Summer sandals: Sunshine and style in every step

There's a moment that every shoe lover knows - that spark of recognition when you find the perfect pair. Suddenly, you imagine the places you'll go, your adventures, and the confident strides you'll take. For those of you still searching for that moment, we'd like to introduce you to Brave Soles, a treasure trove of  summer sandals that marries style, comfort, and sustainability.

Summer sandals: stepping into the sunshine

Welcome the warm weather in style with our  summer sandals. Designed for both comfort and fashion, these sandals are your perfect partner for all things summer - from beachside lounging to backyard barbecues. Crafted with sustainably sourced materials, they represent your commitment to ethical choices and eco-consciousness. So, why wait? Treat yourself now, and let our summer sandals become a part of your vibrant life!

Summer Sandals

Gladiator sandals: A bold statement for every occasion

Gladiator sandals effortlessly blend timeless elegance with an audacious spirit, bringing an enviable edge to your summer wardrobe. Our gladiator sandals are a testament to the brave spirits who dare to stand out. Their unique design exudes an aura of strength and confidence, making them a must-have for your wardrobe. Slip them on and feel your inner warrior come alive.

Slide sandals: The ultimate combo of ease and elegance

Imagine slipping into a pair of our trend-setting slide sandals – picture the stylish design, the gentle cushioning, and the freedom to move with ease, turning even the most mundane walks into a fashion-forward moment. Say hello to our slide sandals, the embodiment of a laid-back style. These sandals are perfect for those who believe in taking it easy. Whether you're lounging by the pool or walking around town, these sandals promise unparalleled comfort with every step.

Slide Sandals

Strappy sandals: to flaunt your style with

Add a dash of drama to your ensemble with our strappy sandals, designed to perfectly marry style with comfort and make every step you take a testament to your impeccable fashion sense. Unleash your playful side with our  strappy sandals. With their intricate design, these sandals are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Wear them with your favorite summer dress or a pair of chic shorts, and get ready to steal the spotlight.

Leather sandals: supporting your every step

Are you the bold and daring type? Try our gladiator sandals. Or maybe you prefer the laid-back, breezy style of  slide sandals? We've got you covered. How about the timeless elegance of thong sandals? We have those too. And let's not forget the fun and flirty strappy sandals for those playful summer days.

Leather Sandals

Kids sandals: Comfort and fun for little feet

Kids sandals are the gateway to endless adventures, providing unparalleled comfort as little ones explore their world. From playtime to parties, kids sandals are the perfect blend of style and practicality, ensuring your child's feet stay comfortable while they enjoy their youthful days to the fullest.

The kids sandals from Brave Soles are designed with the same ethos - creating happy times and empowering communities. With brown leather sandals for kids, Brave Soles ensures that every pair of feet, big or small, can step into a more sustainable future.


Why choose Brave Soles?

Brave Soles is more than just a brand. It's a commitment to ethical shoes that not only look good but also feel good. Every pair of Brave Soles shoes, from the chic leather sandals for women to the robust leather sandals for men, are handcrafted using ethically sourced leather and upcycled tire soles. This is a perfect example of sustainability, a key value of Clear Givings Market, where we always strive to provide products that bring style, comfort, and ethics together.

Brave Soles

Leather sandals for women: More than just eco shoes

With a blend of exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials, our leather sandals for women offer an unmatched balance of style and durability, gracefully accompanying you from sunny beach days to casual city strolls. Feel the luxurious touch of nature beneath your feet with our leather sandals for women, intricately designed to uplift your fashion game and provide unparalleled comfort that lasts all day long.

With Brave Soles, every leather flip-flop or ankle strap sandal is a testament to your vibrant personality. Each design reflects an easy spirit, carefully crafted with thoughtful details and fashion-forward aesthetics. Embrace the empowerment that comes from wearing eco shoes that are a celebration of life and sustainability. 

Mens leather sandals: Sturdy companions for every journey

Our men's leather sandals are more than just footwear; they're a statement of refined taste, offering premium quality that enhances your style and supports your every step with superior comfort. Crafted for the modern man, our men's leather sandals redefine comfort and style, perfect for an afternoon at the beach or a casual day out in the city.

Be it the casual leather sandals for men or the more laid-back slide-in sandals, every product is a symbol of your recognizable style and long-lasting commitment to ethical choices. With Brave Soles, you don't just wear a shoe; you wear a story.


Embrace elegance with leather sandals for women

Step into a world of sophistication with our leather sandals for women. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these sandals are the epitome of comfort and style. Whether you're heading to a beach party or a city brunch, these sandals will complement your every look. They're not just shoes; they're your passport to a world of elegance.

Leather Sandal

Step confidently with leather sandals for men

Each pair of our  leather sandals for men is a story waiting to unfold. They are crafted for those who walk their own path and believe in leaving a mark on the sand and the world. Their unique blend of style and durability makes them the perfect companion for your everyday adventures.

Leather Sandals for men

Thong sandals: The simple solution to sophisticated style

With their easy slip-on design and airy comfort, thong sandals are the chic companion your feet will thank you for in the warm weather. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with our thong sandals. These thong sandals are designed with an easy spirit, which is perfect for those carefree summer days. Wear them to the beach, the park, or just around the house - they're your go-to for any occasion.


Make a statement with eco shoes

With our collection of eco shoes, you're not just making a fashion statement but also a statement of your values. These shoes are a testament to the power of sustainable fashion, offering a style that doesn't come at the cost of our planet.

brave soles

Girls sandals: stepping into joy and adventure

Let your little princess twirl in delight with our girls sandals, a harmonious blend of vibrant colors, playful designs, and unparalleled comfort. Our girls sandals are designed with the same ethos - creating happy times and empowering communities. Handcrafted with love, these sandals are perfect for the little ones who are ready to step into a bigger world.

Kids Sandals

Beyond summer sandals: The allure of upcycled leather

Brave Soles doesn't just stop at summer sandals. Their Aircraft Upcycled Leather collection is a testament to their commitment to creativity and eco resources. Crafted from 100% upcycled plane seat leather, these items truly reflect eco-consciousness and ethical sourcing. 

Leather Sandals

Purchase with a purpose.

Every time you slide into your leather flip flop, buckle up your ankle strap sandal, or step out in your gladiator sandals for women, remember that you're showing off your style and commitment to sustainability. Each purchase from Brave Soles is a step towards a better world, a step towards empowering communities and being one with nature.

Gifts to inspire

Looking for a gift for a nature lover? Or maybe something to add a little enjoyment to your everyday life? Our carefully curated collection of best-in-class, ethical products are perfect as women empowerment gifts or even just to treat yourself.

Join the movement 


Imagine the key benefits of owning a pair of Brave Soles sandals. They're more than just shoes - they're a statement expressing your commitment to sustainability and your part in the ecosystem. They're your go-to for comfort and style, an accessory that will make you feel confident.

And now, imagine that feeling of joy when you show off your new sandals to your significant other, your friends, and your boyfriends. That sense of pride comes from knowing you've made an eco choice that's good for you and the world.

Eco Shop: Clear Givings Market  

With Brave Soles and Clear Givings Market, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a vision. A vision of a better, more sustainable world. So why wait? Purchase with a purpose now and join us in making a difference.

Clear Givings Market is more than just a marketplace. It's a platform that brings together brands like Brave Soles, who share our commitment to sustainability. We invite you to explore, engage, and join our community of conscious customers. With every purchase, you'll take a stand, support ethical sourcing, and make a real difference in the world.

Remember, it's not just about owning a pair of summer sandals or kids sandals. It's about owning your impact on the world. So, why not start your journey today? Your pair of Brave Soles is waiting for you at Clear Givings Market.

Thank you for your purchase.