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Is there such a thing as eco-friendly candles?

Yes, there are eco-friendly candles available on the market today. Organic soy wax, coconut wax, and scented beeswax candles are some of the most popular alternatives to conventional paraffin wax candles. These sustainable candles offer a safe and healthy environment while providing delightful scents which you can quickly get at Clear Givings Market / Isle De Nature. However, not all "eco-friendly" candles are genuinely sustainable or non-toxic. Therefore, it is essential to research before purchasing any candle to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals or lead in its wicks.

Yes, there are eco-friendly candles! These types of candles are made with sustainable materials and often use recycled wax. They also tend to be made without any synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals.

How can candles be more sustainable?

1. When buying candles, look for ones that come in reusable jars instead of plastic or metal tea lights.

2. Clean out leftover wax from your jar after using it, and you can reuse it as a decoration or refill it with organic soy wax for later use.

3. For a more sustainable option, craft your unique candles using ceramic plant pots or vintage china tea cups as housing—make sure they're reusable!

4. Choose organic and natural ingredients when possible (beeswax is an excellent option if responsibly sourced) and vegan and cruelty-free products whenever possible (soy wax and coconut oil are also vegan-friendly).

5. Make sure the candle packaging is sustainable by looking out for zero waste options or recyclable materials at the very least; avoid petroleum-based paraffin candles, which emit toxic chemicals during burning

What is the most eco-friendly candle wick?

The most eco-friendly candle wicks are made from natural materials such as cotton, paper, and wood. These wicks are safer and can be sourced from sustainable forests. However, some wicks contain lead which can release unhealthy toxins when burned. It is essential to check if the wick contains lead by rubbing it on a white piece of paper; if it leaves a greyish pencil-like mark, it is unsafe to use. Additionally, coconut wax, beeswax, organic soy wax, and flameless candles are the most eco-friendly. At Isle De Nature, they use sustainable wicks.


Where Can I get Sustainable candles?

There are many places where you can get sustainable candles. The Best Place to get is Isle De Nature.

The story of Isle De Nature, a luxury candles company

Isle de Nature was born out of recognizing that unspoiled nature is a luxury today. Tropical climate change catastrophes (like hurricane Maria in 2017) have ravaged our most fragile islands of nature, putting them at risk. And the bee population, which we all depend on for survival, has been decimated. Isle De Nature believes there’s a better way. That nature and luxury can live harmoniously. That scent shouldn’t be toxic. That when humans take from nature, they should replenish. And that we can not only support the bees but rebuild. Isle De Nature's candles are made to be as sustainable and non-toxic as possible. They are a blend of beeswax and soy, made to burn cleaner and smell amazing -- a scent that will transport you back to nature island. Their signature fragrance is from Dominica, called Pagua Bay, and is inspired by the bay leaves that are indigenous to the island. The intoxicating scent of this remote island oasis comes to life in their candles, room spray, and scent coin while supporting the honeybees that make it all possible.   This is the spirit captured in the balanced perfection of Isle de Nature’s home fragrance line.

Photo of woman in pool at pagua bay house in Dominica



Nature is a luxury that should never be taken for granted. Isle de Nature captures the exquisite indigenous scents of remote island paradises and nurtures those havens by supporting the local bee populations to help reinforce and rebuild their ecosystems.

The challenge for Isle De Nature as a sustainable Candle Brand

Most scented candles sold today are unhealthy -- they emit toxic pollutants like benzene, toluene, and alkenes into the air (and your home). Paraffin, the most commonly used wax, is a by-product of petroleum or kerosene. Paraffin is typically mixed with other toxic materials, such as artificial colors and synthetic fragrances, to make it aesthetically appealing. Burning an aromatherapy candle in a room is the equivalent of smoking a cigar (per Kapalo, Voznyak, and Adamski's study in 2019)

In contrast, beeswax is a unique and superior wax. It is truly nature’s wax as it is much less toxic -- studies show that beeswax releases significantly less formaldehyde and naphthalene (soot), fewer dioxins, and fewer polychlorinated dibenzofurans (known teratogens, mutagens, and suspected carcinogens) than paraffin in the air. In addition, beeswax does not require caustic materials to clean it during manufacturing; plain water is used to remove impurities. And beeswax burns slowly, making it ideal for a lasting home fragrance experience.

As the bee population becomes compromised and deteriorates due to global warming, beeswax becomes harder and harder. Beeswax production in a hive is 7x less than honey and can only be harvested from limited sources to ensure the bees can sustain their environment.

At Isle de Nature, supporting the bees is their mission.

Isle De Nature's sustainability mission as an eco brand:

"We believe that when we take from the earth, we need to replenish it. Therefore, it is our business responsibility not to leave a negative impact on the environment.

We are committed to improving our sustainability practices and finding ways to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. This means not only nurturing the bees but also protecting them."

That’s why Isle De Nature has begun building their hives in locations where nature is abundant. They now have hives in Dominica and The Berkshires (western Massachusetts) and continue to expand operations.

Are candles bad for the environment?

Not with Isle De Nature for the reasons stated below.

Isle De Nature also commits to the following:

  1. Ensuring their products are as environmentally friendly as possible (the materials, the production, the supply chain).
  2. Looking for sustainable packaging solutions.
  3. Recycling as much waste material as possible.
  4. Eliminating excess paper (email invoices and packing slips when possible).
  5. Recycling equipment that is no longer of use to the company, such as computers and printers that are no longer needed.
  6. Purchasing products made with recycled paper. For example, paper towels and printer paper. Reuse packing materials where possible.
  7. Using low-impact transport for travel for business. For example, use public transportation whenever possible.
  8. Avoid unnecessary travel via instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone, and email.
  9. Working with partners who share their sustainability perspective.

Isle is also Green Business Bureau platinum certified. Green Business Bureau helps companies look at their sustainability efforts holistically and consistently make incremental changes to improve.

Green Business Bureau platinum certified



sustainable candles

The Pagua bay votive invites you to experience the fantastic page bay scent, inspired by the Caribbean island of Dominica. The votive is ceramic with our signature honeycomb pattern, and we encourage you to upcycle it when you're done. The wax is a beeswax blend (soy & coconut oil) for a clean burning candle.


luxury beeswax candles

the scent

Isle De Nature's first scent, Pagua Bay, is inspired by the tiny island nation of Dominica in the west indies. The fragrance combines the essence of the local bay leaf with native spices, florals, and woods – providing a breathtaking, sensory journey where treetops meet the ocean, and subtle notes float on cool tropical breezes. If you're fragrance curious, you're welcome to purchase a scent coin and experience page bay at home before committing to a candle. A few days after your scent coin arrives, we will email you a code to apply the cost of the scent coin to a candle purchase and receive $20.00 off the candle price.

What Ise De Nature candles are made of:

Is candle soy wax biodegradable

Beeswax candles are clean and sustainable but historically not super luxe. Isle De Nature has changed that. They blend pure Dominican Beeswax with sustainable soy wax and coconut oil. Once the wax blend is perfected, they add high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oil to create a slow-burning, high-throw, clean blend for you to enjoy.

The vessel, Isle De Nature timeless candle container

The Isle De Nature candle vessel is made to last forever. Remember when families owned treasured heirlooms? Beautiful, built-to-last pieces that held their value, emotional and financial, were kept safe until it was time to pass on to the next generation. We miss that. No two pieces are alike. Each vessel is made by hand in the USA of beautiful translucent clay. When lit, the candle gently illuminates from within to reveal the delicate honeycomb pattern within, a masterfully crafted homage to honeybees created by world-renowned designer Joe Doucet. Consider your purchase a small investment. When your candle is finished, save your vessel. You can either up-cycle it or hold on to it until Isle De Nature launches a subscription refill program, coming soon.

Is wax bad for the environment?

Not from Isle De Nature! Isle De Nature uses beeswax instead of paraffin.


Choose Clear Givings Market / Isle De Nature for sustainable beeswax candles.

Sustainability practices are Clear Givings Market / Isle De Nature forte. When you purchase Isle De Nature scented beeswax candles, you're not only getting eco-friendly and sustainable candles, but you're also supporting ethical employment connections. Clear Givings Market / Isle De Nature offers great gifts to inspire you and your significant other, friends, and family. 

Treat yourself now, and check out Isle De Nature at Clear Givings Market! We love how Isle De Nature is revolutionizing the sustainable candles industry and making a powerful difference. Each purchase has a positive impact, providing life-changing employment in areas that lack resources.

Enjoy your purchase with a purpose at Clear Givings Market!