Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Plastic

Eco Friendly Alternatives To Plastic

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The best way to be sustainable in our current time is to cut down on plastic usage. So to help you out, here are some eco friendly alternatives to plastic. 

Stainless steel

There are plenty of stainless steel options for reusable storage. And they have multiplied in recent years. They vary from cups, lunch boxes, kitchen storage, and more. Plus, they are easy to clean and durable. Meaning you can reuse stainless steel items for years. 


Glass may not be biodegradable, but it is cheap and infinitely recyclable. Nowadays, many food items come are packaged in glass containers. And once you’ve emptied them, you can easily upcycle glass jars, for instance, into storage jars. And not just in the kitchen. You can use them anywhere in your home should you need extra storage. For example, you can store leftovers with them or homemade drinks. Or repurpose them as a homemade gift, with only a bit of decorating required. 

Platinum silicone

This material is also one of the best eco-friendly alternatives. Platinum silicone is made primarily of sand and crafted into something flexible and durable. Furthermore, it’s a heat-tolerant material. So you can use it for baking, boiling, or cooking without it denaturing. And if you’re looking for items made of platinum silicone, make sure that it contains no plastic fillers. 

Beeswax-coated cloth

If you’re looking to replace your plastic food wraps, you can use beeswax-coated cloth or paper instead. These eco-friendly alternatives are gaining popularity because they are simple to use. Plus, they are easy to clean, and they smell great.

Natural fiber cloth

Many of us now use bags made of natural fiber cloth, like canvas bags, as a replacement for plastic bags. And aside from shopping bags, natural fiber cloth is also the primary material in many sustainable clothing pieces. These include wool, organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. Plus, these materials won’t shed plastic fibers when you wash them. Moreover, recycled wool is also a versatile and compostable material used in children’s toys, containers, and more. 


Wood is a popular eco-friendly alternative that is renewable and highly reusable. For example, wooden items can replace almost any plastic household item, such as cleaning brushes, kitchen utensils, and cutting boards. And the best choice would be wood from sustainably-managed forests. 


Technically, bamboo is grass with woody materials, making it highly renewable because it’s a fast-growing plant. And you’re likely using bamboo utensils or drinking straws since they are popular eco-friendly alternatives. Plus, it’s lightweight, durable, and compostable. 

Pottery and ceramics

We all can attest to how durable pottery and ceramics are since they can last for millennia. In addition, these items are an excellent waterproof alternative for plastic food containers and tableware. And for extra safety, make sure to look for ones with non-toxic glazes.


This eco-friendly alternative is also compostable if it’s not coated in plastic. Luckily, many companies now package their products in plain cardboard to cut their waste. And, of course, cardboard makes for a suitable replacement for plastic storage.

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