Pijamas: embodying relaxation and tranquility at home.

Discover the cradle of comfort with our luxurious pijamas, ethically designed and tranquility personified. Experience pure Peruvian luxury with Leena & Lu pijamas, where elegance is woven with a conscience for a sleepwear experience that's truly sublime.

Long Sleeve Loungewear Set

Sleeper pajamas: Luxury lounging

Step into a cocoon of comfort with our sleeper pajamas, a tranquil embrace of ethical elegance and luxury lounging. With Leena & Lu, experience the touch of Peruvian perfection in our sleeper pajamas, where sustainable sleepwear meets soulful comfort.

Pima Sleeveless Pajama Set

Black cardigan: Cozy sophistication

Unveil understated elegance with our black cardigan, the epitome of versatile chic and cozy sophistication. With Leena & Lu, envelop yourself in the timeless style of our black cardigan, where comfort's couture meets everyday luxury.

Black Cardigan

Jogger set: Athleisure perfection

Experience athleisure perfection with our jogger set, where cozy chic meets effortless comfort. Leena & Lu presents a jogger set that embody sporty style, offering a touch of their signature elegance for your active lifestyle and fashionable lounging experience.


Sleep robe: Elegance embraced

Wrap yourself in the cozy couture of our sleep robe, an embodiment of elegance embraced and dreamy decadence. Experience the soothing sophistication of a Leena & Lu sleep robe, where luxury's lullaby harmonizes with your dreams.

Sleep Robe

Shirt and short set: Summertime bliss

Experience casual coolness with our shirt and short set, where playful comfort meets effortless style. Leena & Lu presents a shirt and short set that embodies relaxed elegance, offering a touch of their signature style for your summertime bliss and fashionable lounging experience.


Sexy pajamas for women: Nighttime glamour

Unleash allure in comfort with our sexy pajamas for women, an ensemble of seductive softness and nighttime glamour. With Leena & Lu, step into the elegant enticement of our sexy pajamas for women, where chic charm meets the starlit dreams.


Lingerie pajamas: Sensual comfort

Discover sensual comfort with our lingerie pajamas, a weave of delicate dreams and alluring nights. With Leena & Lu, envelop yourself in the elegant whispers of our lingerie pajamas, where intimate luxury meets the moonlit silence.

Casual red dress: Effortless style

Step out in bold comfort with our casual red dress, a fusion of casual chic and vibrant ease. Let Leena & Lu elevate your wardrobe with our casual red dress, where fiery simplicity meets effortless style in an unforgettable fashion statement.

The Pima Long Dress

Long t-shirt dress: Leisurely allure.

Embrace leisurely elegance with our long t-shirt dress, a fusion of chic comfort and stylish simplicity. Step into a Leena & Lu long t-shirt dress and experience casual charm in its most effortless allure, where comfort meets style in perfect harmony.


Black t-shirt dress: Timeless comfort

Revel in minimalist chic with our black t-shirt dress, a celebration of versatile elegance and simple sophistication. With Leena & Lu, discover the timeless comfort of our black t-shirt dress, where effortless style meets everyday luxury.


T-shirt dress: Casual sophistication

Immerse yourself in casual sophistication with our t-shirt dress, a blend of effortless elegance and chic comfort. With Leena & Lu, step into the stylish simplicity of our t-shirt dress, where versatile charm meets your everyday fashion desires.


100 cotton womens pajamas: Natural luxury.

Bask in pure comfort with our 100 cotton womens pajamas, a testament to soft sophistication and breathable elegance. Leena & Lu invite you to indulge in the natural luxury of our 100 cotton womens pajamas, where gentle dreams meet sublime comfort.

Pima Tank short Pajama Set

Lounge pajamas: Tranquil dreams

Experience cozy elegance with our lounge pajamas, where relaxed sophistication embraces comfort's caress. Indulge in the tranquil dreams of Leena & Lu's lounge pajamas, as casual luxury becomes a part of your everyday lounging experience.

Loungewear Set

Pajama dress: Nighttime allure.

Experience dreamy comfort with our pajama dress, a perfect blend of sleepwear chic and effortless elegance. Step into the cozy sophistication of a Leena & Lu pajama dress, where nighttime allure meets luxurious comfort in style.

Pajama Set

Cute pajama pants: Stylish relaxation

Indulge in playful comfort with our cute pajama pants, where cozy cuteness intertwines with stylish relaxation. Leena & Lu presents adorable loungewear in the form of cute pajama pants, offering sweet dreams and fashion-forward charm for your ultimate comfort. 

pajama pants

Cotton sleepwear for women: Breathable bliss

Experience breathable bliss with our cotton sleepwear for women, where natural serenity meets comfort redefined. Leena & Lu brings you sotton sleepwear for women that embodies cozy elegance, offering a delightful combination of style and relaxation for your ultimate lounging experience.

sleepwear for women

Cotton robes: Ultimate relaxation

Wrap yourself in cozy indulgence with our cotton robes, providing a luxurious comfort that feels like a soothing embrace. Leena & Lu presents cotton robes that embody everyday luxury, offering the ultimate relaxation experience with a touch of their signature style.


Cotton night gown: Sublime softness

Experience ethereal enchantment with our cotton night gown, where sublime softness meets seductive serenade. Leena & Lu presents you a cotton night gown that embodies timeless allure, offering celestial comfort and an elegant touch to your nighttime routine.

Night Gown

Loungewear: Luxurious relaxation

Experience blissful indulgence with our loungewear, where fashion-forward comfort meets effortless sophistication. Leena & Lu presents you loungewear that embodies cozy couture, offering luxurious relaxation and a touch of their signature style for your ultimate lounging experience.

Loungewear Set

Loungewear sets: Luxurious leisure

Experience coordinated comfort with our loungewear sets, where effortless style meets elevated relaxation. Leena & Lu presents a collection of loungewear sets that embody chic coordination, offering luxurious leisure and a touch of their signature style for your ultimate lounging experience.

Womens sleepwear: Cozy bliss

Experience dreamy elegance with our womens sleepwear, where cozy bliss meets nighttime luxury. Leena & Lu presents you a collection of womens sleepwear that embodies tranquil serenity, offering stylish slumber and a touch of their signature style for your ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Womens sleepwear

Poplin set: Refined elegance

Indulge in effortless sophistication with our poplin set, where timeless charm meets chic comfort. Leena & Lu presents a poplin set that embodies refined elegance, offering a touch of their signature style for your elevated loungewear experience.


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Leena & Lu offers modern, comfortable pieces that gracefully transition from sleep to loungewear, embracing the moments of relaxation and tranquility at home​​. Their best-selling sleepwear and loungewear range is not just about style and comfort but also a commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility.

Priding themselves on sustainability, their products are crafted from 100% authentic Peruvian Pima cotton, embodying their mission to create goods that benefit both people and the planet​. Experience the softness, enjoy the comfort, and join Leena & Lu in making a difference.

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