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sustainable clothing brand

What is Vustra's vision as a sustainable clothing brand?

Vustra's vision is to be the most sustainable brand and create genuinely sustainable, workhorse apparel that has the lowest possible socio-environmental footprint.

Vustra wants to transform the fashion industry and make it easier for clothing brands to reduce their environmental impact. Vustra is committed to using the best possible materials -- 100% sustainable fibers combined with low-impact dyes and crafted by the best possible production -- fair-trade certified and ethical manufacturing units.

What is meant by sustainable clothing?

Sustainable Fashion Clothing Brand

Sustainable fashion brands are committed to producing clothing in an environmentally friendly way that does not contribute to the pollution or waste often associated with the fashion industry.

About Vustra, an ethical fashion clothing brand

sustainable clothes brand

In 2017

Vustra set out to find clothing that was better for us and the planet, and they connected with their garment maker to learn more. They learned about the dark side of the fashion industry and its top issues, namely, the large footprint of conventional cotton, toxic chemicals and dyes, and inhumane treatment of workers. This realization fueled Vustra to bring reform to this wildly unsustainable industry. As a result, they created Vustra, a clothing brand for the modern, conscious human.

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We all hear messages urging us to be conscious of the environment. Today Clear Givings Market is proud to share what Vustra is doing about it

Vustra's Work + Values as eco friendly sustainable clothing

Vustra works with their production partners to reduce plastic in their packaging, and as a result, they now use minimal plastic in all packaging and only the type>90% recyclable. To paint a picture, each item was individually wrapped in its plastic bag with various components made of nonrecyclable plastics. They refused to accept the norm and worked with production partners to identify ways to reduce plastic. Some of the parts where plastic is a cheaper alternative are shirt butterflies, collar supports, and individual plastic bags for each item.

Vustra collaborated with their production partners to identify the critical aspects of packaging and industry requirements. Their team then researched alternatives for each component and found recyclable alternatives where plastic could be eliminated. That’s 5000 individual bags, 15,000 shirt butterflies, and 10,000 collar supports less that will:

  1. Release toxins into the groundwater from landfill sites
  2. Stay in our environment before breaking down for hundreds of years
  3. Get into the food chain through animals that ingest particles of plastic
  4. Waste energy during the manufacturing process

This is just one example of how theyre raising the standards for what it means to be a sustainable fashion brand. It makes a big difference when we all make a small change, such as reusing a water bottle. Shop planet-friendly clothes for your closet today.


Vustra designs with the longevity of your closet in mind. Their styles will last you years and years to come, not merely a season. Vustra's apparel is made with high-quality fabrics in colors and cuts that never go out of style.

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What is the most sustainable type of clothing?

Vustra creates the most sustainable type of clothing by sourcing only organic and regenerative natural fibers to reduce their ecological impact and carbon footprint. They have thoroughly researched every efficient sourcing method so that consumers can have confidence when purchasing with Vustra. The following are the fibers and materials used in Vustra's products.

Organic Cotton And Dyes

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Organic cotton uses 90% less water in farming without harmful pesticides and chemicals typically used in plants and soil. In addition, as a water-intensive crop, Vustra's production methods include GMO-free seed to reduce consumption. 

Possessing a natural cooling property due to its porous nature and excellent moisture-wicking properties, linen remains a popular fabric to use for apparel. In addition, because its natural fibers dye better than most other materials, the fabric can be easily found in almost any color imaginable.

Linen design 

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Possessing a natural cooling property due to its porous nature and great moisture-wicking properties, linen remains a popular fabric to use for apparel. Because its natural fibers dyes better than most other materials, the fabric can be easily found in just about any color imaginable.

Upcycled Cotton 

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By utilizing upcycled cotton, Vustra reduces the number of wasted resources by re-spinning ground textiles down and producing recycled colored yarns through an advanced production process that ranks at the top of the MSI Higg-Index. Single-use plastic is a massive issue within the industry. The use of recycled polyester reduces the amount of waste typically delegated to landfills and oceans while also reducing Vustra's dependence on the oil industry. Additionally, the long-term effects associated with the use of virgin polyester and its toxic processes are substantially minimized.

Recycled Polyester

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Bamboo Accessories

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It is known as one of the softest fabrics on earth, capable of excellent insulation during the winter and cooling in the summer. In addition, bamboo acts as a natural protectant against damaging ultraviolet rays that cause cancer. Plus, bamboo is antibacterial and ideal for those with sensitive skin. These properties make it one of the most beneficial plants in the textile industry. As a naturally produced fiber that doesn’t require chemicals or pesticides, hemp is versatile and durable, making it ideal for an array of products that can be implemented in clothing design.


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Alpaca Wool

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Known as the most sustainable wool, alpaca possesses thermal properties, is remarkably soft, dries quickly, and includes moisture wicking. Alpaca wool also promotes biodiversity within local ecosystems and is versatile enough for a wide range of design options. 


Vustra's products are sourced, cut, and sewn by real people. They are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Furthermore, Vustra's products are made by ethical manufacturing units, and they place considerable importance on visiting them routinely to ensure that the garment workers’ safety is a top priority.  

Supply Chain Partners

Respecting the Mission

Regardless of the stage of the process,

Vustra ensures that their supply chain partners are just as engaged as they are in reaching a vision of revolutionizing the industry. Fairtrade is a trading partnership based on communication, transparency, and mutual respect, with each of their partners prioritizing sustainability and transparency every step of the way. Their mission is to collaborate globally with trusted manufacturers that abide by the highest guidelines. This is an integral component of the eco-conscious approach to reducing the apparel industry's environmental impact. 

Meet Vustra's Ethical Manufacturing Partners


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Raymond, India 

has been a leading textile company for nearly a century, specializing in fabric and yarns, which meet the best industry practices while limiting the use of toxic bleaches, dyes, and other chemicals so that their products contain at least 95% organic fiber. Recognized worldwide as having the most demanding organic textile standards, Raymond is the most respected Indian manufacturer worldwide. 

Certifications: GOTS

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Bez Tekstil, Turkey

 Specializes in fabrics and yarns through high-quality production and traceability by utilizing the latest equipment to improve efficiency. Their certifications ensure that all textiles and fabrics are free of harmful chemicals that can affect the body. 

Certifications: GOTS, OEKO-Tex

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Somelos, Portugal

is recognized as an innovator in the art of weaving. Based in Portugal, they specialize in producing cotton yarns and fabrics and are considered the authority in the fashion industry regarding specialty organic cotton and yarns. This collaboration allows Vistra to participate in the most extensive cotton sustainability program worldwide.

Certifications: GOTS, OEKO-Tex

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Gulsen, Turkey 

Specializes in fair trade products as a women-owned and operated enterprise - collaboration improves the effectiveness of ethical trade strategies by sharing audits directly with customers. 

Certifications: Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX)

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T Tantos Textil, Portugal

Is a formidable partner that shares a mutual belief in creativity and quality, specializing in knitwear, menswear, and casual clothing. Through their cooperation, they focus on developing the sustainability of the industry’s supply chains. 

Certifications: GOTS, Organic Content Standard (OCS), Control Union

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Vustra's design and tech professionals care as much about our planet as they do about your clothing. 

What are examples of sustainable clothing?




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