Which type of mattress is best for the floor?

When it comes to finding the best mattress for the floor, a variety of options are available. Memory foam mattresses are often considered the best choice due to their ability to relieve therapeutic pressure and retain shape over time. In addition, healthy choice mattresses can be rollable and foldable, thinner and more portable, making them great for guests, camping, or napping. Traditional mattresses can be placed directly on the ground for those looking to save money. Additionally, mattresses firm are often comparable to memory foam mattresses, providing comfort and portability. To find the best floor mattress for your needs, consider factors such as what you will use it for, the type of mattress that best fits your needs, such as the best mattresses for back pain, and the features that best suit your lifestyle. By researching the market and weighing your options, you can confidently make an informed decision and purchase the best floor mattress for your space.

This also depends on personal preference. For example, some prefer softer, comfy mattresses, while others prefer healthy choice organic mattresses. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of healthy mattress works best for them.

What do you put under a floor mattress?

To ensure a better grip and some insulation, you can put a rug or a piece of cardboard under your floor mattress. Additionally, using a bunkie board can provide improved airflow. Another option is a box spring, which can provide breathability and loft. If you want something more minimal and affordable, plywood, cardboard, or a tarp can help keep the bottom of your mattress clean and protect it from moisture buildup. Finally, a foam or mattress pad can also help insulate the mattress from the cold floor.:

A floor mattress is a type of mattress that can be placed on the floor. It is usually made from memory foam or natural latex and may have a cover. Some people use them as temporary mattresses, while others use them as permanent beds.

Is it OK to have the mattress on the floor?

A mattress on the floor is perfectly acceptable as long as you know the potential drawbacks. While the floor provides a flat and firm support system for your king size mattresses, there are a few things to consider. For example, most queen size mattresses require a supportive base for the warranty to remain valid, and sleeping on the floor can reduce the airflow to the full size mattress, leading to potential mold and material damage. Additionally, the twin mattress may be more susceptible to bed bugs and dust mites, which can trigger allergies and asthma. Despite these potential drawbacks, sleeping on the floor is often cheaper, cooler in temperature, and convenient, making it a viable option for some people.

How comfortable are floor mattresses?

Floor mattresses provide a range of benefits and are a comfortable choice for those looking for an affordable alternative to traditional mattresses. Floor mattresses are portable, budget-friendly, and easily stored in a closet or rolled up and taken with you on the go.

When choosing a floor mattress, there are a few factors to consider. Weight and size determine how portable a floor mattress is; however, a more portable mattress is often less comfortable than a larger, heavier mattress. It is also essential to consider the construction of the mattress and its ability to provide comfort; memory foam mattresses are generally more comfortable than foam mattresses, and some models come with a soft foam layer for added cushioning.

That said, floor mattresses can't provide the same level of comfort as regular mattresses, as they are designed for temporary use. However, with a top-quality floor mattress, you can expect a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Additionally, many companies offer trial periods of up to 365 days, so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

Overall, floor mattresses are affordable and comfortable for those looking to save money on a new mattress without sacrificing quality.

Is a floor mattress a healthy option?

While sleeping on the floor might seem like a convenient and cost-effective solution, it may not be the best for your health in the long run. Problems like dust mites, mold growth, and allergens can all be exacerbated when sleeping on the floor, and the lack of cushioning can lead to sore muscles and stiff joints. Additionally, some mattress brands don't offer a trial period or warranty for floor mattresses.

However, JUST SLEEP Organic is a giant step in innovation above the competition. Unlike other less expensive cheap models with inferior latex and with exquisite attention to detail, JUST SLEEP Organic is a masterpiece in hybrid design; with the highest quality natural breathable GOTS certified organic cotton topper, two layers of variable density natural high-grade latex for pressure relief and weightless feel and a technically advance dynamic edge base created by hundreds of patented individually wrapped independent coils for luxurious comfort and support. In addition, the JUST SLEEP Organic comes in medium firmness. It is designed for the person looking for a sustainable, organic, renewable, antimicrobial, dust-mite-resistant, and hypoallergenic mattress with all the essential ingredients of the perfect bed. Dr. Hall is committed and proud to offer you an organic choice for better sleep and health.

Which type of mattresses is best for floors?

Consider the Just Sleep mattress if you’re looking for a great floor mattress that offers comfort and support. It is the ultimate mattress for sleeping on the floor, designed to provide superior pressure relief and support. The floor mattress is made from high-density foam, which makes it highly durable and comfortable. It also has a removable cover, perfect for those who like to use it outdoors. Additionally, the latex in mattresses is designed to be hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Furthermore, the mattress is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for those looking for a great floor mattress. With its cozy feel, outstanding support, and reasonable price, the Just Sleep mattress is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a high quality floor mattress.

Are the best firm mattresses good for your back?

The best firm mattresses are often recommended for people with chronic back pain, as they can help reduce pressure points that cause discomfort. Just Sleep mattresses are an excellent choice for those looking for a firm mattress with superior support. The mattress firm is designed to provide optimal comfort and support while offering excellent air circulation that helps keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. With a dual-sided cover that helps keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, it provides excellent temperature regulation. It also features a lightweight and thin design that helps reduce muscle strain during sleep, making it a perfect choice for those suffering from back pain. With a breathable cotton cover, it is also anti-bacterial, making it ideal for guests and households. Thanks to its firmness and quality construction, the Just Sleep mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking a firm mattress that provides superior comfort and support.

Do doctors recommend firm mattresses?

Doctors often recommend firm mattresses to help reduce pain and discomfort associated with chronic low-back pain, as demonstrated by a 2003 study published in The Lancet. The study found that those who slept on a mattresses firm experienced significant decreases in pain intensity and disability compared to those who slept on a softer mattress. The firm mattresses also provided superior support, allowing the spine to remain neutral during sleep. However, it is essential to note that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution; those who sleep on their side may benefit more from a medium mattress, which provides more cushioning and pressure relief. Therefore, it is always best to consult a doctor to determine the best mattress for your needs.

Where can I get the best firm floor mattresses?

The best firm floor mattresses are available online at Clear Givings Market / JUST SLEEP.

What is an eco-friendly mattress?

An eco-friendly mattress is a mattress that does not have harmful effects on the environment. To be considered eco-friendly, a mattress should meet certain certifications and regulations that ensure it does not contain any substances that are harmful to human health or have high levels of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. It should also use natural, organic materials and fibers instead of non-organic ones, which may have been grown using pesticides that are toxic to the environment. Additionally, investing in a longer-lasting mattress that uses durable materials such as natural latex may help minimize waste since over 50,000 foundation mattresses are discarded daily in the United States, according to the Mattress Recycling Council. Furthermore, companies should also be socially responsible by supporting charities or giving back to their communities if they want consumers to view them as eco-friendly options when buying new therapeutic mattresses.

What's the most environmentally friendly mattress and the best non-toxic mattress in 2023?

When comparing eco-friendly mattresses, it is essential to consider the materials used, certifications, and supply chain/labor practices of each brand. Organic cotton, wool, and natural latex are some of the best materials for purchasing sustainable mattresses. Also, brands must have fair working conditions and provide extended product warranties. For example, the most environmentally friendly mattress is JUST SLEEP on Clear Givings Market, which offers organic cotton, wool layers, and natural latex as its primary material; has certifications from GOTS, USDA Certified Organic, AAFA-certified, OCS100, Fair Trade, Woolmark, or Rainforest Alliance Certified; ensures good working conditions for its employees; offers extended warranties on its products; and donates recycled latex mattresses and plants trees for each purchase made by customers.

What mattresses have no chemicals? Facts about mattresses.

Most mattresses contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, TCEP (a flame retardant), and phthalates. However, environmentally-friendly mattresses at Clear Givings Market / JUST SLEEP are made from natural materials such as wool, latex in mattresses, and cotton without these harmful chemicals. Additionally, these eco-friendly mattresses are fully certified and free from all synthetic chemicals used during manufacturing. Finally, they are the best sustainable mattresses made from natural materials that reduce ecotoxicity without the high price tag of being fully organic.


After much research and testing, Dr. Hall delivers three sleep inspire champions JUST SLEEP therapeutic mattresses designs with optimum comfort, support, and state-of-the-art bilayer-encased coil technology**. These are mattresses best for back pain and are different but share one commonality, above and beyond EXCELLENCE in mattress design. JUST SLEEP mattresses combine layer upon layer of synergistic foams and certified organic wool, transitioning the perfect ultra-comfortable support with a luxurious topper, which seamlessly cradles your body with silk-like elegance and comfort*. The highly breathable Tencel topper is hand-tufted, durable, antimicrobial, and dust-mite resistant. This design inspire Farm to Home Certified Organic plushness perfectly fits intelligently supportive hand-crafted comfort.

*The Tencel topper is included with every Ultimate and Premium mattress. **The Bilayer Coil system is included with every Ultimate and Premium mattress.  

The best organic, non-toxic mattress floor mat types at JUST SLEEP

JUST SLEEP Ultimate Firmness Level Options

  1. Plush, Medium, or Firm

JUST SLEEP Premium Comfort Levels

  1. Medium
  2. Firm

JUST SLEEP Organic Comfort Levels

  1.  Medium


Nice Bonus No Other Mattress Companies can provide: Purchasing a JUST SLEEP mattress entitles you to a free 10-minute consultation with sleep expert Dr. Hall. You can email us at contact@cleargivingsmarket.com to set up your appointment. In addition, you can discuss your choice of mattress, your sleep habits, your questions about improving your sleep, and any other pertinent questions you may have.

In the ULTIMATE and PREMIUM designs, the "built-in topper" is the 3" Tencel masterpiece, a luscious 3” plush, silky, hand-tufted, breathable, elegant, organically derived masterpiece that is luxurious and sustainable. 

The various layers of the Ultimate and Premium mattresses are made from Talalay Latex, the "best of the best" natural latex, which is antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, and Oeko-Tec Certified for no off-gassing of VOCs as well as being non-toxic. In addition, the Talalay latex is 33% more pressure-relieving and 7X more breathable than memory foam. Also, according to the Talalay Global website: Cornell Indentation testing proves (Latex International) Talalay Latex is 20x more durable than leading Memory Foam.

This unique combination of the best topper in the industry and Talalay latex (in the Ultimate and Premium models) for breathable support, permeability, and airflow create the perfect mattress for sleep and temperature control night after night.

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Mattresses can release VOC toxic gasses

Many mattresses are from the old classic memory foam based on unhealthy crude oil. This type of foam produces often produces heat right next to your body and can release toxic VOC off-gasses.

You’ll find no off-gassing or toxic foam chemicals in JUST SLEEP mattresses.

All JUST SLEEP foams are either CertiPUR or Oeko Tech certified.

JUST SLEEP foams have zero harmful metals, gases, or toxic substances.

JUST SLEEP foams exclusively use plant-based foams near your body.

Dr. Hall encourages all consumers to research the adverse effects of traditional memory foam products to help them make informed decisions in the search for the right bedding solution.

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The JUST SLEEP mattress collection is made in America. This means you’re getting first-rate cooling mattresses that have undergone meticulous quality control for that unmatched breathability, support, and comfort.


JUST SLEEP’s exclusive, cutting-edge designs are unlike anything you’ll find among online mattress selections today. So experience the difference— get a JUST-SLEEP mattress today.



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Sleeping on a mattress for back pain is not a luxury; it’s essential for your health.

Too firm a mattress causes pain and misalignment by pushing on your sensitive pressure points. Mattresses soft cause you to spend the whole night sinking into the bed with poor posture, which usually causes back pain. That’s not to mention the numerous consequences of low-quality sleep— stress, hypertension, compromised immune system, unstable moods, memory issues— the list is endless. As a sleep and spine specialist for over 37 years, Dr. Hall knows this all too well. He has treated over 12,000 people for back and neck complaints and has seen first-hand what a poor mattress can do to the body. This inspired him to select three revolutionary mattresses customized for each sleeper, providing flawless temperature regulation, pressure relief, support, and blissful comfort. The result of 37 years of understanding sleep and the spine is his triad of breakthroughs in mattress design. You must experience the JUST SLEEP difference for yourself!



Founder of JUST SLEEP

Dr. Raymond Hall, the renowned DC inventor, author, lecturer, television personality, and sleep expert, has been honored by the International Association of Healthcare Providers as the "TOP CHIROPRACTOR IN CALIFORNIA" for 2015, 2016, and 2017. As a spine specialist for over 37 years, Dr. Hall has treated more than twelve thousand people with neck and back complaints, including many well-known celebrities and professional athletes in golf (PGA), tennis (ATP), soccer, and beach volleyball. In addition, he’s helped pioneer cooperative medicine by combining modern-day wellness and Sports Medicine Chiropractic and fully integrating with the best physicians in Orthopedic Medicine. As a sought-after lecturer in the fields of sports, sleep, and health, Dr. Hall has been on the roster for TED-X Malibu, a guest on over twenty radio shows and almost a dozen television shows such as “The Doctors,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “Great Day Houston.” He was also featured on Fox 11’s nationally syndicated special on “Text Neck.” As an inventor of sleep, health, and wellness products, Dr. Hall has three patents, including PILLO1 Original and PILLO1 Side Sleeper and the ambulatory traction unit, and also has patents pending on several other products. Dr. Hall currently practices at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine in West Los Angeles and lives in Malibu, CA.



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These are absolutely the most luxurious, comfortable, supportive, best mattresses for cooling you’ll ever sleep on…hands down. No air, memory foam, or other cheap materials like other famous name brands. The just sleep ultimate is a mattressborn from the highest quality of materials available, including a luscious 3-4 inch sustainable, organically derived hand-tufted tinsel topper that’s silky, breathable, and antimicrobial. Excellent support is provided with layer upon layer of natural latex and gots certified wool for excellent hot or cold temperature regulation. And finally, JUST SLEEP has a two-layered hybrid base, each with over 1400 (king) individually wrapped coils that relieve pressure and the motion of a sleep partner- all aligned in 3 variable zones for perfect spine support. This one-of-a-kind design creates luxurious support, making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.


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JUST SLEEP’s top-of-the-line mattress! A combination of natural latex and coconut bio foam layers creates the ultimate, eco-friendly mattress design of ultimate comfort and support. Dr. Raymond Hall, a spine and sleep specialist, designed these mattresses to give you a good night’s sleep and take care of your spine and lower back no matter what position you sleep in. 


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“The select” is JUST SLEEP's newest line with revolutionary gel-infused memory foam featuring one of the lowest-priced mattresses online. Dr. Raymond Hall, a spine and sleep specialist, designed sleep mattresses to give you a good night’s sleep and take care of your spine and lower back no matter what position you sleep in. 



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Unlike any other line of mattresses, the JUST SLEEP mattress collection is meticulously matched to provide the best intelligent support and blissful comfort. Founder and owner Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, a spine specialist with 37 years of experience, has one goal To "Improve your Life through Better Sleep." Matching your needs and desires with one of his incredible mattresses is this company's mission. Secondly, JUST SLEEP has three mattress styles to choose from. Two designs (Ultimate and Premium) combine a bilayer patented coil system with the best natural latex and organic wool in the mattress industry. The reviews speak for themselves. And the third line is the best, most unique organic mattress available. All three mattresses come in all standard sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Standard (Eastern) King, and Cal King. But what makes these mattresses unique is the incredible combination of the unique synergistic foam designs and the ultimate quality of artistry.  

 Unlike the competition, who claim one type fits all …

Most other companies have the idea that one mattress is suitable for everyone. Although this simplifies the consumer’s decision, as there is only one choice, it does not make sense. How can one mattress suit everyone, from children to petite women to average height and weight or even heavy individuals? Dr. Hall, a spine and sleep specialist, believes the one type fits all concept is simply the wrong answer, and therefore, he offers you the necessary choice of selecting the right mattress and the right firmness JUST for you. Based on over 37 years of experience as a spine specialist, Dr. Hall offers firmness variations in the Ultimate and Premium selections. Suppose you are looking for a vest mattress with excellent support and maximal comfort for your body; in that case, JUST SLEEP offers an effortless selection with some easy guidelines to help you choose the right mattress. And EVERY mattress you order is Made in the USA! All selections in the JUST SLEEP mattress collection have single or multiple layers of comfort and support; the Talalay Latex is made here in the US. Unlike competitors who admittedly use other types (considered inferior latex), “Talalay" latex has a much more complicated and costly manufacturing process: flash freezes the foam, then heats it to extreme temperatures to create a highly resilient and consistent foam to support your spine.

Furthermore, this premium foam is then rinsed five times to create a "clean," hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and antimicrobial foam that is simply the best health choice in the industry. Although Talalay latex is significantly more expensive in manufacturing for excellent support and comfort than other traditional forms, Dr. Hall has committed to this genuinely premium Talalay foam in his Ultimate, Premium as Organic lines. And albeit more expensive to make, the quality is unmatched, and Dr. Hall feels it is worth every penny to use the best, more durable, eco-friendly foams available. After all, you sleep one-third of your life on your mattress- so making a wise, healthy decision about the bed you sleep on is critical to your optimal health and ultimate happiness. All JUST SLEEP mattresses are made with caring hands with excellent quality control right here in Los Angeles, CA, USA; the premium and organic can be shipped to your front door free of charge anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Additionally, the Ultimate can be delivered anywhere in the Los Angeles area by walk, with Free White Glove Service but cannot be shipped in a box due to its 17" thickness.


Eco-friendly practices are Just Sleep's expertise. When you purchase Just Sleep's bamboo mattresses, you get a high-quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable mattress and support ethical employment connections. You should treat yourself and your significant other now; check out Sleep at Clear Givings Market! We love this brand because they are a sustainable mattress brand that is genuinely making a difference. Each purchase has a positive impact that provides life-changing employment in areas that lack resources.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!