Making a positive impact on society

de Buyer's factory in the Vosges Region of France has its own wastewater treatment plant to protect the Combeaute River and its wildlife populations. They have also introduced beehives nearby to improve the environmental health, encourage pollination, and increase the bee population in Vosges. 

de Buyer encourages responsible consumption among their customers with products that are so durable and high-quality that they will last for generations to come. 


Respect for the French culinary tradition

Authenticity is a powerful value demonstrated through de Buyer's deep respect for French culinary traditions and the local heritage of the Vosges region. The memories and tales of the de Buyer family have shaped the brand and forged a strong bond between the company, their employees, and the local Vosges area. de Buyer upholds French culinary traditions primarily through the quality of the products they produce.


Having passion for their work

de Buyer works hard to meet all the needs of chefs, catering professionals, and home cooks. They strive for perfection and believe that the quality of what they produce should be equal for professionals and for private use. Their production plant has combined technology and tradition to produce expert utensils. 

de Buyer's commitment to skilled engineering has seen its success in recognition from world-renowned chefs, brand ambassadors, and everyday cooks. They all share the same passion for cooking, where skilled hands and fine tools make all the difference.


To reach the level of excellence required by culinary professionals, de Buyer strives to create superior products that are durable and technical in design to ensure precision use. French cooking places great importance on the high quality of the tools used. That's why for almost 200 years de Buyer has been hand-making their products right in their factory.