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What is recycled brass jewelry?

Recycled brass jewelry is made from recycled brass materials. The most common type of recycled brass jewelry is necklaces, bracelets and rings. Brass is a popular material for making jewelry because it is strong and durable. Brass can also be polished to a high shine, which makes it very popular for making fashion jewelry.

Is brass good for jewelry?

Brass is often made of a combination of zinc and copper, which can tarnish when exposed to air, moisture, and skin oils. However, this can be prevented by cleaning and caring for your jewelry properly. By regularly polishing your brass pieces with a soft cloth or polishing cream, you can keep them looking shiny and new for longer periods of time. Additionally, if the piece is plated or coated with another metal such as silver or gold, then it will not tarnish as quickly as pure brass would. With proper care and maintenance, brass jewelry can last for many years while still looking beautiful!

Is brass jewelry worth anything?

Brass jewelry is definitely worth something. Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc and has been used for thousands of years due to its durability and aesthetic qualities. It also offers a variety of finishes, including matte, polished, reflective, and antique which adds to its value as a material. Additionally, custom-designed pieces can be highly personalized with engravings or other special features that add sentimental value to the piece. Therefore brass jewelry can be an excellent investment if you find the right piece that suits your taste and budget.

Is brass jewelry safe for the skin?

Yes, brass jewelry is safe for your skin.

Does what we wear tell a story about who we are and what is important to us?

In my perception, who and what we prioritize is clear in our everyday life and in our choices.

Family, health, and sustainability are very important to me.

Are you someone who considers your health, family, and the future of the earth of importance?

Are you compassionate to your fellow individuals in your community and around the globe?

Do you find yourself having an inner dialogue on how you can better yourself and be of service?

Are you conscientious about what you are putting on or in your body or your family’s health and well-being?

Are you a part of the positive change in the world, but don’t feel the need to shout it from the rooftop?

And, do you know how valuable you are just for simply existing? And now you are worthy of what you want and ask for?

Are you making conscious choices to experience a balanced life?

Is integrity paramount?

Do you appreciate sophisticated and unique things in life? And, don’t just follow the mass trends?


If you’ve answered yes to any or most of these questions, you are at the right place.

We are in alignment! I love to design timeless jewelry that is also made ethically and sustainably, here in the US, by women for women. I have worked hand-in-hand with a woman-owned manufacturer in Los Angeles for over 15 years. I must admit, I have looked elsewhere. I found several manufacturers in India that claimed they also made sustainable jewelry. However, the quality never compared to Silva’s, my LA co-designer and manufacturer.

sustainable life

Who is Laura Elizabeth?

Laura Elizabeth jewelry is more than just a brand; it is an extension of the owner. Before starting Laura Elizabeth's jewelry, she worked as a nanny, caring for young children, and would often take the kids out into nature. One of their regular activities was comparing various plants; their appearance, their smell, and their texture. This was eye-opening and inspiring both for the children and for Laura Elizabeth. She wanted to capture their child-like wonder with the world and set out to create a line of nature-inspired jewelry that is both sustainable and durable enough to be worn around kids.

One day, while on a run enjoying the incredible nature of Southern California, she spotted a Dusty Miller plant. It surprised her how many times she had walked past this plant without seeing its unique beauty. She surrendered to my own childlike wonderment in that moment and was inspired to design her first cuff. To this day, with each piece of jewelry she makes, she draws from her experiences inspired by nature. Laura loves hikes, walks on the beach, and traveling. Moments like these, ones that artists often refer to as divinely inspired moments were what inspired her to create Laura Elizabeth.



- Rumi

Sustainably Made in the US

Laura Elizabeth buys metal from recycling plants in Los Angeles. She does not use any acid or chemicals to wash, clean, or polish any Laura Elizabeth jewelry. In fact, Laura Elizabeth uses household products! Many other manufacturers use cyanide and other chemicals that hurt the workers who are making the jewelry you enjoy. LA uses no hazardous chemicals from A-Z.

What makes Laura Elizabeth Brass Jewelry Different

All of Laura Elizabeth's Jewelry is made with recycled brass. 

They use a special oven with a hood that traps toxins and air pollutants, which protects their workers and the environment!

Laura Elizabeth casts her brass rings, cuffs, pendants, and earrings in a building that disposes of the waste sustainably, leaving less of a carbon footprint. Laura Elizabeth uses a woman-owned business called Kegulian. 

- All chains, clasps, wire, etc, are sourced from manufacturers in the US (with the exception of the lobster clasp from Italy).

-Laura Elizabeth's jewelry is also vegan.

- The factory Laura Elizabeth uses to cast all our jewelry is in downtown Los Angeles. She ensures that the workers in the studio/factory are paid above minimum wage.

- All paper products are printed locally at 6th Street Printing and in-house on recycled paper. This includes shipping labels, notes/inserts, and wholesale display cards. They are printed on uncoated paper to make it easier to recycle.

- All shipping and packaging are recycled and/or recyclable. Padded envelopeseco-friendly shipping labels, GreenWrap (eco-friendly "bubble wrap"), and cello and kraft tape are all sourced from EcoEnclose.

- Laura Elizabeth's bag (that your jewelry arrives in) is made of 100% organic cotton.

How Does Laura Elizabeth Use Brass in Jewelry?

Laura Elizabeth uses the "lost wax metal casting" process.

They create molds in their designs, such as a starfish or leaf, and then they put wax into the impression and make it into a wearable ring, cuff, or pendant.

This is the “master” that is used in production.

Once they are ready for production, they make a "tree" (with plaster).

This tree goes into the oven at 1300 degrees!

The wax is melted at this heat, but because it’s filled with plaster – the plaster stays. Then, they pour metal into the plaster. 

Generally, manufacturers dump the plaster in the water and, therefore, the sewer. However, the building they use has a special sewer that is collected by the management and dumped properly –so it’s not dumped anywhere that affects the ecosystem.



What is Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry?

This video shows my process of how jewelry is made. We take particular precautions to ensure that both people working on your brass for jewelry as well as the environment are respected.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle brass gold jewelry brass hoop earrings recycled necklace large brass earrings brass statement earrings recycled gold necklace is brass sustainable


100% recycled content, 20% post-consumer waste made with macerated newsprint

Fully recyclable with mixed paper

Made in the USA

 EcoEnclose is the supplier of these mailers

100% Organic Cotton Biodegradable Bag

These biodegradable bags are from Etsy. When Laura Elizabeth first started, she sourced these from Alibaba. However, it is her intention to support smaller, ethical, and sustainable businesses. The bags are made in Jackson, New Jersey, and flown to Austin, Texas. The US has laws and regulations supporting ethical practices, and staying local leaves a smaller carbon footprint. The bags are flown from New Jersey to Laura Elizabeth in Austin, Texas. This is much closer than producing them overseas and shipping them further.

Anti-Tarnish Bags sterling silver bracelet hoop earrings brass rust patina custom brass earring rash pricing

Your Laura Elizabeth jewelry will arrive inside one of these anti-tarnish bags. The bags prevent jewelry from tarnishing for up to three years. And they are an Austin-based company called Intercept Technologies. The anti-tarnish bag is a 4 on the recycling ratings. We suggest you hold on to the bag and keep your jewelry in it when you are not enjoying your Laura Elizabeth jewelry.

Furthermore, keep your necklace inside the bag and just the clasp outside the Ziploc. This separates the chain and prevents tangling!

Your anti-tarnish bag comes with a gentle reminder to keep the bag and use it to prevent tarnishing for up to three years. Be sure to push all air out of the bag before zip-locking it.

Have questions? Please reach out with any questions to We are all in this together. And together, we are making a positive impact on our earth.

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