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How To Shop Online Sustainably

How To Shop Online Sustainably

Online shopping has made buying anything we need (and want!) a breeze. It's also a great way to find sustainable products online if you're all for an eco-friendly approach. Check out some tips below on how to shop online sustainably.

New is not always better

While there are plenty of ethical and sustainable brands nowadays, buying new things is not always the answer. You want to avoid getting roped into fast fashion trends that constantly put out new pieces. Instead, you can shop for secondhand pieces that still look great. And with a good fashion sensibility and good old resourcefulness, you can easily bring new life to these pieces. There are already many secondhand and vintage shops that upload their curated collections online. Additionally, these clothes are sold at a much lower price than fast fashion pieces. 

Do your research 

Did you know that e-commerce return rates have gone up to 95% in just the last five years? Moreover, these returns in the USA alone produce waste equal to that trash produced by 5 million people in a year! As we know, returns are typical for online retail because we can't try out the item before we buy them, and so many of us end up returning them. So to reduce or prevent returns for your online orders, do your research before making that order. For instance, check the description and details carefully. Usually, sellers include helpful info such as measurements, model height, and whether to size up or down. Checking reviews online will also help you determine whether the item is correct for you.

You can also check how your order is packaged. Single-use plastics are, of course, a big no-no. However, there are other options where some retailers would use used cartons or cardboard as packaging. At the same time, some shops would use compostable or reusable bags.

Buy local

Buying locally is the best way to reduce your impact. When buying locally, your items won't travel too far when delivered to your address. Plus, you will be supporting the smaller ethical businesses and boosting the local economy. 

Reduce and reflect

If you want to shop sustainably, keep in mind the 4 R's: reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle. While you can apply "reduce" to your existing wardrobe, you can also use it when it comes to your shopping cart. Avoid adding items to your cart right away if you want to buy them. Instead, you add it to your favorites list first. This way, you can wait a bit before committing to purchasing the item. This will also help you avoid buying a lot and spending too much and avoid having to return them because they don't work for you or don't suit you. Plus, if you wait to buy, you can buy them together in one large order instead of several smaller ones that require separate packaging and shipping. 

Shop sustainably with Clear Givings Marketplace

how to shop online sustainably - clear givings

So try out the tips we mentioned above by shopping from us! The great thing about Clear Givings Marketplace is that all our products are 100% eco-friendly. Check out our collections here.

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