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Some of the best products in the world (ie: wine, coffee, chocolate) embrace the concept of single-origin.  To put simply, it is the process in which products are sourced from ONE single producer, crop, or region in one country.  This concept fosters a degree of trust, transparency, and traceability, giving users peace-of-mind knowing that the highest quality and control was put into every aspect of the product, from harvest to packaging.


Single-origin in the context of ENVY is known as farm-to-table manufacturing.  Farm-to-table is the full control of the cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing process to ensure that all ENVY products maintain the highest-quality standards while minimizing the environmental impact.


Based in Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon, our farms use organic, pesticide-free practices and natural sunlight to grow our beautiful, proprietary plants.  Upon extraction, we use Ethanol-based extraction methods to help ensure the most natural, clean products for our customers.


Once the CBD has been extracted, our PhD Chemist based in our internally-operated, ISO-6000 and GMP-certified lab creates our all-too-familiar products using only the best organic ingredients available on the market.  Whether its organic hemp seed oil, organic essential oils, or any other of our carefully-selected and equally-beneficial ingredients, we can confidently ensure that our products are second-to-none. 

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