Handlebar bag: Gear up, ride out, worry less

The handlebar bag, perched at the helm of your bike, offers quick access to your essentials while keeping the journey smooth and the ride uncluttered. With Green Guru Gear handlebar bag, your gear is not just secure; it's an arm's stretch away, making every ride a seamless adventure.

Handler Bag

Bike seat bag: Carry essentials, ride unburdened

The bike seat bag tucks neatly under your saddle, providing a sleek, unobtrusive storage solution for your riding essentials. With Green Guru Gear bike seat bag at your disposal, every ride is streamlined, keeping your necessities close at hand without adding bulk or weight.

Seat Bag

Bike frame bag: Equip your journey, enhance your ride

The bike frame bag is a cyclist's best friend, offering streamlined storage that rides with you every pedal of the way. With Green Guru Gear bike frame bag, your essentials are always within reach, enhancing your ride and your peace of mind.

Frame Bag

Top tube bag: The cyclist's cockpit for essentials

The top tube bag, perched right at your fingertips, is the cyclist's cockpit for essentials, always ready for quick access. No matter the journey, Green Guru Gear top tube bag ensures that your ride is as smooth as it is organized, keeping your must-haves within arm's reach.

Top Tube Bag

Bike top tube protector: Where protection meets peace of mind

Green Guru Gear bike top tube protector is more than just an accessory; it's a commitment to preserving the longevity and aesthetics of your cherished ride. A top tube protector is a cyclist's best defense against the wear and tear of daily rides, providing that essential shield between your bike and the elements.

Pannier bags: Gear up for adventure, one ride at a time

With pannier bags securely fastened to your bike, you're equipped to tackle any terrain, carrying all you need for the adventure ahead. Green Guru Gear pannier bags, an essential for cycling enthusiasts, bring a new level of convenience to your journey, marrying style, capacity, and durability seamlessly.

Pannier Bag

Convertible pannier backpack: From road warrior to office chic in seconds

Unleashing a new era of urban commuting, the convertible pannier backpack stands as a symbol of eco-friendly style that effortlessly adapts to your everyday needs. Transforming from a cycling essential to a chic office bag, Green Guru Gear convertible pannier proves that sustainable living can indeed be synonymous with urban versatility.

Convertible Pannier Bag

Insulated sleeve: Protection meets perfection

Raise your drink's defense game with the insulated sleeve, a stylish sip shield that guarantees uncompromised comfort. From steamy teas to chilled juices, every sip is perfectly preserved with the insulated sleeve, a testament to where protection meets perfection.

Insulated Can Sleeve

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market

Discover a world of sustainable treasures at Clear Givings Market, where every purchase becomes a powerful act of support for ethical brands like Green Guru Gear. Step into a realm of conscious shopping and explore a curated collection of eco-friendly products, each telling a story of positive change. Upgrade your gear with innovative offerings from Green Guru Gear and other like-minded brands available at Clear Givings Market, embracing products that enhance your life and leave a lasting impact on our planet.

Join the movement.

Join the movement towards a greener future, support sustainable businesses, and let your purchases become a catalyst for meaningful change. Green Guru Gear has forged an innovative path towards sustainability by transforming worn-out gear such as bike inner tubes, climbing ropes, wetsuits, and event tents into upcycled products. 

Purchase with a purpose

In partnership with bike shops, outfitters, climbing gyms, surf shops, and community partners, this unique initiative has successfully diverted thousands of pounds of materials from local landfills, breathing new life into items that would otherwise be wasted​​. By participating in this program, individuals and companies not only contribute to a greener world but also earn discount codes for new gear, creating a rewarding circular economy​​. 

Thank you for your purchase.