Sandwich box: Conscious living, uncomplicated

Embrace the eco-friendly sandwich box from Ecozoi, and experience how simplicity can meet sustainability. Every bite you take from our sandwich box carries the purity of toxin-free, food-grade materials. Your sandwich box isn't just a meal carrier, it's your personal commitment to a sustainable world.

Sandwich Box

Big lunch box: Your sustainable choice

With Ecozoi's big lunch box, you choose sustainability. A choice that embraces eco-elegance, savors health, and promotes simple, green living. Together, we can make a world of difference.

Big Lunch Box

Heavy duty lunch box: Lasting eco-choice

When you opt for Ecozoi's heavy duty lunch box, you're choosing robust sustainability. It's a lasting eco-choice that combines strength and green living. Durable wellness, for a world where together, we persist.

Heavy Lunch Box

Leak proof container: Eco-safe storage

Choosing Ecozoi's leak proof containers, you're embracing secure sustainability. It's eco-safe storage, a green guard for your essentials. Trust in every seal, for a world where together, we safeguard.

Leak proof containers

Mens lunch box: Eco-essentials for the modern man

Ecozoi's mens lunch box is an eco-essential for the modern man. It stands for a robust, green lifestyle and offers strong, sustainable sustenance. Power your meals in a planet-friendly way. Together, we evolve.

Lunch Box

Stainless steel tumbler: Quenching thirsts, sustainably

Ecozoi's stainless steel tumbler is more than just a drinkware. It's about quenching thirsts sustainably, and sipping in eco-style. It's the green gulp, your eco-hydration essential. Together, let's refresh our world.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Divided lunch container: Together, we organize

With Ecozoi's divided lunch container, you embrace compartmentalized eco-care. It offers sustainable segregation for your meals, with green divisions that promote balance. Together, let's organize for a greener world.

Divided lunch container

Best bento boxes: Elite eco-meal boxes

Ecozoi's best bento boxes represent eco-organization at its finest. Superior, sustainable segregation for your meals, in top-notch green compartments. These are elite eco-meal boxes for a world where together, we perfect.

Best Lunch Box

Small lunch box: Compact eco-companion

Ecozoi's small lunch box is your compact eco-companion. It holds sustainable bites, mini-sized in a petite green package. A little eco-lunch mate for a world where together, we minimize.

Small Lunch Box

Organizing tray: Sustainable space saver

Ecozoi's organizing tray is your eco-clutter conqueror. It's a sustainable space saver, a green order giver. Your tidy-up tool in a world where together, we organize.

Oragnizing Tray

Reusable bamboo coffee cup: Sustainable sipper

Ecozoi's reusable bamboo coffee cup is your eco-java journeyer. It's a sustainable sipper, again and again. A green gulp in the reuse revolution. Your perennial brew buddy in a world where together, we re-brew.


Reusable bamboo paper towel: Sustainable spill solution

Ecozoi's reusable bamboo paper towel is your eco-friendly absorption artisan. It's a sustainable spill solution, your green grime guardian. A natural neatness nurturer in a world where together, we clean consciously.

Paper Towels

Dinner plate with compartments: Eco-meal map

Ecozoi's dinner plate with compartments is your eco-meal map. It has sustainable supper sectors, a green grub grid. A segmented serving surface for a world where together, we compartmentalize.

Dinner plate

Freezer pack: Eco-chill champion

Ecozoi's freezer pack is your eco-chill champion. It's a sustainable cold conductor, your green frost facilitator. An icy cool companion in a world where together, we chill.

Freezer pack

Expandable drawer divider: Sustainable space transformer

Ecozoi's expandable drawer divider is the eco-harmony enabler. It's a sustainable space transformer, your green grid grower. A natural nook navigator in a world where together, we transform.

Divided lunch container

Bulk palm leaf plates: Eco-friendly feast foundations

Ecozoi's bulk palm leaf plates are your eco-friendly feast foundations. They're sustainable supper surfaces, your green gastronomy grounds. Natural nourishment platforms for a world where together, we serve sustainability.

Palm Leaf Plate

Stainless steel popsicle molds: Eco-friendly frost facilitators

Ecozoi's stainless steel popsicle molds are your eco-friendly frost facilitators. They're sustainable sweet shapers, your green chill craftsmen. Natural icy inventors in a world where together, we mold magic.

Mini popsicle molds: Small wonders, big flavors

Create delightful bite-sized frozen treats and unleash your endless creativity with our mini popsicle molds. Experience the joy of tiny treats and refreshing satisfaction as you embark on homemade happiness.

Bamboo flatware tray: Eco-friendly utensil organizer

Ecozoi's bamboo flatware tray is your eco-friendly utensil organizer. It's a sustainable silverware sorter, your green gear grouper. A natural nourishment navigator in a world where together, we tidy green.

Cutlery tray

Stainless steel food tray: Sleek and sustainable

Upgrade your dining experience with a stainless steel food tray, a durable and long-lasting essential. With its stylish and practical features, the stainless steel food tray combines functionality and aesthetics, offering timeless durability for your meals.


Bamboo drawer divider: Declutter with style

Bring organized bliss to your drawers with a bamboo drawer divider, offering both functionality and natural beauty. Experience tidiness made easy, and embrace order in your living spaces while staying true to sustainable practices.

Bamboo straws: Eco-conscious sipping, one straw at a time

Sip in eco-friendly style and make a positive impact on the planet with our bamboo straws. Embrace sustainable sipping, one straw at a time, and join the movement to reduce plastic waste with our natural and reusable bamboo straws.

Cutlery Set

Instant pot 6qu accessories: Expand your cooking repertoire

Upgrade your Instant Pot 6qu accessories that open up a world of culinary possibilities. Unlock new flavors and possibilities as you customize and enhance your cooking with the perfect accessories for your 6-quart Instant Pot.


Insert for instant pot: Unlock new flavors and dishes

Insert for instant pot is your versatile cooking companion, allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes with ease. Elevate your Instant Pot experience and unlock a world of flavors with the convenience and versatility of the insert for instant pot.

Insert for instant pot

Mini sauce containers: Small-scale sustainable servers

Ecozoi's mini sauce containers are your petite eco-pourers. They are small-scale sustainable servers, tiny green tastemakers. Little eco-elixir holders for a world where together, we condense.


Dish brush set: Natural wash warriors

Ecozoi's dish brush set is your eco-clean crew. It's a sustainable scrub squad, your green grime gang. Natural wash warriors for a world where together, we cleanse.

Bamboo Dish Brush

Best bamboo toilet papers: Sustainable sanctuary for skin

Ecozoi offers the best bamboo toilet papers, for those who are eco-softness seekers. These are a sustainable sanctuary for your skin, gentle green guardians in your bathroom. They are natural necessity navigators in a world where together, we touch softly.

Toilet rolls

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market

Discover the transformative power of conscious shopping at Clear Givings Market. By choosing us, you become an agent of change, supporting ethical practices and sustainable initiatives. Explore the innovative offerings of 337 Brand and other like-minded brands that share our commitment to making a positive impact.

Cleargivings Market

Purchase with a purpose

Choose Clear Givings Market and ignite positive change. Shop ethically, support sustainability. Join us in shaping a brighter future with every purchase. Let your purchases tell a powerful story of compassion and sustainability, as together, we create a world where conscious consumerism thrives and a brighter future is within reach.

Join the movement

Ecozoi is a woman-owned family enterprise committed to creating a sustainable lifestyle by offering a line-up of eco-friendly products that are plastic-free and chemical-free, delivered in plastic-free packaging​​. All of Ecozoi's products are crafted from sustainable materials such as stainless steel, bamboo, organic cotton, and plant-based materials, offering a unique range of plastic-free to-go containers that are toxin-free and food-grade​​.

In addition to using renewable energy sources and fair labor practices, Ecozoi celebrates every sustainable purchase you make by planting a tree, aiming to plant a million trees by 2030​​. They also bring innovation into everyday life, making cooking easier and decluttering spaces with their bamboo cutting boards and organizers, thereby turning sustainability into a simple, everyday practice​​.

Thank you for your purchase.