curls' personal stylist

Immerse your spirals in the loving embrace of Masami curly hair conditioner, an elixir imbued with the hydrating essence of Mekabu, a treasured gift from the sea. As you apply a second dose of this curly hair conditioner, watch as each curl unfurls like a blossoming flower, radiant with life and beauty, dancing in an enchanting symphony of healthy, vibrant tresses.

Hydrating Conditioner

Styling cream: Your passport to hair couture

Unleash the magic of our styling cream, a formulation imbued with the nourishing essence of Mekabu, designed to sculpt your hair's narrative in the most stunning way. As you apply a second dollop of this enchanting styling cream, watch your hair transform from mundane to magnificent, each strand dancing to the rhythm of style, health, and unparalleled beauty.

Hydrating Styling Cream

Travel size shampoo and conditioner: Packing light, shining bright

Immerse your hair in the grandeur of Masami travel size shampoo and conditioner, compact wonders infused with the lushness of Mekabu. As you reintroduce your tresses to this potent travel size shampoo and conditioner, each strand embarks on a rejuvenating journey, transcending borders to flaunt a radiant dance of health, beauty, and unfading luster, wherever your travels may take you.

Haircare Travel Kit

Commitment to sustainability

Rooted in oceanic nourishment, MASAMI birthed The MASAMI Institute, devoted to global ocean preservation. Working with Japanese fishermen and coastal conservationists, the institute monitors and bolsters marine botanicals, ensuring MASAMI's ingredients are sustainably sourced. Committed to curbing marine pollution, they also champion refillable packaging to minimize plastic waste.

Revolutionary: Clear Givings Market and Masami

Step into the world of Clear Givings Market and Masami, your sanctuary for sustainable haircare with luxurious, natural ingredients like Mekabu. Our premium shampoo and conditioner are not just a testament to ocean-friendly beauty, but a commitment to refillable haircare packaging and nurturing our Earth. Welcome to a radiant future of lustrous, healthy hair that aligns seamlessly with protecting the Earth's enchanting beauty.

Elevate your haircare routine with Masami. Buy now from Clear Givings Market and indulge in luxurious, sustainable beauty for your locks.

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