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Eco Warrior Gifts - Eco Friendly Gift Sets for Any Occasion

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Maybe you have a friend or loved one who has adopted a green lifestyle. Or you might just want to give a practical and eco warrior gifts. Whatever your reason may be, we got your back! We have curated some of our best selections into the perfect eco-friendly gifts for any occasion! Check them out below.

For Her

We got plenty of gift ideas for that remarkable woman in your life! Whether it’s your mom, partner, daughter, or friend, Clear Givings has plenty of eco-friendly gifts you can choose from. From clothing to skincare and anything in between.

Relaxation Gift Set for Her

Is she stressed lately and needs a break? This relaxation gift set is the perfect gift. The great thing about our eco-friendly gifts is that our partner brands make them using natural ingredients. So they bring health benefits to the body. Most natural ingredients for skincare, for example, are mild but potent that make the skin look younger and healthier. This gift set contains four items: a Self Heating Herbal Compress, Lava Mask & Tumbler, Vital Clay Spot Treatment, and Chamomile Oil for aromatherapy. To give her a treat, arrange a surprise spa day at home with this set, and soon enough, she’ll feel the stress melt away.

For Her Lavender Set

If the woman in your life loves anything lavender, giving her this For Her Lavender Set will make her day. It includes the Demure Lavender Shelf Tank Bikini Set made of recycled fabrics, the all-natural Lavender Tea Tree Natural Shower Gel, and the gentle protection of Protect, Daily Brightening sunscreen with SPF50. She’ll love a day out in the sun with this set.

For Him

We haven’t forgotten, of course, the remarkable men in your life. Whether they’re your dad, husband, or son, we also got the perfect eco-friendly gift sets that are sure to delight him.

For Him #7

If he loves the outdoors, the items in this For Him gift set will become his new favorites. It includes the eco-friendly and self-healing Whistler Windbreaker, the Black Nomad Packable Duffel Bag that can stuff into its own pocket, and a stylish Naturalist watch made of bamboo, cork, and vegan leather. It even comes with its own reusable bamboo case. So get this gift set just in time for his next outdoor adventure.

Dad’s Practical Gift Set

Dads are practical, so your very own might enjoy this Practical Gift Set. It includes a breathable Vantage print tee made of 100% organic cotton and the Wireless Dual Charging Pad made from sustainable materials such as organic hemp and recycled plastic. Plus, it utilizes plastic-free packaging—the perfect blend of eco-friendliness and modern tech.

Get eco-friendly gifts from Clear Givings Market

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When buying eco-friendly gifts, your choices are not limited. There’s a wide variety of things you need and want that are also environmentally friendly. You just need to look in the right places! So when planning to get a gift for any occasion while staying true to your eco-friendly values, check out our wide selection of eco-friendly products at Clear Givings! Check out our collections here.

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