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The quality of your mattress has a direct impact on your quality of sleep. 

JUST SLEEP mattresses are specially designed not just to give you a good night’s sleep, but also to take care of your spine and lower back no matter what position you sleep in. These mattresses are designed by Dr. Raymond Hall, a spine and sleep specialist and honored as the Top Chiropractor in California. For over 33 years, he has been treating people like you for a variety of serious spinal issues including  back and neck pain. He has seen first-hand how much a poor mattress can interfere with quality sleep and cause bodily discomfort.

Thanks to his experience, Dr. Hall completely understands the importance of finding the best mattress for lower back pain and spine support. Because of this, Dr. Hall began his quest to create the ultimate mattress that will give sleepers personalized support, temperature regulation, and pressure relief night every single time they go to bed.

Not only are these beds better for your back, they are also better for the environment! 

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