Layered necklaces: Your rainbow of style

Layered Necklace

There's a story behind every piece of jewelry we wear, a reflection of our individual style and personality. The layered necklaces by Laura Elizabeth are no exception. Each necklace is a testament to your unique persona, an echo of your vibrancy, and a celebration of your individuality.

Slipping on Laura Elizabeth's layered necklaces isn't merely a fashion choice; it's a proclamation. It tells the world, "I am strong. I am stylish. I am timeless." With its intricate detail and timeless design, each necklace is a beacon that illuminates your vibrant personality in the best possible light.

Imagine feeling confident and graceful when wearing Laura Elizabeth layered necklaces. It’s a show off moment—a feeling of unparalleled strength, poise, and timeless elegance. And with Clear Givings Market, Laura Elizabeth's womens layered necklaces are just a click away.

Now is the time to let your personality shine. Let's celebrate you.

Brass Jewelry: a journey through Laura Elizabeth's timeless elegance

In the vast universe of fashion, few things can capture our hearts as effectively as brass jewelry. Its blend of enduring charm and detailed craftsmanship makes it an essential choice for the discerning shopper. That's where Laura Elizabeth emerges as a beacon, offering a distinct selection of exquisite brass jewelry for women, emphasizing high quality and sustainable pieces for your jewelry box. Among the many stars in our sky, one brand shines brightly: Laura Elizabeth.

Brass Jewelry

Unique rings: Redefine the art of self-expression

Experience the magic of our unique rings, meticulously crafted to capture your unique essence and ignite a sense of wonder and admiration wherever you go. Elevate your jewelry collection with our unique rings, each one telling a captivating story and serving as a beautiful reminder that true beauty lies in embracing what sets you apart.


Bangle bracelets: timeless beauty in your hands

Laura Elizabeth's bangle bracelets are a testament to enduring charm, with designs that are as recognizable as they are long-lasting. These bracelets aren't just accessories; they're statements—of style, conscious consumption, and our beautiful lives. They're more than just bangle bracelets for women; they're part of the luxe jewelry crafted with 100 percent pure love.


Dangle earrings - brass rings: a celebration of sustainable elegance

Indulge in the allure of our dangle earring, where extraordinary designs and exceptional craftsmanship converge to create wearable art that speaks volumes about your individuality and personal style.

Dangle Earrings

Laura Elizabeth's dangle earrings and brass rings are more than just luxe jewelry; they're a celebration of life and sustainability. Each piece, cast from 100% recycled brass and sterling silver, reflects an awakened spirit and a deep commitment to ethical sourcing. Bring out your inner sparkle with our exquisite dangle earrings, designed to complement the glowing aura of our brass rings.

Brass Rings

Pendants for chains: A Symphony of elegance

Discover the charm of our enchanting pendants for chains. Each pendant is a hidden treasure, a tiny world of intricate design waiting to be explored. Whether paired with a sleek silver chain or an extravagant gold one, these pendants add a shimmering story to your ensemble. Why wait? Delve into our collection of pendants for chains and let these artful pieces bring your style narrative to life in vibrant hues and sparkling detail.

Pendants for chain

Handcrafted: why you should treat yourself now

Laura Elizabeth's handcrafted designs are indeed treasures. Each piece is a work of love, handcrafted in small batches, preventing extra waste and ensuring the highest high quality. So, why wait? It's time to treat yourself now to these unique, sustainable pieces.

Laura Elizabeth: the inspiration behind the design

Laura Elizabeth’s brass jewelry is a seamless blend of sustainable elegance. Her designs, deeply grounded in nature, serve as both a celebration of life and an embodiment of easy spirit. Paired with her unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability, her collection perfectly fits Clear Givings Market.

Gifts to inspire: women empowerment through jewelry

Laura Elizabeth’s pieces are more than just luxe jewelry; they're gifts to inspire. Each piece is a symbol of women empowerment, a testament to sustainability, and a celebration of the beauty of nature. By choosing Clear Givings Market, you're not just buying jewelry; you're supporting a movement of conscious customers who are making eco-choices and changing the world.

Jewelry Gift

Brass rings: The golden touch to your ensemble

Set the world ablaze with our radiant brass rings. Each piece is a sunbeam caught in metal, a golden fire you can wear that infuses every gesture with warmth and vitality. Whether you're basking in the limelight at a gala or igniting sparks of style in your daily routine, these brass rings are your beacon of chic elegance. Treat yourself and ignite your style today.  Let our brass rings transform your every moment into a vibrant celebration of life.

Brass Rings

An eco-conscious process: Creating Laura Elizabeth's classy style

Peek behind the curtain of Laura Elizabeth's design process, and you'll find an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Each cuff, ring, pendant, and earring is cast in a building that disposes of waste sustainably, significantly reducing carbon footprint. Further illustrating her dedication, all chains, clasps, wires, and other jewelry components are sourced from manufacturers within the US—with the singular exception of the lobster clasp from Italy.

Laura Elizabeth’s approach to production is also distinctly green. By opting for "small batch" production, she minimizes waste and ensures every piece of brass jewelry created is not a byproduct of mass production, but a labor of love.

Packaging with a purpose: A greener unboxing experience

Even the unboxing experience of a Laura Elizabeth product reflects her eco-conscious ethos. All shipping and packaging materials are recycled and/or recyclable, from the boxes to the bubble wrap.

The Laura Elizabeth bag that your jewelry arrives in is made of 100% organic cotton—a testament to her commitment to sustainability. So, when you purchase Laura Elizabeth’s brass jewelry online from Clear Givings Market, you're not just investing in timeless jewelry; you're investing in a greener future. Each piece of jewelry is a fashion statement and a commitment to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing. Choose style, choose sustainability, choose Laura Elizabeth.

Purchase with a purpose: join the movement

Cleargivings Market

When you choose Clear Givings Market, you're choosing more than just a shopping destination. You're choosing to be part of a revolution—an eco-consciousness revolution. Each Laura Elizabeth collection purchase supports caring communities, empowering communities, and ethical products.

In conclusion, Clear Givings Market isn't just a marketplace; it's a platform for change. We believe in the power of conscious consumerism, where every purchase has the power to make a difference. Each piece of Laura Elizabeth's brass jewelry adds a touch of timeless elegance to your life and contributes to a sustainable future.

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market 

By choosing Clear Givings Market, you're supporting a business that values quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. But more than that, you're embracing a lifestyle of conscious choices that contribute to a better world.

We believe in the beauty of giving, and we believe in the power of ethical products. And that's why we've chosen to feature Laura Elizabeth's collection—a brand that shares our commitment to high quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.

So, take a moment to browse our collection of Laura Elizabeth's brass jewelry for women. Discover the enjoyment of owning a piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful but also has a positive impact on the world. Embrace the key benefits of conscious consumerism, and let's change the world together.

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry


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