Lunch box for men: Wellness warrior 

With Ecozoi's lunch box for men, you showcase rugged eco-style. It's a symbol of sustainable strength, your manly, green meal mate. Be a wellness warrior, for a world where together, we conquer.

Lunch Box

Bigger lunch box: Eco-friendly lifestyle

Choosing the bigger lunch box from Ecozoi, you're choosing sustainability. Each box is a step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace the simplicity, nourish nature, and taste health in every bite. Your choice, your impact. Together, we're making a difference.

Big Lunch Box

Lunch box heavy duty: Sustainable strength

Choosing the heavy duty lunch box from Ecozoi symbolizes strength and sustainability. It's where health meets durability, a dependable choice for a greener world. Together, we not only endure, but thrive.

Heavy Lunch Box

Leak proof containers for liquid: Secure and sustainable

Opting for Ecozoi's leak proof containers for liquid, you're choosing security and sustainability. Every drop you store is a testament to your trust in eco-friendly solutions. Safe, green storage, for us and the planet. Together, we protect.

Leak proof containers

Aesthetic lunch box: Eco-chic dining

Choosing the aesthetic lunch box from Ecozoi, you blend style with sustainability. It's eco-chic dining, offering beauty in every bite. With this green elegance, together, we inspire a more beautiful world.

Lunch Box

Hard lunch box: Sturdy, earth-friendly choice

Choosing Ecozoi's hard lunch box, you're embracing durable eco-design. It's a symbol of sustainable solidity and green resilience. A sturdy, earth-friendly choice for a world where together, we endure.

Hard Lunch Box

Large lunch box: Eco-space for hearty meals

With Ecozoi's large lunch box, you're creating an eco-space for hearty meals. It's big on sustainability, offering green, generous storage. A wholesome eco-haven for a world where together, we accommodate.

Large Lunch Box

Small lunch box: Mini, mighty, green

Ecozoi's small lunch box is your compact eco-companion. It may be mini, but it's mighty green. With eco-friendly design in every inch, it's proof that small size can have a big impact. Together, let's conserve our world.

Small Lunch Box

Metal bento boxes: Sustainable sections

Ecozoi's metal bento boxes bring eco-elegance in compartments. They represent sustainable sections for your meals, allowing green, organized nourishment. It's compartmentalized eco-care for a world where together, we sort.

Metal bento box

Leak proof containers: Safekeeping, the eco-way

Opting for Ecozoi's leak proof containers, you're ensuring secure, sustainable storage. Trust the eco-seal for your valuables, offering green protection. It's safekeeping, the eco-way for a world where together, we shield.

Leak proof containers

Insulated lunch box: Sustainable heat-keeper

Ecozoi's insulated lunch box, your warm eco-embrace. It's a sustainable heat-keeper, your green temperature guardian. Carry comfort with eco-consciousness. Together, we preserve warmth and the planet.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Best bento box: Top-tier eco-treat

Ecozoi's best bento box is eco-compartment perfection. It offers supreme sustainable sections for your meals, a green gourmet box. It's a top-tier eco-treat for a world where together, we excel.

Bento Lunch Box

Best lunch box for men: Manly, sustainable mate

Ecozoi's best lunch box for men is an eco-power pack. It's your manly, sustainable mate. A green gear for gentlemen that stands for sturdy sustenance. Together, let's empower men and the planet.

Lunch Box

Large lunch box: Generous, sustainable holder

With Ecozoi's large lunch box, you have spacious eco-storage. It's big on green, a generous, sustainable holder for your meals. A hearty eco-haven for a world where together, we expand.

Large Lunch Box

Metal bento box: eco-style in sections

Ecozoi's metal bento box offers eco-style in sections. It's sustainable, sturdy segregation for your meals, your green, metallic meal mate. Experience compartmentalized eco-craft in a world where together, we categorize.

Metal bento box

Leak proof containers for travel: Sustainable travel-mates

Ecozoi's leak proof containers for travel, your eco-safeguard on-the-go. They offer green, travel trust and secure sustainability in transit. Journey with eco-justice. Together, let's trek towards a greener world.

Leak proof containers

Lunch boxes for adults: Eco-nourishment, upgraded

Ecozoi's lunch boxes for adults, eco-nourishment, upgraded. It's mature, green mealtime and sustainable sustenance, adult-style. Embrace eco-responsibility in meals. Together, let's mature towards a greener world.

 Lunch Box For Adults

Stainless steel tumblers: Sip sustainability

Ecozoi's stainless steel tumbler bring eco-refreshment, reimagined. Enjoy sustainability with every sip, green gulps guaranteed. Experience sustainable sips, steel-style. Together, let's hydrate for a greener world.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Stainless steel lunch box: Robust eco-refreshment

Ecozoi's stainless steel lunch box is your metallic eco-meal mate. It's sleek, sustainable sustenance in a green, steel-clad dining accessory. Robust eco-refreshment for a world where together, we steel towards sustainability.

Stainless steel Lunch Box

Leak proof containers for lunch: Sustainable security at lunch

Ecozoi's leak proof containers for lunch serve as your mealtime eco-guard. They provide sustainable security at lunch, ensuring your green lunch remains leak-less. Safeguarded sustenance for a world where together, we secure.

Leak proof containers

Cute lunch boxes: Adorable eco-accessory

Ecozoi's cute lunch boxes offer eco-chic dining. It's sustainability, stylized into green meal glam. An adorable eco-accessory for a world where together, we charm.

Divided lunch container

Lunch containers: Eco-meal carriers

Ecozoi's lunch containers are your eco-meal carriers. They are green grub guardians, sustainable sustenance storages for your meals. They are your eco-dining depots in a world where together, we contain.

Lunch Container

Tumblers: Eco-hydration holders

Ecozoi's tumblers are your eco-quench essentials. They are your green gulp gear, sustainable sip solutions for your drinks. They are eco-hydration holders for a world where together, we quench.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Mini lunch box: Sustainable snack holder

Ecozoi's mini lunch box is a tiny eco-treat carrier. It's a small-scale, sustainable snack holder tucked into a petite green package. A little lunch eco-ally for a world where together, we enjoy our little lunch eco-ally.

Small Lunch Box

Stainless steel dinner plate: Eco-feast platform

Ecozoi's stainless steel dinner plate is your eco-feast platform. It's a sustainable supper surface, a green dining disc. A metallic meal mat for a world where together, we dine.

Dinner plate

Bamboo coffee cup: Eco-caffeine companion

Ecozoi's bamboo coffee cup is your eco-caffeine companion. It's a sustainable sipper for your favorite brews, a green gulp of java. A natural brew holder for a world where together, we caffeinate.


Bamboo straws reusable: Eco-friendly sips

Reusable bamboo straws: Sip in eco-friendly style and make a positive impact on the planet with our bamboo straws  reusable. Embrace sustainable sipping, one sip at a time, and join the movement to reduce plastic waste with our stylish and guilt-free bamboo straws.

Cutlery Set

Stainless steel spork: Multi-tasking meal mate

Ecozoi's stainless steel spork is your eco-eatery tool. It's a sustainable scoop-and-poke, a green grub grabber. A multi-tasking meal mate for a world where together, we multitask.

Stainless Steel Spork

Palm leaf plates wedding: Eco-nuptial nibbles

Ecozoi's palm leaf plates for weddings serve eco-nuptial nibbles. They provide a sustainable celebration service, green matrimony mealware for your special day. Nature-kissed nuptial dining for a world where together, we wed.

Palm Leaf Plate

Bamboo dish brush set: Eco-clean companions

Ecozoi's bamboo dish brush set are your eco-clean companions. They form a sustainable scrub set, your green grime fighters. Natural kitchen knights for a world where together, we cleanse.

Bamboo Dish Brush

Wood flatware tray: Natural utensil nest

Ecozoi's wood flatware tray is your eco-culinary caddy. It's a sustainable silverware storage, a green gear garage. A natural utensil nest for a world where together, we organize.

Wood flatware tray

Square popsicle molds: Eco-chill creators

Ecozoi's square popsicle molds are your eco-chill creators. They are sustainable sweet shapers, green frost formers. Icy treat innovators for a world where together, we freeze.


Bamboo toilet rolls: Eco-comfort companions

Ecozoi's bamboo toilet rolls are your eco-comfort companions. They are sustainable softness suppliers, green grace givers. Natural necessity nurturers for a world where together, we comfort.

Toilet rolls

Stainless steel dinner plates: eco-feasts

Ecozoi's stainless steel dinner plates are your eco-feast fields. They are sustainable supper surfaces, your green meal meadows. Metallic banquet bases for a world where together, we dine.

Instant pot insert pans: Sustainable simmer solutions

Ecozoi's instant pot insert pans are your eco-cooking companions. They are sustainable simmer solutions, your green gastronomy gears. Pressure cook partners for a world where together, we pressure cook.

Pot Insert Pans

Expandable bamboo flatware tray: Eco-friendly organizer

Ecozoi's expandable bamboo flatware tray is the eco-friendly organizer enabler. It's a sustainable storage stretcher, your green room grower. A natural niche navigator in a world where together, we expand.

Oragnizing Tray

Drawer divider expandable: Sustainable sorter stretcher

Ecozoi's expandable drawer divider is your eco-friendly space sculptor. It's a sustainable sorter stretcher, your green order expander. A natural niche navigator in a world where together, we divide and conquer.

Divided lunch container

Flatware tray: Eco-friendly utensil universe

Ecozoi's flatware tray is your eco-friendly utensil universe. It's a sustainable silverware sanctuary, your green gear gallery. A natural tool terrain in a world where together, we arrange.

Flatware Tray

Softest bamboo toilet paper: Eco-cloud caresser

Ecozoi offers the softest bamboo toilet paper, an eco-cloud caresser. It's a sustainable silk-like softener, your green gentle grace. A natural napkin nurturer in a world where together, we soothe.

Toilet rolls

Bamboo cutlery: Eco-friendly feast utensils

Ecozoi's bamboo cutlery is your eco-friendly feast facilitator. It's a sustainable supper supporter, your green gastronomy guide. A natural nourishment navigator in a world where together, we eat green.

Cutlery Set

Bamboo paper towels: Sustainable spill saviors

Ecozoi's bamboo paper towels are your eco-friendly absorption allies. They're sustainable spill saviors, your green grime guardians. Natural neatness navigators in a world where together, we clean green.

Paper Towels

Stainless steel popsicle mold: Sustainable sweet sculptor

Ecozoi's stainless steel popsicle mold is your eco-friendly chill creator. It's a sustainable sweet sculptor, your green freeze frame. A natural cold craft companion in a world where together, we freeze with ease.


Palm leaf plate: Eco-dining delight

With Ecozoi's palm leaf plate, experience eco-dining delight. It's a sustainable supper stage, your green gastronomy gallery. A natural meal mat in a world where together, we plate green.

Palm Leaf Plate

Bamboo cutlery tray: Sustainable silverware tray

Ecozoi's bamboo cutlery tray is your eco-utensil universe. It's a sustainable silverware stage, your green gear grid. A natural tool terrain in a world where together, we sort green.

Cutlery tray

Freezer pack for cooler: Sustainable cold companion

Ecozoi's freezer pack for cooler is your eco-friendly chill champion. It's a sustainable cold companion, your green freeze friend. A natural coolness curator in a world where together, we chill sustainably.

Freezer pack

Palm leaf plates: Sustainable dining companions

Discover the disposable, sustainable beauty of palm leaf plates. They're eco-friendly, elegant disposables that allow you to indulge guilt-free. Experience the green indulgence and earth-conscious convenience of these nature's gifts, leaving no trace behind.

Palm Leaf Plate

Disposable palm leaf plates: Sustainable style, effortless cleanup

Experience the natural elegance and guilt-free convenience of disposable palm leaf plates. Indulge in eco-friendly feasting with hassle-free disposal. Choose green dining with disposable delight, embracing nature while leaving no trace behind.

Instant Pot insert pan: Unlock a world of flavors

The Instant Pot insert pan is your versatile cooking companion, allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes effortlessly. With this essential accessory, your culinary creativity is unleashed, enabling you to cook, steam, and bake with ease. 

Pot Insert Pans

Popsicle mold: Summer essentials, sweet memories

Popsicle mold: Create delicious frozen treats in endless shapes and flavors with our versatile popsicle mold. From fruity pops to creamy delights, let your imagination run wild with homemade popsicles using our premium molds.

Bamboo cutlery trays: Clutter-free kitchens

Experience natural organization and eco-friendly elegance with bamboo cutlery trays. They provide sustainable storage solutions with stylish simplicity, helping you achieve clutter-free kitchens and earth-conscious charm. 

Cutlery tray


Bamboo cutlery sets: Natural elegance, guilt-free eating

Experience eco-conscious dining and sustainable style with our bamboo cutlery sets. These sets offer sustainable dining solutions, allowing you to embrace nature and elevate your table with green choices.

Cutlery Set

Instant Pot inserts: Cook, steam, and bake with ease

Experience culinary versatility at your fingertips with Instant Pot inserts. Expand your cooking possibilities and explore a wide range of recipes. Enhance your Instant Pot experience by adding these inserts, allowing you to unlock new flavors and dishes. 

Pot Insert Pans

Bamboo cutting board, organizer tray: Streamline your kitchen

Elevate your kitchen efficiency with the versatile duo of a bamboo cutting board, organizer tray. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics with bamboo cutting board, organizer tray, making your time in the kitchen a delightful and efficient experience.

Oragnizing Tray

Round popsicle molds: Summer sweet satisfaction

Unleash your creativity and delight in endless icy creations with our round popsicle molds. From fruity pops to creamy indulgences, these molds bring joy and refreshment to your summer days.

 Round popsicle molds

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market

Discover the transformative power of conscious shopping at Clear Givings Market. By choosing us, you become an agent of change, supporting ethical practices and sustainable initiatives. Explore the innovative offerings of 337 Brand and other like-minded brands that share our commitment to making a positive impact.

Cleargivings Market

Purchase with a purpose

Choose Clear Givings Market and ignite positive change. Shop ethically, support sustainability. Join us in shaping a brighter future with every purchase. Let your purchases tell a powerful story of compassion and sustainability, as together, we create a world where conscious consumerism thrives and a brighter future is within reach.

Join the movement

Ecozoi is a woman-owned family enterprise committed to creating a sustainable lifestyle by offering a line-up of eco-friendly products that are plastic-free and chemical-free, delivered in plastic-free packaging​​. All of Ecozoi's products are crafted from sustainable materials such as stainless steel, bamboo, organic cotton, and plant-based materials, offering a unique range of plastic-free to-go containers that are toxin-free and food-grade​​.

In addition to using renewable energy sources and fair labor practices, Ecozoi celebrates every sustainable purchase you make by planting a tree, aiming to plant a million trees by 2030​​. They also bring innovation into everyday life, making cooking easier and decluttering spaces with their bamboo cutting boards and organizers, thereby turning sustainability into a simple, everyday practice​​.

Thank you for your purchase.