Medical grade skincare: unlocking the secret to flawless skin with Codex Labs

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In an age where we are bombarded with quick fixes and chemical-laden products, medical grade skincare offers a higher concentration of active ingredients, delivering rapid and noticeable improvements to your complexion. Finding lasting skin solutions can be a challenge. Enter Codex Labs, a trailblazer in the realm of plant-based skincare. Offering advanced skin care solutions that are clinically proven, their products promise timeless skin solutions for various skin needs. Partnering with Clear Givings Market, Codex Labs presents a line of effective, sustainable, and ethical products suitable for every skin type. Experience the transformative power of medical grade skincare, bringing professional treatments into the comfort of your own home.

Best medical grade skincare: Codex Labs, pioneers of advanced skin care solutions

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What sets Codex Labs apart in the industry is its unique blend of skin science solutions and plant-based skincare. Their products are meticulously crafted to deliver medical grade skin solutions that effectively address a variety of skin concerns.

From anti-aging facials to products specifically designed for acne-prone skin and eczema-prone skin, Codex Labs offers luminous skin care solutions that are both safe and effective.

In the words of skincare aficionado Samantha Green, "Codex Labs' dedication to creating plant-based skincare with uncompromising sustainability is truly inspiring. They are pioneers in delivering clinically proven, advanced skin care solutions."^2

Foaming cleanser: your ticket to flawless skin

Embrace the transformative power of Codex foaming cleanser, specifically designed to combat acne-prone skin; watch as blemishes fade and confidence blossoms. Harness the effervescent magic of Codex foaming cleanser, a potion scientifically tested for those battling with acne-prone skin, turning the tide in your favor for a clear, radiant complexion.

Foaming Cleanser

Clay mask: A potent purifier for glowing skin

Experience the refreshing, rejuvenating power of Codex clay mask, a wonder product that not only purifies your pores but leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and looking exceptionally radiant. There's nothing quite like a Balancing clay mask to remove excess oils, tighten your skin, and give your complexion a natural, healthy glow - it's like having a mini spa session at home!

Clay Mask

Dull skin? Breathe life into your complexion today

Revive your radiance with the Codex Antu collection, a specialized dull skin treatment, a stellar line of medical-grade skincare, and exclusive dull skin products, breathing life back into your complexion and restoring your natural glow.

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Skin barrier repair: Your ticket to radiant, healthy skin

Codex skin barrier repair moisturizer is your best ally for achieving supple and bouncy skin; it nourishes and fortifies your skin's natural defense, enabling it to effectively combat environmental stressors. Infused with potent ingredients, Codex skin barrier repair moisturizer not only hydrates but also revitalizes the skin, fostering a youthful and healthy radiance that makes every smile a little brighter.

Antü Brightening Moisturizer

Cleansing oil for face: Banish grime, welcome radiance

There's something truly magical about a gentle cleansing oil for face that sinks into your skin, purges pores of impurities, and emerges with a smooth, clear complexion that seems to echo with health and vitality. With Codex’ Bia gentle cleansing oil for face, you're not just embracing a product; you're opening your skin to a rejuvenating cleanse that instills it with a dewy glow, a sensation of absolute purity, and a confidence that lights up the room. 

Cleansing Oil

Timeless skin solutions: unleashing the power of plant-based skincare

The secret to Codex Labs' effective skin science solutions lies in their commitment to harnessing the power of nature. Their plant-based skincare line, from facial cleanser for dry skin to the best moisturisers for combination skin, caters to a wide range of skin types and concerns.

Timeless Skin Solution

Their products, including their protection cream and serum brightening solutions, deliver lasting skin solutions. Their advanced skin care solutions are clinically proven, blending science and nature to provide timeless skin solutions that leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

Clear Givings Market: your go-to destination for conscious skincare

At Clear Givings Market, we believe in promoting ethical products that empower our customers and our communities. By partnering with Codex Labs, we bring you the best in holistic skincare, ensuring you receive skin science solutions without compromising quality or sustainability.

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So why wait? Join the growing community of nature lovers who have embraced the power of Codex Labs' advanced skin and body solutions. Make the switch to a holistic skincare routine and experience the difference for yourself.

Your skin, your world

From fine lines to stubborn blemishes, medical grade skincare harnesses advanced formulas to target your skin concerns effectively. Invest in your skin's health with skin science solutions that go beyond the surface. Experience the key benefits of plant-based skincare and its timeless skin solutions. With Clear Givings Market and Codex Labs, embrace the daily spirit of conscious beauty that's good for you and the planet.

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One of the best medical grade skincare brands: Codex Labs

In your everyday life, your skin faces numerous challenges. It's time to embrace the power of plant-based skincare. Codex Labs, a brand we proudly carry, offers herbal skin solutions that not only address common skin concerns but also contribute to the eco system through their eco choices.

Codex Beauty Products

Their anti-aging care products are clinically proven and developed using plant-powered biotech. They offer an uncompromising sustainability promise with international compliance, patented formulations, and a controlled supply chain backed by ISO 22716-certified manufacturing.

What is medical grade skincare?

Medical grade skincare, also known as cosmeceuticals, refers to a category of skincare products that are a blend of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, such as retinoids, peptides, and antioxidants, than traditional skincare products. Backed by scientific research, medical grade skincare is designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, targeting specific concerns like aging, hyperpigmentation, or acne, and providing more significant results.

Codex Mist

Is medical grade skincare better?

Medical grade skincare is generally considered better because it contains higher concentrations of active ingredients, allowing for more targeted and effective treatment of specific skin issues. Furthermore, these products are often backed by scientific research and undergo rigorous testing for safety and efficacy, providing a level of assurance often unmatched by other skincare products.


Natural soaps, and skin-tightening creams

Clear Givings Market is not just a place for advanced skin care solutions. We are a community of nature lovers that values caring communities, ethical sourcing, and empowering communities.

Join the revolution and step into a new world of conscious beauty with Clear Givings Market and Codex Labs. Be a nature lover who makes a change in the world, one product at a time. Experience our range of natural soaps and skin tightening creams that are as good for the planet as they are for your skin.

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With Codex Labs and Clear Givings Market, you can be confident that you're investing in holistic products that not only make you feel good but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Experience the power of plant-based skincare and its timeless skin solutions. Explore our curated selection of Codex Labs products, from facial cleanser for dry skin to the best moisturisers for combination skin and everything in between. Delight in the transformative properties of their protection cream and serum brightening solutions.

Satisfy your skin's thirst for hydration and nourishment with the best moisturisers for combination skin. Cleanse gently yet effectively with our facial cleanser for dry skin, and guard your skin against environmental stressors with our protection cream. Brighten and illuminate your complexion with our serum brightening solution.

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Trust in medical grade skincare, where clinical efficiency meets luxury, and witness your skin's beautiful transformation. In a world teeming with skincare options, Codex Labs stands out with its dedication to providing some of the best medical grade skincare products and timeless skin solutions. Partnering with Clear Givings Market, we are proud to offer their advanced skin care solutions to our customers.

Join us in our mission to promote ethical products and sustainable practices. Experience the transformative power of plant-based skincare and its lasting skin solutions. It's time to invest in your skin's health and the health of our planet. Choose Clear Givings Market and Codex Labs today.

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